We Have a Winner! Spa Week Yoga Challenge with Elena Brower

Congratulations to Krishna Davenport, winner of our Yoga Challenge with Elena Brower.

Krishna won $1,000 worth of our Spa & Wellness Gift Cards! That’s a lot of spa, right?!

“After a very stressful day I turn to meditation and yoga to relax and center myself,” says Krishna. “Winning is another reminder that the holistic changes I’ve made in my life are paying off.”

Indeed! Enjoy your spa time, Krishna.

Spa Week Story Winner #3: Too Hot To Handle

Have you fallen into post-spa depression (PSD)? Spa Week Spring 2012 may be over but the memories and benefits will last a lifetime! (And there are always amazing Spa Deals to be had.) Last week we asked you for your Spa Week stories in exchange for more spa in the form of $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards for five of you. Meet Winner #3, whose Phoenix pedicure was too hot to handle.

By Laurie Superfon Kauffman

During Spa Week this spring, I was delighted by an amazing pedicure at the Tocaloma Spa at the Hilton Tapatio Cliffs resort in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s stunning there! The service included a warm hand treatment and a luxurious pedicure. The pedicure included all the joys of perfect foot pampering: whirlpool soak, cleansing, exfoliating, grooming, polish and a relaxing massage with hydrating lotion. My technician was friendly and nice and did an awesome job.

However, at the end of my treatment I was asked if I wanted a warm neck wrap. Thanks but no thanks, it was 105 degrees in Phoenix that day – I’d rather jump in an ice bath!! (Or that pool…)


And Our Nutrition 911 Giveaway Winner Is…

In an attempt to stop New Year’s resolutions from dissolving into February air, we launched a health rescue mission led by Spa Week’s Food & Wellness Expert Dr. Wendy Bazilian. Dr. Wendy’s a nationally acclaimed nutrition expert, author, the Golden Door Spa Nutrition Advisor, and the perfect woman to take on the job of helping one lucky winner of the Nutrition 911 Giveaway get on the road to optimal health. Not only would the winner get Dr. Wendy to answer their health S.O.S, the winner will first take a luxurious and health-themed retreat to kick-start the plan. After all, relaxation is the one of the first steps to overall well-being.

After thousands of entries, we are happy to announce that the winner is…

Congratulations to Linda J. of Joanna, South Carolina!

Linda will get a four-night getaway for two at the prestigious Golden Door Spa in Escondido, California. This includes three private in-room massages, one herbal wrap, two skincare appointments, and a choice of a manicure or pedicure. Also included is a customized Golden Door fitness program with a personal fitness counselor and gourmet spa cuisine.

After her retreat, Linda will be taking home everything she needs to continue on her journey to wellness. The home prize package includes a copy of Dr. Wendy’s bestselling book, The SuperFoodsRx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients, a personalized nutritional counseling program designed by Dr. Wendy designed specifically for Linda and $100 in Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week.

Here is Linda’s message after we let her know the good news, and we couldn’t have picked a more worthy winner!

It is not only an honor to be the winner of the 2012 Spa Week 911 Nutrition Sweepstakes, it is also greatly appreciated for the health benefits this will award me. Most women who have experienced Menopause understand the extreme changes that take place in hormones and metabolism at this age. Despite efforts to address such issues with a tailored blood type diet over the past 3 years, I have continued to struggle with controlling weight gain. As a result I am very much looking forward to my personalized nutrition and exercise regimen that Dr. Brazilian has combined with this amazing spa retreat at the Golden Door Spa in Escondido, California.

As a Freelance Journalist in Natural Health and Spas, I am often researching and writing about the many benefits of exercise, nutrition and spa treatments, but as a rule rarely have the opportunity to afford myself such benefits. This spa retreat will be a welcome for myself on my journey to wellness, as well as a great joy to share it with my husband of 23+ years. This will be a first since our honeymoon, for us to get away together for four full nights alone. The knowledge that our journey will take us to one of the finest spa retreats in America just makes it all the more exciting.

We are genuinely looking forward to a time together of relaxation and rejuvenation in the serene environment that is a creative beauty at the Gold Door Spa.

We’re so happy to hear that our winner is a fellow writer of health and spa, but one who rarely gets to put her work to play!

To kick your own health into high gear you can also seek Dr. Wendy’s help. Click here to order her book. No excuses!


We Love Our Winners!

Bouquet of roses

Here at Spa Week, there’s nothing we love hearing more than that we were able to change someone’s life for the better. Since 2004 we’ve prided ourselves on introducing millions to the healthy spa lifestyle, making it affordable with biannual $50 Spa Week treatments. Our Health Challenges are a way to make small lifestyle changes for a great impact (and also to win gift cards!). We hear from readers and consumers all the time that Spa Week has changed the way they think about wellness!

And as you probably know if you check back often, we also love giving deserving people life-changing experiences, such as luxurious vacations to wellness destinations paired with at-home nutrition regimens. It’s also the little things – like giving away beauty and wellness products, or a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards at random to turn someone’s blah day upside-down. Remember when we sent a gift card to Anna who was stuck in the hospital for Christmas? We just love spreading joy and wellness wherever and whenever we can.

In December we hosted the #12daysofwellness Tweet-a-thon, giving away a prize a day on Twitter. It was a lot of fun seeing the tweets of excitement at midnight as each winner was announced! There was ONE lucky winner, Sara M. from New Jersey, who got all 12 prizes – including a SodaStream, a Youngblood lipgloss package, hair products, dark chocolates and more, plus a $100 @SpaWeekGiftCard. We were so thrilled at how much this meant to Sara and her family – that’s really what it’s all about. Here’s what she wrote to me:
Seriously Michelle, I can’t tell you how exciting it actually is. We have 4 kids; ages 2, 4, 15 & 17 and there haven’t been many “extras” recently. My husband & I didn’t even exchange gifts this year – it was all for the kids. So this package is now our “Christmas gift” and I can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait ’til it all arrives!
- Sara, @NJMomCooks
Wow, she just received the package and we here’s email she just sent us! This is fantastic – you are incredible, Sara!
Hi Michelle! Got the package today & I love everything. The soda stream & the Elizabeth Grant perfumes came separately. Haven’t gotten the chocolates yet but I’ll let you know when I do.
We can’t wait to put it all to use! My daughter & I have both been growing out our hair super long for a few years now because we wanted to donate our hair to Pantene’s “Beautiful Lengths” program. We decided we’re going to use the $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Card to go to the salon/spa at the mall & get our hair cut for donation. I feel so blessed, it’s our way of “giving back.”
Here’s the package right before we shipped it… enjoy it all, and MERRY HAPPY, and thank you for paying it forward and giving back!

Check back on the blog, spaweek.com, our facebook and twitter pages often for new giveaways and promotions, because we really REALLY love making your day.

Starting right now, with our 27 prizes up for grabs in our January/February Monthly Giveaways. Look how much you can win! Or follow @SpaWeekGiftCard and you just may be the $50 eGift Card winner when we reach 1000 followers. Let us make your day too… please?

And Joy Bauer’s Fast Track to Health Giveaway Winner is…

It is the conclusion of another one of our life-changing spa, health and wellness giveaways. You are all winners in our hearts! But there can only be one true winner of the Joy Bauer’s Fast Track Health Giveaway, so let’s meet her. Congratulations to Grace Young!

I was thrilled to learn that I was the winner of the Joy Bauer “Fast Track to Health Giveaway” I am looking forward to experiencing a whole new way of eating. Nutrition tips will be greatly appreciated. The spa treatments are an unbelievable extra treat!

I plan on bringing my husband Chris with me. He has struggled with eating the wrong foods for years. At one time his Cholesterol was over 500! I’m hoping this experience may jog new habits.

Thanks you for this life changing opportunity.

Yours in Health,

Grace Young

Grace and her husband will enjoy a 6 night stay at the Biggest Loser Ranch in Malibu where they’ll be provided 3 healthy daily meals. A workout routine featured on the hit show, which will help transform their bodies. Daily nutritional and educational lectures with the resorts top fitness professionals, dietitians and life coach will get them on track. They will get all the personalized information and tips they need to help live a healthier life.

Then, they will relax with 4 spa services per person through the entire stay; that includes luxurious sports massages, toning and purifying facials, slimming body wraps . The journey doesn’t stop after they leave the resort! They will receive a nutritional at-home package that includes Joy’s best selling book, Food Cures, which helps you pick the right foods for maintaining optimal health and well-being. PLUS, they will receive a personalized nutritional plan from Joy Bauer, herself that includes all of  the custom counseling Joy gives to her very special clients. And the cherry on top… $175 in Spa Week Gift Cards.

Enjoy, Grace and Chris!