The Awesomely Simple New Year’s Resolution I KEPT ALL YEAR!

As we all search our souls for what our 2012 New Year’s Resolutions will be, I’d like you to first ask yourselves: how am I already fantastic? Don’t forget – you are! Over the years I’ve come to realize that my annual promise to lose 15 pounds has been as effective as that As Seen On TV Magic Bullet blender that I never took out of the box. Visions of me gymming it three times a week and having a four-pack by summer became laughable by February. Why was I so hard on myself? Why was THAT the ultimate goal? Are you doing the same thing?

Instead, make it a goal to learn to love yourself AS YOUR ARE – right now. No matter what. You are a living, breathing, beautiful creature. Feed that body well and nurture it with the exercise it deserves, but don’t pressure it into becoming something it’s not.

Part of loving yourself as you are means living in the moment. Stop rushing. What’s the hurry? You’re running late? Oh, me too, and that feeling of being in a rush is the WORST. So last year, the simple yet life-changing New Year’s Resolution I made and kept was:

Stop pressing that DOOR CLOSE button.

Why? I was tired of seeing New Yorkers (notably, me…) taking their frustration out on elevator buttons, followed by a sigh. Are you in such a rush that saving 5 seconds is going to affect your day? In most other countries, the Door Close button doesn’t exist. Also, some even say the Door Close button is a placebo and actually does nothing at all! (While I’m sure this is true in some elevators, after my one-year stint I’ve confirmed it actually does make the door close faster.)

But so what? Watching others slam down on the Door Close button in 2011 turned into my daily reminder to smile and slow down. It became a moment to acknowledge the art of patience. A reassurance that I didn’t want to be that person banging on the Door Close button (OR the person rushing along the cashier, OR the person stressed over the line at the bank) ever again. And because of me, a lot of people didn’t have to stand and wait for the next elevator. You’re welcome.

On a symbolic level, I’ve also spent those 5 seconds thinking about proverbial open doors, and how shutting doors can hinder unknown opportunity. Did amazing things come to me in 2011 because I kept all doors open? I’d like to think maybe!

So, I’ve lost approximately 17 minutes and 20 seconds in the 2011 year. (Average elevator delay = 5 seconds, average elevator rides alone per week where this happens = 4, times 52 weeks.) I don’t miss them at all, and in fact I would say I FOUND 17 minutes and 20 seconds. Seventeen minutes spent smiling, taking a sweet deep breaths, finding inner peace and remembering that life’s short, but not short enough to rush through elevator rides.

If elevators are part of your daily routine, will you add this one to your resolution list? Tell me below! It’s way easier to keep than losing 15 pounds.

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Resolution image via Gawker, who also has some good free advice about making that resolution stick for good.