Announcing More Places To Get Spa Week Gift Cards!

Just like spring flowers, Spa & Wellness Gift Cards are popping up everywhere (even on Twitter)! Spa Week is happy to announce that The Spa & Wellness Gift Card is now available at over 20,000 retailers nationwide! The gift card can be used at over 5,000 participating spas and is the perfect gift to make someone (or yourself, we’re not judging) feel spa-cial. Even better, the recipient can conveniently use it during the upcoming  2012 Spring Spa Week Event.

Check out all the participating retailers – if you see us hanging out in one of these stores, tweet us a picture @SpaWeekGiftCard!

  • Sam’s Club Nationwide
  • Target Nationwide
  • CVS Nationwide
  • Rite Aid Nationwide
  • AAFES Nationwide (US Military Bases)
  • Kerr Drug North Carolina
  • Kinney Drug New York, New Hampshire, Vermont
  • Associated Foods Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming
  • Basha’s Foods Arizona
  • Crest Foods Oklahoma
  • Fiesta Mart Texas
  • Food Circus/ Super Food Town New Jersey
  • HEB Foods Texas
  • KVAT/ Food City Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee
  • Scolari’s Foods California, Nevada
  • Spartan Stores Michigan, Indiana, Ohio
  • Winn Dixie Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia

…and coming to stores in April 2012!

Duane Reade

A gift for someone you love on every block in NYC! (It sure beats an I ♥ NY shirt.)

Babies “R” Us

We’re thinking this would be a great item to put on a baby shower registry.

Toys “R” Us

Some of those toys should come with a remedy for parents headaches.

The Details:

The Spa & Wellness Gift Card does not expire and can be used 365 days a year. Gift card domination of $25 or $50 cards are available and a special variable load card is available at CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid.  The variable load card lets you decide how much to give between $25 and $500. The best part about the Spa & Wellness Gift Card? It is accepted at over 5,000 spas!



How To Find A Spa:


A full list of participating spa locations is available online at where you can search by city or zip code to find a spa near you.




Spa Week Announces Retail Gift Card Distribution – In Over 17,000 Stores!

Just in time for the holiday season, Spa Week® is THRILLED to announce that our gift cards are now available at select retail locations! Now you can head over to your local Target, Sam’s Club, CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid and pick up the new and improved…


The Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week®


EXCLUSIVELY available at over 17,000 retail locations nationwide

The Spa & Wellness Gift Card does not expire and can be used 365 days a year. The card is accepted at over 4,500 spas across North America, with more spas joining every day.

At your favorite retail locations, there are a few different card options awaiting you: $25 and/or $50 cards are available at each store and a very special variable load card is available at CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid.  The variable load card lets YOU decide how much to give; it can be purchased for any amount between $25 and $500. That’s a lot of feel-good spa treatments!


A full list of participating spa locations is available online at where you can search by city and/or zip code to find a spa near you.

Pssst! Want to give the gift of wellness and can’t get to a store? Visit and take advantage of our exclusive Holiday Sale: Get a $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Card for just $89.99 plus a FREE gift box.

Summer Vacay Giveaway to Travaasa Austin Resort

Be sure to start the summer off right with an exciting health and wellness travel experience from Spa Week. From now until July 31, you can enter to win the Summer Vacay Giveaway to the breathtaking Travaasa Austin Resort.

One lucky winner will receive a Four Night Stay for two at the stunning Travaasa Austin resort including the opportunity to Spa or Golf EVERY DAY! That’s one spa treatment or one round of golf PER PERSON, PER DAY!

The winner will also receive $175 in SpaWeek Gift Cards to use at his or her choice at over 3,400 spas Nationwide.

Also included are all meals and non-alcoholic drinks AND all of the amazing activities Travaasa Austin is famous for:

Spa and Wellness

Breath work, meditation and Chi movement in addition to unique spa treatments


Prickly Pear Challenge Course, zip-lining, climbing wall, equine experiences, archery and hiking


Yoga, mechanical bull workout, Barre, Zumba and Pilates


Regional cuisine cooking classes and nutritional classes


Texas two-step, ecology, photography and more!

Visit Spa Week’s Summer Vacay Giveaway page to enter.

Don’t miss out on this amazing adventure!

Your Health and Wellness Dreams, Unlimited.

Not only will the winner of the Get Fit for Summer Giveaway win a trip of a lifetime to the original Golden Door (worth $9,500), he/she will also win $175 Worth of SpaWeek Gift Cards to relax body and mind at his/her choice of over 3,000 spas nationwide AND a customized health and wellness package from Jillian Michaels, including A 6-month FREE membership to Jillian’s online weight-loss and wellness program, including all of her dieting and workout tips and tools, PLUS Jillian’s bestselling book, Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life.

If you’ve already entered the giveaway on (you have until June 30th) and are looking to jump start your wellness goals in the meantime, here is a sneak peak of the first few chapters of Unlimited!

In the introduction to Unlimited, Jillian immediately begins by challenging our predisposed attitudes about our own self-worth. Jillian makes the point that every day we are told to work hard and pay our dues and then only after we have sacrificed everything will our dreams come true:

We’re taught to settle, and we’re made to feel guilty if we single-mindedly go after something we want. We go on to believe that our desires are selfish. That our self-love is arrogant and pompous. All our joy and innocence are stripped away as we’re programmed like androids to live lives of servitude and “respon­sibility.” Too many of us buy into the idea that there are rules to how this life works, and dues that must be paid.

Jillian claims we are literally taught by society to fear our own desires and ambitions for the betterment of the masses. To march in line like robots, marinating in self-doubt and self-pity about how hopeless our lives have become. That there is no way for us to break free of the ranks and strive for our own personal happiness (whether it’s achieving our goals, mentally, physically or spiritually).  Jillian explains:


This book is a manual with only one purpose: to arm you with the strategies you need to achieve anything you desire and become whoever you want to be…

With manual in hand, Jillian preps us for the journey of a lifetime by helping us tap into our life’s dreams, the change we secretly yearn for. She reassures us that yes, we are worthy of the journey:

…Every journey, no matter how huge, begins with a single step. So what is that first step in taking control of your life and begin­ning to live the way you are meant to live? Simple. (Notice I didn’t say easy.) Your first step is to let your imagination run wild. To live the life of your dreams, you have to know what those dreams are.

This is the fun part, where we can visualize our dreams with the new found clarity Jillian has bestowed upon us. Tapping into your desires, tucked deep down inside you really connected with me as the reader. Who is to say I can’t be what I want to be, that an extravagant goal cannot be realized with the proper skills, tools and planning? My secret, suppressed dream is to be a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit model. Even though, society makes me feel like this is an outrageous, ridiculous dream (not only because of what I look like, but because of how few woman actually achieve this goal). But, if I have the goal and I acquire the tools and hone my skills, getting to the peak of my dream won’t be easy, but it can be a simple and transparent. Get the Tools: get healthy and work on my body. Learn the skills: practice, practice. Plan: pursue my dream everyday with every fiber in my being. Simple, not easy… just like Jillian said.

With this new found excitement about my aspirations actually being possible, I still have doubts. Am I worthy of dreaming this big? Will come off as arrogant and selfish? Jillian makes a meaningful distinction between being humble and being egotistical:

I’m sure some of you are thinking, I wasn’t brought up like this. I was taught to be humble and accept my lot. Yeah? Well, so was I. Let’s be clear: wanting things and feeling worthy of a great life do not mean you think you are more deserving or bet­ter than everyone else. We are all deserving of happiness. Those of us who throw off society’s conventions to attain our goals are showing others that it’s possible for them as well. Don’t mistake healthy ego strength and prosperity for greed and ostentation.


The best advice Jillian gives in her introduction is now that you have opened your eyes to the possibilities of your dreams, you’re going to have to shift your focus onto yourself. This may be uncomfortable feeling for you, not to mention those around you. But Jillian stresses this one, final point:

…Do not compromise your happiness because of others’ lack of insight. You owe it to yourself and to the wider world to max out your potential.

Jillian opens the door and lets us know it’s time to focus on our goals. What dream is hidden deep down inside of you that you wish you had the skills and tools to bring to the surface? What would you like to achieve if you had a blueprint for success? What could you achieve if you were free of self-doubt?

The possibilities are Unlimited.







Travel Tuesday: Behind the Golden Door

With June’s Get Fit for Summer Giveaway (Have you entered yet?), it is Spa Week’s goal is to bring together three of the country’s premier wellness brands in an effort to continue to change the world into a healthier place. Whether it’s fighting stress at the spa, swapping snickers for salads or sweating at gym, we all believe that a well-rounded lifestyle is necessary for optimal health and happiness. By bringing the collective specialties together of Spa Week, Jillian Michaels and Golden Door to create the Get Fit for Summer Giveaway, our goal is to promote a positive solution to today’s American health epidemic, one person at a time.

One lucky winner and a guest will receive a two-part wellness package. The first part includes a 4-Day stay for two with private accommodations at Golden Door Spa (a $9,500 value) including: Luxurious spa treatments, fitness classes  and gourmet meals. The second part is a 6-month FREE membership to Jillian Michaels‘ online weight-loss and wellness program, Jillian’s bestselling book, Unlimited and $175 Worth of SpaWeek Gift Cards to relax body and mind at his/her choice of over 3,500 spas nationwide.

To learn more about the spa retreat, we got a chance to sit and chat with Jennifer Hart, a representative from Golden Door in Escondido, CA to learn what puts this resort on the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Spa Week Daily: Why how did the spa come to be known as world-renowned Golden Door?

Jennifer Hart: Golden Door Spa is the first-ever fitness spa noted for devotion to the balance of body, mind & spirit with one of the most inspiring, innovative and high-energy fitness programs in the spa world today. It has a rich history that starts in 1959, when Deborah Szekely realized her dream of creating a transformational Zen-influenced spa, serving a small number of guests with a 4:1 ratio. She was a pioneer in comprehensive wellness and other spas have looked to Golden Door for inspiration and education. It received a lot of praise from Hollywood because actors came to Golden Door to renew & revitalize before a big movie role.

Is there a secret history/background to Golden Door that the general public in unaware of?

It all started with Deborah Szekely and her husband, Edmond Szekely with the founding of Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Baja California. They learned a lot by starting there as a health camp, pitching tents for $17.50 back in the 40’s. Things of course grew into what Rancho La Puerta is today and then Deborah decided to create a more luxurious and service-oriented spa, along with a comprehensive & progressive fitness program. Many Hollywood producers and directors stayed at Rancho La Puerta and they were excited for Golden Door Spa, which was closer and where they received much more service and pampering. Hollywood studios and managers paid for actors to get fit and become rejuvenated at Golden Door and most of the early guests came from Hollywood.

Where did the actual, physical Golden Door come from? Who created/crafted it? Was it a gift, a splurge?

The physical Golden Door was made in Tijuana, Mexico. Deborah knew of a woman who made brass boxes there and was directed to an artisan. Deborah did a sketch on butcher paper and the artisan hammered the brass & copper design of two intertwining trees – the Tree of Life. Semi-precious stones were added and the golden door, which stands over 50 years later, was created.

Tell us about Deborah Szekely and the ancient Honjin inns of Japan… How did Japanese culture end up in SoCal?

Deborah was very interested in Zen philosophy. She read many books on it and also loved gardening, which interested her in Japanese gardening. As soon as she realized she wanted to create Golden Door, she immediately knew it would be a replica of a Japanese Honjin Inn. The philosophy of honjin inns and Golden Door is the same – renewal. Deborah went with architect Robert Mosher and stayed in Japan for several months, bringing back an understanding and commitment to Japanese design. All sculptures and pieces within Golden Door are authentic, dating back to the Edo period. The property is a living antique. Takendo Arii from Japan (who moved to the states) designed the four courtyards – Azalea, Bell, Camellia and Garden that incorporate Japanese philosophy and tradition.

What can one expect during a traditional 7-day stay at the resort?

Guests arrive on a Sunday and follow a program of daily fitness activities, hikes, massages, meditation, spa treatments and stretching created expressly for their needs and wishes. No two guests’ programs are alike – each guest receives a consultation and guidance with an assigned personal fitness specialist. Most clothing is provided, so guests never need to worry about what to wear. Each day develops a remarkable rhythm, thanks to the Door’s philosophy of balance and rejuvenation.

There are also presenters that visit each week with leading-edge information and education on health & wellbeing. We have specialty weeks such as: Healthy Nutrition; Healthy Sleep w/our Nutrition Advisor Dr. Wendy Bazilian, Writing from the Soul w/Anya Ushakova-Crain, Culinary Week w/Executive Chef Curtis Cooke, Yoga Week w/Madhu Nanda, Pilates Week w/Karena Thek Lineback, Labyrinth w/Lauren Artress & Water Week w/water-inspired fitness activities. There is also a 4-acre organic garden used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many of the herbs are even used in our spa treatments. The week-long schedule builds a true sense of camaraderie and lasting friendship amongst each week’s group, while allowing time to integrate all activities.

What aspects of The Golden Door have stayed the same since the 1950’s?

The program and its essence are the same. There is a balance of working hard and being rewarded for it. Of course the activities have changed with the times because of increased knowledge in health and wellness and Golden Door has always been at the forefront. Yoga has always been offered at Golden Door since its inception.

What inspired the “Staff Bios” section on the website? Who/why does these staff members get highlighted?

Currently our Staff Bios are key people on staff – Trish & Diane. They have been here for over 20 years and are the first people to greet new guests. We will be rotating staff bios so everyone is eventually highlighted.

Why is the San Diego location the best?

San Diego is known for great climate and this location for Golden Door enables guests to be outdoors a lot. Other spas may be within four walls, but a majority of our program is connected to nature and breathing in fresh air. It is also geared to empowering our guests. Golden Door Spa is set among a mountain landscape where important hikes are taken daily by guests. Being outdoors, enjoying the lush greenery and climbing the mountain are important components of our program. The first thing many of our returning guests do is a morning hike. Our mountain of 20 private hiking trails gives them a measure of how far they’ve come since their last visit. It is another tool that helps to empower guests.

Finish these sentences:

One thing no one knows about the Golden Door is…

It changes people’s lives to a degree that amazes them. Many of our guests are returning. Some are on their 50th visit and a few have even hit their 100th visit!

The biggest misconception about the Golden Door is…

It’s a weight loss place. Golden Door has the option of weight loss, but it is much deeper than this. Each program is tailored to individual needs and they are rejuvenated body, mind and spirit. Sometimes that could mean weight loss, but many times it’s a whole new outlook on life and specific tools that they can take home with them to take their life and wellbeing to a new level. Our guests talk about the “Golden Door Glow” because they feel they are glowing after a week at Golden Door Spa.

The best meal at Golden Door is…

That is hard to say. Every dish is delicious and nutritious. Our Executive Chef, Curtis Cooke, chooses ripe vegetables and fruits from the organic garden and it’s always a creative, vibrant, delicious and satisfying meal.

The most popular spa treatment is…

Our Lavender, Lemongrass & Salt Scrub Souffle: Guests enjoy the creamy, fragrant treatment. It’s the crème de la crème of exfoliating scrubs! A combination of detoxifying salts, minerals and clay from the Dead Sea exposes fresh new skin. Then, the body soaks up a whipped delight of lemongrass, shea butter, Brazil and macadamia nut oils and olive oil loaded with antioxidants and multi-vitamins. Then, a spritz of our signature Golden Door Botanical Body Oil with a combination of essential oils maintains the skins new silky, supple texture.

Bonus Question:

Is the Golden Door haunted?

No, but every guest leaves a little bit of their joy & happiness so there is a wonderful, positive ambiance and energy that is palpable.

Stay in the loop with all things Golden by following the original Golden Door Spa on Twitter: @GoldenDoorSpa, and liking them on Facebook