Our Favorite Spa Treatments For Our Favorite ‘Girls’

Obsessed with ‘Girls’? So are we! We found the perfect $50 spa treatments fit for our favorite characters!


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At this point, who isn’t obsessed with Girls, the hilarious HBO show that chronicles the lives of four twenty-something women navigating love, life and career in the Big Apple. The insanely relatable characters make it nearly impossible not to draw self-comparisons, much in the same way that we remember deciding if we were a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda during Sex and the City’s epic reign.

Yet, unlike SATC, Girls portrays a far more accurate representation of recent-college grads finding their way in the city that never sleeps – ever so stylishly, we must add. That got us thinking about how Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna always look so flawless on-screen, and we conceded that it simply must be from decadent spa treatments! Here are the treatments we think the Girls characters would love!


65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - HBO Post Emmy Awards Reception - Arrivals

Izumi Hasegawa / PR Photos

Hannah is the first one to admit that her hair cut, er hack-job, could use some major improvement. While we feel for Hannah, who chopped off her tresses during a bout of hysteria, we agree that her frazzled hair could stand some styling. That’s why we don’t think she would be able to resist these amazing hair treatments that are only $50 during Spa Week!


Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Prim and proper Marnie is always perfectly put together. The hilariously high-maintenance character would never walk out of the house with chipped nails, and we have a funny feeling that she’s not giving herself those flawless manis. A soothing manicure with relaxing components would be a fitting spa treatment for the perpetually wound-up character. Here are some treatments that are so luxurious they could help even Marnie unwind.


Laurence Agron / PR Photos

Laurence Agron / PR Photos

Having recently been released from rehab, Jessa has surpassed some very stressful situations, indeed. The jet-setter continues to struggle with sobriety, although she has managed to not go missing in recent weeks. An internationally-inspired massage would be the perfect way for Jessa to unwind, while also indulging her love of travel. Here are some $50 Spa Week treatments that fit the bill.


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Still dealing with her break-up from Ray, Shoshana is feeling like she’s in a bit of a funk. While we don’t think Shoshana needs a makeover by any means, a spray tan could definitely serve as a boost of confidence while she recovers from a broken heart. A lover of micro-minis, Shoshana can strut her stuff with legs so bronzed we doubt Ray could resist! Here are some $50 Spa Week spray tan treatments that serve as Shosh’s fool-proof break-up plan.

There are even more decadent $50 Spa Week treatments in cities nationwide, but appointments are filling up fast! Head over to SpaWeek.com to book yours today!

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Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

A Journey into Oil Pulling – Part 2

Part two of Hot Mom Angel’s experiment with an interesting new wellness trend.


Hi again! It’s Angel from Yay Baby! blog checking in with you for an update on my journey into oil pulling.

As you may recall from my previous article, I started oil pulling with organic, unrefined coconut oil almost five weeks ago and although the changes I have noticed so far aren’t earth-shattering, they are obvious and welcomed.

To achieve maximum benefits you are supposed to swish a full tablespoon of oil in your mouth for a minimum of 20 minutes a few times a day.

No way could I do that when I first started out, but I gradually increased the amount of oil and time spent swishing; and I’m proud to proclaim I can now manage to swish that entire tablespoon of oil in my mouth for a whopping 25 minutes! My cheeks and jaw are pretty tired after my final spit but it’s doable.

I swish at night after my daughter has gone to bed because there is no way I could be mute with swishing for 20 minutes with a toddler running around. Sometimes I swish again while she naps, but not every day.

The biggest change I’ve noticed with this regime is remarkably fresher breath in the mornings. I used to have terrible “morning breath” and a bad case of “cotton mouth” when I first woke up. Now, after these past several weeks of oil pulling my mouth feels moister and from my teeth to my tongue, there’s an overall greater feeling of clean. I no longer feel the need to avoid my husband’s good morning kiss until I brush. And he hasn’t complained either.

Also, my lips are getting super moisturized. I haven’t had to use lip balm in weeks. My pucker feels plump and smooth.

Let’s recap:

  1. Fresher breath
  2. Cleaner Mouth
  3. Softer Lips

Sounds like a recipe for a smooch fest if you ask me.

Tune in again next month for my final installment of A Journey into Oil Pulling.

If you haven’t already be sure to check in with Part One of this series for tips on how to start your own oil pulling adventures.

Happy swishing!

Angel-150x150Angel is a stay-at-home mama to a feisty, rambunctious toddler girl named Jacquelyn (aka Jax). A lover of all things adorable, Angel enjoys party-planning, cooking, napping with her daughter and date nights with her husband. You can catch up with Angel at Yay! Baby blog where she muses about motherhood, shares delicious family favorite recipes and offers tips for fabulous entertaining. There’s always reason to shout out loud – Yay Baby!



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Kelly Verdi is the Public Relations Manager at Spa Week Media Group. She loves dogs, 80 minute facials and a good blowout worth bragging about.

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Kelly Verdi is the Public Relations Manager at Spa Week Media Group. She loves dogs, 80 minute facials and a good blowout worth bragging about.


5 Ways to Be Happier at Work

Stuck in a rut? These simple tips can help you perform better and feel more inspired in and out of the office


The good old saying goes, “to each his own.” Whether it’s creating a playlist, overspending on a chai soy latte or sneaking in some online shopping, everyone has at least one way of making their work day a little more enjoyable. The fact is, however, is that there are several, easy ways that will not only get you through your day quicker, but may have you feeling happier (and even healthier) long after you leave office life in the dust. Try incorporating these simple tasks into your work week – after all – it is how you spend at least 40 hours of your time.



Are there certain tasks to your day that you absolutely dread? Instead of putting off your least favorite responsibilities for after lunch, prioritize to tackle these duties first. That way, you’ll have more to look forward to for the rest of the day and won’t find yourself struggling to complete the more challenging assignments at the very last minute.  Studies also show that work productivity is at its best earlier in the day, so use this statistic to your advantage and remember to eat a balanced breakfast!



For many, the office literally is home away from home. So why not make it feel that way? Surround yourself with framed pictures of loved ones, flowers, candles (as long as they’re not against your office’s policy) or anything else that gives you a warm, cozy feeling. Try sticking some fresh lavender in your pen jar- this miracle plant has amazing therapeutic benefits that can help keep you keep calm and cool as a cucumber throughout the day.



Nobody likes a “hangry” person – that is—the product of being so hungry, you become angry. Keep raw almonds close by for snacking in between meals. They’ll not only curve your appetite and help you stay full, but also have tremendous nutritional value. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, almonds are even considered “brain food” according to a recent article by Dr. David B. Samadi. Their healthy levels of vitamin E have been shown to prevent cognitive decline, boost alertness and preserve memory longer.



Whether you’re constantly on your feet or stuck behind a computer, the power of some thorough stretching at least once a day can do wonders. You’ll release toxins from your muscles and improve blood flow, circulation and even your posture. Your newly relaxed muscles will be thankful for the much-needed attention!



We’ve saved the best for last, probably because it’s the most simple of tasks on our list. Even when you don’t think you could be having a worse day, many experts recommend smiling for at least ten seconds to help dissipate any negative thoughts or feelings. This will help trick your brain into thinking you’re happy, and a warm smile can help spread happiness to others in the process. We like to call this the smile effect.

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Kelly Verdi is the Public Relations Manager at Spa Week Media Group. She loves dogs, 80 minute facials and a good blowout worth bragging about.