Spa Week Story Winner #4: Couples Massage, Hold The Pooch

Have you fallen into post-spa depression? Spa Week Spring 2012 may be over but the memories and benefits will last a lifetime! (And there are always amazing Spa Deals to be had.) Last week we asked you for your Spa Week stories in exchange for more spa in the form of $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards for five of you. Meet Winner #4, whose new pup lead them not only to the doggy park – but to a romantic spa day.

By Justine McCarthy

Where to begin….

Well, I guess should start by announcing that I’m a proud new Mom of a 38 pound boy! His name is Cyrus and he came into mine and my boyfriend’s life unexpectedly this past January.

Being a mother to a 2-year-old adopted lab-retriever beagle mix from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is great, but it comes with its stressors. Additionally, I’m an event coordinator (the 6th most stressful job according to CareerCast). So it comes as no surprise that my stress levels had been higher than usual these past few months. My stress shows its selfishness in knotted muscles and crankiness.

My boyfriend, Dan, is a very kind, generous and observant man. So when Dan saw that I was reaching a breaking point he did some research on how I could relax and get pampered. He came across and learned about couples massages at Supple Spa – a Spa Week participant who was offering a great deal! $50 each meant $100 for both of us. Dan jumped on the opportunity and booked a romantic day of pampering for the two of us.

Now, being an event coordinator, I like things done a certain way. All right, fine, I’m a control freak! So when Dan surprised me one Saturday morning with chocolate chip pancakes in bed and told me we were going for a massage together I was pleasantly surprised…. ‘What’s this?’ I thought to myself, ‘someone else is making the schedule for the day?’ But something told me to just let go and go with it – and it’s best decision I’ve made in months.

We arrived at Supple Spa, a kitschy 2nd floor Asian spa, and were greeted with fresh lemon water. I was surprised at how calm I immediately felt. The spa has dim red lighting and the staff speaks in a low and calming tone. Before I realized, my phone was turned off–something I never do! And then the massage began… It was one hour of pampering that was so relaxing I fell asleep holding Dan’s hand. When the massage finished Dan and I arose and turned to smile at one another, no barking to be heard.

We went on to enjoy a fun filled day of lounging and QT, and when we got home, even Cyrus knew we were better people now.


I Lost My Spa Virginity at Supple Spa

By Raymond Villamil

This just in: Michelle Joni, Spa Princess and blog diva extraordinaire is dating a spa virgin!  Please, please… your gasps are warranted, but don’t judge too harshly.

Hi there, you might have read a little about me in a previous post… well, it wasn’t really about me, it was mostly about the incredible and manly condition of my heels.  I’m Ray, the aforementioned MJ boyfriend.  Low-and-behold it’s true, I’ve never been to a spa before, heck, I’ve never even had a professional massage in my life – that is, until Michelle decided to take matters into her own hands. To celebrate Spa Week, she brought me to a little kitsch corner of comfort called Supple Spa.

Okay.  The décor is what struck me first.  Contemporary, sleek, and hip Supple Spa is NOT – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (more on this later).  Instead, Supple Spa invites you in with its waving Lucky cat, hippie flower-splashed walls, and massage chairs carefully dressed in over-sized t-shirts stamped with the business’s brand.

This leads me to a major point.  As I said before, Supple Spa may not be the sleekest looking place but “pretentious” is a word that it must’ve never learned to say. Instead, the place is inviting and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  The place screams, “Relax, kick back, smile and laugh a little.” The staff is polite, friendly, and certainly at no lack for skill as I soon found out.

Supple Spa loves couples.  The massage rooms are easily converted for a romantic evening for two.  The beds can be pushed together for cutesy couple-hand-holding. The lights are low, the music’s ambient, the candles burn slowly, and the Sangria waits neatly, glasses empty ready to be filled.

And so I stripped… reminds me of a certain video.

The next moments of my life were spent being pushed and pulled, squished and pounded.  Yes, it may have been the best beating of my life.


My body melted away LIKE BUTTA’!  You never really realize just how ridiculously tight and mangled your body is until all that tension, and uh, “mangledness” is taken away.  I’m a new man.

I want another massage.

This one’s to you, oh master of the spa blogosphere.  KUDOS, Michelle!  Oh, and thank you Supple Spa! You have shown me the light!

Where’s next!?

    Supple Spa
    55 West 19th Street, Second Floor
    New York, NY 10011

    To reminisce, take a look back at our famous bathroom-cleaning spa date at Supple Spa – always a good time.

    With treatment rooms named Tokyo (ours), Sunset, Kaleidoscope, Daydream and the Paris Room, a trip to Supple is destined for romance. Peep a couple of their other couples rooms:


    Supple Spa Blind Date: You Rub My Back, I’ll Clean Your Bathroom

    Supple Spa is New York’s ultimate destination for an MTV-date-like couples Asian massage experience—red curtain-lined walls, silk rose petals, cheesy t-shirt decor et al. Their treatment rooms, named Tokyo, Sunset, Kaleidoscope, Daydream and the Paris Room were created especially for first dates. They’ve been featured in New York magazine and Time Out New York for their unique approach to couples spa time.

    A few weeks back I needed a first date myself for my Supple Spa Massage, so who better to invite than one of the 45,000+ spa lovers on our Facebook page? It couldn’t be just anyone, but when I asked for your best spa pickup line, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Watch the video above and read the Facebook sequence below for all the romantic, mega knot-busting details with Lisa Gardner… toilet scrubbing included.

    Want to book Supple Spa for Spa Week? Get your Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, 60 Min Deep Tissue Massage or 60 Min Swedish Massage for only $50… but make that $100 if you do it up right. Call and set your spa romance on fire! 212.929.5948

    And they lived happily ever after <3

    Supple Spa
    55 West 19th Street, Second Floor
    New York, NY 10011


    Spa Week Media Party Recap – Spring 2011

    Spa Week is officially underway! Every season we salute the week of ultimate spa indulgences with a big shebang to highlight select $50 treatments, as well as our fantastic sponsors. This year we topped the charts with our best media celebration yet—or so we hear.

    On April 6th, over 400 editors, TV personalities, bloggers and special guests swarmed the Prince George Ballroom in NYC for an evening of shmoozing and pampering. What went on inside the gold-trimmed Victorian walls? Let’s take the tour:

    The CAREFREE Refresh Lounge

    The CAREFREE Brand holds Title Sponsorship of Spa Week this year, and to celebrate their newest product, their highly absorbent Acti-Fresh liners, they created and presented a signature spa treatment that had every single guest feeling calm, breezy and supremely refreshed. The CAREFREE Misting Massage had guests reclining in lounge chairs while getting their head and hands massaged.

    Matchmaking with YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Cosmetics

    The hot eco-friendly makeup brand Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics brought all the glitz, glamour and allure of backstage at a fashion show right to the Spa Week Media Party. With their founder Pauline Youngblood at the helm, the team of makeup artists behind our Exclusive Cosmetics Sponsor did “matchmaking,” pairing each guest with their skincare soulmate makeup colors, such as honey, coffee and toffee.

    DOLE Real Fruit Bites Flavored Oxygen Bar and Photo Booth

    DOLE knows how to keep a party happening! Our Exclusive Food Sponsor took a unique approach to presenting the flavors of their mighty delicious and nutritious little snack with an Oxygen Bar. Choose Pineapple, Mango or Apple, then float downstream while finding a wave of newfound energy. Then stop in the the DOLE photo booth, put on some big funny glasses, and strike a pose 4 times with your friends.

    clariSEA Make-Your-Own Salt Scrub Bar

    The clariSEA booth was like being a kid in a sandbox all over again… a kid who has a mature interest silky smooth, blemish-free skin. And hand massages. Guests had the chance to interact with our Exclusive Skin Care Sponsor to create their own custom salt scrubs—they mixed some clarifying salt with straight up Dead Sea salt with pomegranate flavor in take-home tubs. The salts do wonders for you knees, elbows and body as a whole.

    Vdara Hotel & Spa, Citycenter Las Vegas Lounge

    Guests had the chance to relax in the Vdara lounge while learning about this unique Las Vegas destination—a non-smoking, non-gaming hotel and spa. As our Exclusive Destination Sponsor for 2011, Vdara knows a thing or two about pampering—they were giving all guests the chance to win a ridiculous penthouse getaway! (You can win it too.)

    The Bar: GIVEN Liquor

    Delicious cocktails by GIVEN Liqueur (pronounced Jee-Vahn) kept spirits high all night long, literally. If you have not yet tasted, you simply must! It is a unique blend of premium agave tequila and natural lime juice handcrafted in France—the ideal balance between a spirit and a liqueur, and goes down almost too easily. They served up four signature cocktails: The Cure (Chilled GIVEN on ice) The Freshening (with muddled cucumber and mint) The Immunity Booster (splash of cran) and The Stress Buster (fresh muddled berries).

    Guests also sipped on Honest Tea and Hint Water as a refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages.

    Spa Chicks On The Go

    Throwing a spa party in your office? Need a few masseuses for a runway show or your brand’s media event? Spa Chicks is a company that delivers customized spa and beauty experiences for private, corporate and media clients, and at our party they were shaping up eyebrows by threading.

    The Spas:

    Spa Martier, known for their 24K Gold Facial, did beautiful express manicures.

    Euphoria Spa relieved all the neck and back tension with chair massages.

    Carol’s Daughter – The Back Room Hand & Foot Spa did hand exfoliation treatments.

    Supple Spa had guests lay down on a bed for reflexology and massage.

    The Goody Bags

    We like to go all out each season by creating the goody bags of a lifetime to make sure each guests leaves with a pampering experience to take home with them. Each bag included gifts from each of the exclusive sponsors, as well as items ranging from slippers to nail polishes to teeth whitening kits to bikini adornment. Rather than listing everything here, stay tuned to the blog as we review each of the items in Little Luxury Reports. It’ll take a while, but we’ll get there!

    Check out some more snaps from the party, here and on our Facebook page!