Spa Week’s In-Office Yoga Day

The Spa Week staff enjoyed a relaxing yoga class together after work. 

Om. Spa Week is all about finding our center this month (doing it in Costa Rica would be nice, right?!). In that spirit, we decided to treat our tired minds and bodies to a relaxing yoga session after work in our brightly colored conference room.

Meaghan Jaretsky, a certified yoga instructor from Ishta Yoga, visited our office to help the Spa Week staff get rebalanced and relaxed.

Kelly thought it was a great way to unwind at the end of the work day: Focus on breathing, get in touch with yourself, and slowly come back down to earth after a stressful day. Kaitlin agrees, “I’d say the class was really about getting us balanced so we did a lot of stuff to center us and really get us in tuned with what our bodies were telling us.”

Sitting all day can really do a number on your back (and posture!) so Meaghan was especially conscious of helping the staff to stretch out. She pointed out many poses are helpful for the lower back, including Happy Baby and Child’s Pose. If you also work at a desk job, we’d recommend giving these a try at home.

We’re hoping to have Meaghan back for another relaxing session soon.


Photo credit

Arielle Sidrane is the Media Coordinator at Spa Week Media Group.


Miami Bound! The Make-Me-Skinny Spa Day

Hello from Miami! I escaped. Yes, I’ve escaped the bitter New York winter for a healthy dose of sunshine… with an even healthier dose of spa.

Let the bliss begin! I’ve come here to stay with Dashama, the very beautiful yoga guru and healer who has been part of the Spa Week Expert family since last December when she challenged you to hug more. We’ve got a vibrant week ahead, chock full of wellness adventures, and I hope you follow us here and on social media along the way.

red pedicure

Now, a spa girl like myself makes certain beauty preparations before traveling into the sandal-wearing, bikini-body-baring weather of South Florida. Firstly, a mani/pedi is a must. Aside from being clean and polished, it makes you feel clean and polished to have your extremities taken care of. I choose bright colors for mid-winter vacations; it makes it feel even more like summertime.

What’s a spa trip without preparing for it… with three hours proper at a spa?

“Hey,” I called up Luminesa Cellulite and Slimming Medi-Spa, “can you make me hot and skinny by Sunday?”

The team of estheticians at Luminesa was up for this challenge.

spa bed

We started with the popular body contouring treatment, Endermologie. For Endermologie, you slip into a whole-body stocking that I happen to love a lot. It’s like a giant Spanx.

endermologie outfit

michelle jon spa tutuRemember when I wore it to New York Fashion Week with a tutu and interviewed Gwen Stefani? (I’m sure she does.) —>

To my delight, Endermologie feels a lot like a massage. It works by means of an esthetician rolling a magic wand over your body. The suction and rolling action is an extremely effective method of increasing circulation, which helps prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It firms and contours your body wherever it goes—hellz to the yes. It’s most effective when multiple treatments are done in succession, but even one time does help a little.


endermologie wand

Unfortunately, my tummy is so ticklish that we were not able to Endermologize it. Endermologize is not a word. Neither is “mwabdijsalaifodwfguifbcaahhhhh!!!,” the unfortunate sound I make when someone is trying to do Endermologie on my tummy.

Next came a Sudatonic Wrap. If you are a wrestler and you need to lose four pounds of water weight in the next hour without sitting in a garbage bag at your gym sauna, call Luminesa for a Sudatonic Wrap. I’ve had a number of wraps in my day, but never one quite this sweaty. I felt like a piping hot grilled chicken Panini wrapped in saran wrap and aluminum foil, sitting in the sun under a wool blanket with a cup of hot tomato soup.

sudatonic wrap

sudatonic wrap

It’s not simply the sweat though that’s helping you shed pounds – there’s also a combination of oil and lotion that is first massaged onto you. (Yay! Massages are hidden everywhere at the spa, I love it.)

Once the formulas mingle on your body and get heated to a sizzle, they aide in firming and smoothing your body.  I would recommend keeping one arm free (your skinnier one, of course) so you don’t feel like a completely cocooned caterpillar. Also, in case you need video tape it.

While my body was shrinking beneath the layers, my face was free to make proper pre-sun arrangements. I got a Vitamin C facial, which included a great round of extractions (Ahhh, yes this meant steaming! Why not just boil me whole?) as well as a pumpkin face mask…

relaxing facialfacial mask

…and a green neck mask which I happen to think looked rather chic. Perhaps something to consider for next fashion week to go with my Endermologie chastity suit.

neck mask

At long last, the Panini was ripped open. AIR! Sweet, cool air! Victorious!

Ranking similarly in victory level was the result. Prior to the treatment we had taken stock of my vital fat signs: body fat percentage, BMI and a few circumference measurements. Directly after the treatment I had gone down .3 percent in body fat, and a total of two inches in circumference. My BMI did not go down.

But it wasn’t the numbers so much that impressed me; I’m not someone who weighs herself nor feels a sense of confidence over a drop in waist size. What matters is how I feel. And as I left, I felt noticeably lighter—and tighter too.

The spa is not the answer to your weight problems. The spa is part of a solution. Just like anything in health and wellness, too-dramatic results often come with dangerous side effects. Just like a massage: You don’t go expecting them to completely fix your lower back pain, but you feel the amazing instant difference regardless. You can expect to see subtle shifts in your body and wellbeing after one treatment, but it’s your job to say persistent, to allow your body learn how to respond to a treatment over time, and also do your part in eating well, stretching and staying active.

As a strong Vitamin C serum settled into my face over the next fourteen hours, (I was instructed not to shower or wash my face for a few hours, so I waited till the next day), I felt like a burst of sunshine myself. My skin felt more taut and far more hydrated. I noticed a distinct golden glow get brighter and brighter—perhaps a direct reaction to the Vitamin C, perhaps a subliminal anticipation for the Oscars Red Carpet, or maybe an inner radiance… joyful and grateful that I have a week ahead of me to bliss out in Miami with Dashama.

dashama yoga

As Dashama explained over wine and goat cheese brie (yes, that exists!!!) upon my arrival:

“Yoga is a peace sign we do with our bodies.”

Let the Miami peace and love begin.

xo Michelle Joni

Red-Hot Gift for Yogis: Jade Yoga Mat

Yoga helps with two of the most important facets of heart health as defined by the American Heart Association: physical activity, and stress management. It can be a great workout as well as a way calm the mind, relax and de-stress.

That’s why as a part of our February Heart Over Heels giveaway, we’re giving away this fabulous eco-friendly yoga mat from Jade Yoga (in heart healthy red, of course!). It’s made from natural rubber which is non-slip, so you can master the toughest poses, even during an extra-sweaty hot yoga sesh! Jade guarantees the maximum comfort and performance and with this mat you won’t have to worry – its 3/16” thick to keep you cushioned and comfortable.

Start practicing your Warriors and Downward Facing Dogs today! If you can’t wait to find out if you won, and know that you NEED this product now, check out Jade Yoga online for more info.

Enter to win this, and tons of other great prizes from the Heart over Heels Giveaway, live until March 10th, 2013!

Study: Visiting the Spa Improves Health

BREAKING: Something we’ve been preaching for a long time has actually, finally, been proven by SCIENCE. We have official backing! A new study from The Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has confirmed that a week-long spa stay DOES correspond with (positive) changes in your physical and emotional well-being. AKA: Spa-ing is good for your wellness…hmm…who predicted that one?!

The study, which included 15 participants of a wide range of ages, took place at We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. The program was one week long and included meditation, colonic hydrotherapy, yoga programs, a low calorie diet and juice cleanse. For a few days prior to arriving at We Care, participants were asked to prep by avoiding pasta, meat, cheese, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods.

At the start of the retreat, all participants underwent physical and psychological evaluations in order to measure the effect the program had on participants. When the results were in, it was found that the spa retreat produced an average weight decline of 6.8lbs, decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol and more. Additionally, improvements in anger, tension, vigor, fatigue were observed, as well as decreased anxiety and depression levels.

This pilot study is one of the first ever to scientifically evaluate the benefits of a spa stay. This is important news for the industry and we hope it truly opens peoples eyes to how much the spa can really do for mind, body and soul.

Need to know more? Check out the full story on the study here.

Day of Inner Peace Event in LA

Going to be near LA this weekend? Stop by LADC studios on Saturday, October 27th and participate in something truly groundbreaking: The Day of Inner Peace.

This event will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Hosted by Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother, the goal of this event is to bring change to the world, starting from the inside out.

This daylong event (it lasts from 10am to 10pm!) will incorporate panel discussion, live music, yoga, art, organic cuisine and spiritual workshops. You can find the full schedule of the day here!

Performers will include Australian indie rocker Ben Lee, musician Donna De Lory, and spoken word artist Rainbeau Mars. Among those speaking on the panel and holding workshops will be New York Times best-selling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson and Mikki Willis, filmmaker and the founder of Elevate.

If you’re interested in attending you can purchase tickets on the website, $50 for the full day or $25 for the evening. Proceeds go to Samtenling Monastery, Q’Ero Community of Peru and the Inkarri Multicultural Association.  A small price to pay for settling the soul!