National Relaxation Day Massage Deals

August 15th is National Relaxation Day—take a load off and celebrate with a soothing massage!


Happy National Relaxation Day! Here at Spa Week, we celebrate relaxation everyday, but we would never miss this opportunity to unwind with the rest of the country. This day, weekend, and hey–how about all month–is the perfect opportunity to treat your body to that relaxing massage its been craving.

You’ll be blown away by the benefits and kicking yourself for putting this off. That’s something we can say with 100% certainty! When you book your treatment on, you’ll get a deal that won’t break the bank, either. Now that, my friends, is total relaxation at it’s finest.

Here are 15 massage deals that we highly recommend you book stat, in celebration of this occasion:

$55         60 Min Canyon Falls Relaxation Massage at Canyon Falls Spa & Salon in Scottsdale, AZ

$87 ‘Body Melt’ Full Body Muscle Tension Release Massage with Warm Stone, Peppermint Scalp Massage and Foot Wrap at Indulgence Day & Med Spa in Long Beach, CA

$95         80 Min Customized Massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa in Castle Pines, CO

$145       120 Min ‘Summer Retreat’ Customized Massage at The Spa Room in Washington, DC

$65         80 Min Signature Massage at Medi-Spa of Ocala in Ocala, FL

$65         60 Min Therapeutic Massage at Shanti Spa in Sugar Land, TX

$100       60 Min Honey-Ginger Therapeutic Massage and Ginger Fizz Cocktail at Hotel Valley Ho – VH Spa in Scottsdale, AZ

$110       90 Min Thai Herbal Compress Massage at  Serenity Spa at Holistic Options Healthcare Center in Lake Mary, FL

$50         60 Min Stress Relief Massage at Spade Skin Care & More in Redondo Beach, CA

$100       80 Min Hot Stone Massage at Republic of Wellness in Quincy, MA

$90         50 Min ‘Strawberry-Clementine Cooler’ Massage at vir tú Spa in Moorestown, NJ

$85         60 Min SKN Signature Massage at SKN SPA in New York, NJ

$110       50 Min Deep Tissue Massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa in Franklin, TN

$99         Therapeutic Massage with Manicure and Pedicure at La Ritz Spa & Salon in Conyers, GA

$75         75 Minute Customized Massage at Haven of Wellness in Huntington Beach, CA

Of course, you can also purchase a Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week and treat yourself to any type of relaxation you’d like. What’s not to love?!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.


Relaxation Roulette: Spin The Wellness Wheel

Save BIG on your next spa treatment with MyWellness Reward’s Relaxation Roulette!


As the summer winds down, we want to make the very most of this relaxing season while we still have the chance, and our favorite place to indulge in some rest and reprieve is at the spa, of course!

We always want to make it easy for you to treat yourself to a restorative spa treatment (or two!), so we’re pleased to announce our Relaxation Roulette, presented by MyWellness Rewards. Right now, on, you can enjoy SUPER savings by taking the chance to spin the wellness wheel.

Everyone’s a winner with MyWellness Rewards, and you have the chance to save big on spa treatments by enjoying up to 20 percent off, four times the points and many more unbeatable deals that go toward your next Spa & Wellness Gift Card purchase.

You definitely don’t want to miss your chance to relax and repeat, and with savings this huge you can spend the rest of your summer putting your wellness first! Now head over to to see how much you can save today!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

Sports Massage for Monday Night Football Aches

Spa deals to heal you from the aches and pains of America’s (second) favorite fall pastime. 


There’s a lot of tension involved with being a die-hard sports fan, and there is no sport that people go crazier over than football. Have you ever pulled a muscle from excitedly cheering in the stands of your team’s home stadium or even from jumping up and down wildly in front of your couch? We feel you. It happens to the best of us—even the most coordinated and athletic sports fans (and players!) sometimes suffer an injury. Or, you may just be feeling extra tense after a week when your team had a super close game (every game, for some of us). Whatever the reason you may be feeling sore, your favorite athletes enlist sports massage to help them soothe their aches and pains—and you should, too.

Whether you’re highly invested in tonight’s game, or still reeling over a Sunday loss, one of these sports massages will definitely help ease your physical pain. Unfortunately, we can’t promise it will do anything about your emotional trauma. Spa Week is happening now, so call one of the below spas for some tension release today:

60 Minute Sports Massage at Akai Wellness Center in New York, NY

50 Minute Sports Massage at N4 Med Spa in Brooklyn, NY

50 Minute Sports Massage and Chiropractic Evaluation Treatment at Spa Xanadu in Arcadia, CA

60 Minute Sports Massage at Physical Advantage in New York, NY

60 Minute Sports Massage at Euro Skin & Body Spa in Manchester, NH

60 Minute Sports Massage at Origo Spa Lounge in New York, NY

Visit for other great massage deals near your hometown!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

Top 5 Worst Brow Mistakes + How to Fix Them

Cautionary words from the owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar. Don’t commit these brow crimes!

Perfect eyebrows are a must-have on every girl’s beauty wish-list. It happens to the best of us though…we get overzealous on the quest for lust-worthy brows, and it doesn’t end well. According to Boom Boom, owner of NYC’s Boom Boom Brow Bar, these are the top five brow faux pas:

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1. Over Plucking–brows that are too thin, have gaps, are too short or start too far from the center of the nose. Put the tweezers down and see a professional.

2. Bleached Out Brows–don’t let the sun or haircolor bleach/lift brow color, brows disappear.  Keep them bold by wearing sunscreen, tinting or filling in with brow powder.

3. Constant Picking–hair gets on different growth cycles and critical eyes tend to be obsessive and do damage to shape/density. Get a monthly shaping and be done with it.

4. Losing the Arch–the best brows have a slight arch, if holding a brush parallel to the outside edge of the colored part of the eye (the iris), where the brush meets the brow is where the highest part of the arch should be. Lose it and it will take time to recover.

5. Using a Pencil–REALLY?  Those days are over (thank god!), looks terrible–STOP!  

If you’re reading this in horror recalling the time you went to town with the tweezers last night, not to fear. Here are two options for those in need of a brow pick-me-up:

Boom Boom Brow Bar makes a product called Brow Job. It is a serum that stimulates hair growth and promises results in just one month. The cost is $49 for a three month supply.

Or, forego at-home brow maintenance and leave it to the pros. Here are some Spa Week-approved spots to get a professional brow treatment–and in June, they’re all offering deals!

  • $40 Triple Threat: Brow Tint, Brow Shaping and Lash Tint at Glamourela INC in New York, NY
  • $22 Mini Makeup Lesson and Brow Wax at Fabu Face Spa in Decatur, GA
  • FREE Eyebrow Wax for First Time Waxers at Tones Spa in Bronx, NY
  • $50 Bikini and Brow Wax Combo at U Boutique & Med Spa in Plano, TX

Arielle Sidrane is the Media Coordinator at Spa Week Media Group.

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Shine on New Year’s Eve


The countdown is on for the biggest night of the year! It’s just days away — are you ready? New Year’s Eve is the one night a year that girls can truly be as flashy as they want and no one can say anything about it. Of course we hope everyone is taking advantage by trying out some fun new makeup looks!

NYE is a perfect time to splurge on salon makeup application — but with these deals, it doesn’t even have to be a splurge. Browse the makeup discounts we’ve set up just for you below:

$35 Winter Makeup Application at Bliss Spa & Salon in North Andover, MA (was $50)

$109 Party Ready Package: Party Makeup Application with Sparkle and Shine Manicure at Eshe Day Spa and Salon in Chicago, IL (was $132)

$50 60 Minute Make-Up Application with Aveda’s Passion Flower Makeup Collection at Avant Salon & Spa in Austin, TX (was $75)

$70 Holiday Party Gal Package: Blowout, Brow Wax, Polish Change and Express Makeup Application at Kekei Salon & Beauty Lounge in Boston, MA (was $88)

$30 Makeup Application (Mon-Thur) at The Face & Body Spa in Yardley, PA (was $55)

$50 Glamour Makeup Application at Allure Day Spa in Davie, FL (was $65)

$25 Blow Out with Complimentary Makeup Application at David & Mary Salon Spa in Carmel, IN (was $85)

$287 Hot Stone Massage and Facial, Spa Pedicure, Hair Style and a Finish Makeup Application at Joiya Day Spa & Hair Design in Hamden, CT (was $337)

Enjoy a Spa Deal in your hometown before the end of the year! Browse more here.