Spa Week Daily’s Top 10 Moments of 2010

Wow, what a year it’s been! We laughed, we cried, we got massaged… and here are the ultimate highlights. After analyzing our page views, stats, and your collective social media reactions, here are Spa Week Daily’s top 10 most popular blog posts, moments, contests and phenomenons from 2010.

Thank you all for reading Spa Week Daily and being part of the Spa Week community—you have no idea how much each of your comments, likes, @replies and support means to us! It makes us smile every single time, and you truly make it all worthwhile. We hope you enjoy this little trip down SWD memory lane. It was fun to write, and we can’t wait to do it all over again in 2011!


Anything that barks, meows and shows up on Spa Week Daily turns to gold. Coming in at #10 is the domestic animal kingdom, from the growing phenom of Doggy Spas, the holistic healing of Reiki for Pets, to some Kitty on Kitty massage action. Pamper your pets right, and they’ll give you all the lovin’ in the world.


Yes, I spa’d and ate my way through Rome and Tuscany, but believe it or not, the euro massages were not the best part.  What I loved more than anything was being able to share and communicate with you all through social media along the way. WIN ITALIA was the #1 most trafficked Italy post, but collectively the entire Spa-rrividerci series takes the Panna Cotta.


On many Mondays, as you know, we celebrate the joy that music brings to our lives with various playlists, created in part by you. Your favorite of all the playlists? Best of the 60s: Your Flower Power Playlist. That decade of music gets some serious R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


You know we love sending real people to the spa for real, AND that we  love sending celebrities to the spa for fake. You were all pretty jazzed/grossed out about Hilary Swank’s hairy pits, but Fitty’s dramatic weightloss was your favorite draw-dropping spa arrest of the year.


Sure, we’re crowdpleasers. We give away so much stuff on a monthly basis that it’s astonishing we have anything left. You love all the free  beauty and spa giveaways on our SWAG page, making it consistently one of our top trafficked pages, so we’ll keep it coming, baby.


Even more than swag, you loved our 10 iPhone giveaway to celebrate our new app, our collaboration with People Magazine to give away a $20,000 trip to Fiji, and our Wed Like a Celeb sweeps that sent this happy new couple to Bora Bora as part of the ultimate A-list bridal package. We also gave away luxurious spa days to 28 lucky winners our National Wellness Giveaway back in February, along with a ton of other amazing giveaways. It’s been a year of wins all around!


Not even mentioning the #1 item on this list (wait for it…), a slew of new below-the-belt preening and pampering has caught your attention in a big way this year. One might even say that 2010 is the Year of The Vagina, but the Chinese Zodiac and Tiger might get wildly offended. You loved completely bare‘s introduction of the Vatoo, the Live Spa TV segment of my Bikini/Bum Facial, and this week’s newsflash that women are steaming out their vaginas with herbs for $75 and up.


Botox On The Go, Reiki, Acupuncture and Instant Inch Loss treatments such as 7E all made the hottest spa treatments list for Fall 2010. When we released the list, it immediately got picked up by a ton of blogs and websites, and we were excited to hear about all the experimental spa-going that took place as a result. Massages are great, but the spa has so much more to offer. Keep it going, you spa star!

2. I GET NAKED AT THE SPA (But not everyone does…)

In an industry relatively free from drama, we were surprised to have stirred up a bit of controversy with our release of I Get Naked At The Spa, the first ever spa music video. The goal was to not only entertain people while sharing important spa etiquette rules, but also to help introduce the spa lifestyle to the next generation of consumers. With over 8,500 views, we hope we’ve made a dent!

And now… without further ado… the #1 spa craze of 2010:


Back in February when I casually emailed Bryce Gruber to see if she’d like to get her vagina bedazzled for Spa Madness, I had no idea what I was in for. Although you may think the Vajazzling trend is passe, our blog traffic speaks wildly otherwise. To this day, people all over the world are still landing on Spa Week Daily from Google searches on “vajazzle” “vajazzling spas” and “crystals on your vagina” by the jillions. From information on “First Lady” Bryce Gruber to VAJAZZLING: The Feature Film which now has nearly 1.5 million YouTube views, we couldn’t be prouder to deliver all the hottest news about the sparkliest thing to happen since the age of disco.

Now… what do you think 2011 will bring? More below the belt beauty rituals? Bigger vacations to win? Another music video? We can’t wait to find out either!

VAJEWEL: Vajazzle Your Privates in Private

Up until about a year ago, no one knew of the serious need for women everywhere to adorn, tattoo, bedazzle and sparkle their most private regions. Cindy Barshop, the owner of Complete Bare Spa brought you first the Vajazzle, then the Vatoo urging women to dress up a little more (down there). Now our go-to spa for bikini area adornment has just upped the ante with a limited edition kit that allows you to do all of the above in the privacy of your own home. For those of you who are curious but not bold old enough to walk into a spa an ask for the royal treatment, this may be your answer. Last week we were invited to the debut of the NEW limited edition bikini wax kit with BONUS Vajewel™, a $50 gift (Valued at $65) to learn all about it:

Real Housewives of New York Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and Countess Luann de Lesseps supporting their friend, Completely Bare Owner Cindy Barshop (black hair)

Each kit includes:
•  step-by-step instructions for the ultimate, easy at home bikini wax
•  qr code to take you to an instructional video
•  bubblegum pink ouchless strip wax™ for your bikini
•  bubblegum purple ouchless stripless wax™ for a smooth brazilian
•  no mess mats to catch fumbles
•  spatulas for easy wax on application
•  disposable wax strips to wax off
•  completely prepped™ towelettes to get completely clean before you begin
•  completely off™ towelettes to remove any residual wax
•  rear-view-mirror to see what you’re doing
•  BONUS Vajewel™ in the shape of a bow, made exclusively with real Swarovski Elements to add some seasonal flair

Breanna gave the vajewel a try, in G-rated fashion.

Application was a piece of cake. You just warm the adhesive in the palm of your hands then hold it in place for a few seconds. The premiere party featured some swanky, superstar endorsers, the Real Housewives of New York. By the end of the night, Jill, Alex, Kelly and Luann were up on stage singing the praises of the Vajewel. The housewives have added their seal of approval and so have we. To get your vajewel kit in time for the holidays click here.

Showing off the vajewels...

Vattooing: Next in Line for Vajazzling’s Throne

Just when you thought vajazzling was the end all and be all of  vaginal adornment, along comes a trend that allows you to turn your private parts into the Sistine Chapel. Introducing: The Vattoo.  We’re thrilled to help our beloved, intrepid spa buddy Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot, who has, for better or worse, become the authority on all questionable down-there design, present her latest video to the world.

How does Vattooing work? A Vattoo starts with a Brazilian Wax, clearing the area of any hair and making for a clean vattoo palette. (If going completely bare isn’t quite your style, a little furry can make for a nice 3D effect.) After the area is completely waxed and you’ve chosen your design, the Vattoo is airbrushed by hand. Don’t try this at home; this isn’t some cheap temporary tattoo from a candy machine. You can customize it any way you’d like, and it lasts 7 to 10 days. For the full story, read Bryce’s recap on

Try it during Spa Week! Bikini Glamour made our list of the top 12 hottest spa trends for Fall 2010, and if the Vattoo doesn’t fall under that umbrella I don’t know what will. Officially called “Inked” by Completely Bare Spa in New York City, this treatment (including the wax) will be offered during the upcoming Spa Week for just $50 at select Completely Bare locations. (Normally $115).

Stay ahead of the curve, let Michaelangelo be your guide, and stay classy my friends.

Breaking: Snooki’s Been Vajazzled

Finally, Jennifer Love Hewitt is joined by a celebrity of equal stature – Snooki of Jersey Shore fame admitted to a history of Vajazzling.

It’s up to you to decide whether this means Vajazzling is experiencing a second coolness wave or jumping the (dazzly) shark.

Check out Snooki’s confession below. And chin up, Snooki – New Jersey Spa Week’s just around the corner! Do you have any idea how many people got their lady bits crystallized for $50 last time around? (Spa Week’s around the corner for you too, whether you’re closer to Seaside Heights or the OC.)

9 Treatments at 8 Spas in 7 Days: The Ultimate Spa Week, Live-Streamed!


I wasn’t kidding when I said in the Spa Crawl Video to take advantage and TRY AS MANY $50 SPA TREATMENTS AS POSSIBLE DURING SPA WEEK®. Well, how hypocritical I would be if I didn’t go through with it myself? In the spirit of wellness, relaxation, overindulgence and experimentation, for each of the 7 days of Spa Week, Monday April 12th through Sunday April 18th, I tried out and live-broadcasted an unusual spa treatment from one of our nearly 800 spas.

From a Caviar Facial to Colon Hydrotherapy to Botox to Vajazzling… my Spa Week got a little crazy.

Why? It’s all in the name of bringing the spa lifestyle to real life, answering your questions, and making you fully aware of what to expect inside any treatment. Banish the fear of awkward or intimidating situations at the spa by getting acquainted with the process beforehand.

Click the links below each treatment; there’s been absolutely NO EDITING. Learn, live vicariously, and then go experience it for yourself!


MONDAY, 10:00 AM: 60 Minute Caviar Facial
Dyanna Body Nail Salon & Spa, 40 East 21st Street, 212.995.2355‎
See it here: Caviar Facial – The Royal Treatment

TUESDAY, 12:00 Noon: Full Session Cellulite Reduction with Endermologie
American Cellulite Reduction Center, 611 Broadway, Suite 907 K, 212.982.8779
See it here:
Beating Cellulite with Edermologie

WEDNESDAY, 9:00 AM: 45 Minute Fusion Massage
Spa Merge, 102-108 West 57th Street, 646.484.4104

See it here:
Spa Merge, the Midtown Gates of Heaven

THURSDAY, 10:30 AM: 60 Minute Colon Hydrotherapy (postponed until Friday)
Beljanski Wellness Center, 150 East 55th Street, Sixth Floor, 212.832.6800
See it here:
The Sh*tshow.

FRIDAY, 4:00 PM: Prevelle Lip Lumping and a Botox Brow Lift (Double Whammy!)
SmoothMED, 111 East 59th Street, 212.371.7666
See it here: Botox On The Go – Is This The Future?

SATURDAY, 1:00 PM: 50 Minute March Forward Pedicure
Deva Spa, 425 Broome Street, 646.454.4300
See it here: A Pedi To Remember

SUNDAY, 11:00 AM: 60 Minute Slimming Sampler
Studio 57 Skin & Body Care Spa, 57 West 57th Street, Suite 710, 212.758.6383
See it here: The Live Slimming Tweetment


Completely Bare – Bond, 25 Bond Street, 212.366.6060
See it here: Vajazzling Live Broadcast

Free live streaming by Ustream If you’re feeling inspired and want to live-stream or tweet your own spa treatments to share with others, we fully support it! Let us know by tweeting @SPAWEEK and we’ll help you get the word out.

Spa treatments above were provided complimentary by each of the spas.