Spa Week Staff’s Best Treatment Tips

The Spa Week staff shares insider spa tips so you get the most out of your next treatment – without worry!

Girls at beauty salon

In our pursuit to bring wellness to the masses, we’re always looking out for ways to make the spa more accessible. We know you love getting your $50 treatments during Spa Week, but we bet there are some first or second-timers out there who are a little apprehensive to try a new treatment.

We believe your spa visit should be nothing short of relaxing, which is why we’re taking all the stress out of your next spa experience. We rounded up the best insider advice from the Spa Week staff themselves, so you can rest-assured that your next trip to the spa will be completely worry-free!

Spray Tan TipNails First! 

If you’re getting a spray tan for a special occasion make sure you get a manicure and pedicure BEFORE you get sprayed! Also, wait at least 24 hours before you shower because the color can wash off instead of setting into your skin. – Valarie, Marketing Coordinator

Facial Tip – Bring a Hat

If you have sensitive skin like me, than you’ll likely be a little red and irritated after you get a facial with extractions. I always bring my baseball cap with me just in case. That way, I can camouflage any irritation and protect my face from the sun, which can intensify reactions. – Kaitlin, Senior Account Manager

Massage Tip – Drink Water After

You may not know this, but when you get a massage, toxins are released from the knots in your body. For this reason, it’s important to drink lots of water after, especially if you had a deep-tissue treatment, to flush your system out. – Anne, Loyalty Program Director

Laser Hair Removal Tip – Take Advil

This goes true for waxing as well – DEFINITELY take Advil an hour before a laser hair removal or electrolysis treatment. If you are especially sensitive to pain, there’s a gel called Lidocaine (available on Amazon) which you apply 45 minutes before the treatment. Cover the gelled area with saran wrap so the numbing properties can fully set in. – Liora, Lead Graphic Designer

Gel Manicure Tip – DIY Removal

If you want to remove your gel manicure without going to the salon there’s an easy DIY trick you can do at home.  Buy a bottle of acetone from your local beauty store and soak cotton balls with it. Place the cotton balls on each finger, wrap with tin foil, let sit for 3-5 minutes and the manicure will slip right off! – Melissa, Director of Brand Operations

Hairstyle Tip – Clean Hair is Best

Since high school prom I’ve been told not to wash your hair before getting it curled or styled. On a recent trip to Red Door, my hairstylist informed me that this was actually a myth, and clean hair holds style better. Go to your appointment with damp hair so your stylist can properly blowdry your mane to decrease frizz. – Arielle, Associate Editor

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.

Spa Warning Signs: What to Avoid

The Spa Week staff reveals important insider secrets on what to look out for when trying out a new spa.


There is no question about it—we love the world of spa and wellness. That being said, not all spas are created equal, and not all spas are places that we would send our loyal Spa Weekers. To keep you safe and satisfied, we’ve created a list of some important red flags to look out for every time you try out a new facility. You know you can trust these tips as they’ve been curated from some of the savviest spa experts around—the staff here at Spa Week!

Is anybody there?

“When you book appointment, be mindful of if your call goes to voicemail during business hours and there is no message pertaining to the spa (Hi, you’ve reached ABC day spa). While this is sometimes common for smaller location, it might be a warning sign that they are not fully staffed, or a legitimate spa.” – Kaitlin, Senior Account Manager

Check the reviews!

“If you don’t trust trying out a new dry cleaner without seeing any Yelp reviews first, how can you not say the same for a spa!? Always do your research beforehand, and if an online/social media presence or reviews are hard to come by, then skip it. No matter how good a deal may seem on paper, it’s not worth risking that toenail fungus you got from your pedicure. Or even worse, a bad haircut. YIKES!” – Kelly, Director of Public Relations

Are they licensed?

“Avoid ‘Med Spa’ services from places that do not have the correct staff on board or licensing (varies from state to state). Don’t be afraid to ask questions when booking your appointment!”–Brynn, Account Manager

Be clear on your service!

“I scheduled a facial a couple weeks ago at my local spa/salon.  I was excited about the crazy discount… until half way into my service I totally realized I was never asked or told what kind of facial I was getting. They had over eight to choose from! I had no idea what was happening to my face…and that is not a sign of professional service. ”—Melissa, Director of Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Is the floor dirty?

“The cleanliness of the floor is something I notice at every business I enter, especially the spa! Whether eating out at a restaurant or going to get my nails done, cleaning up after every client and every service is a must.” –Anne, Loyalty Program Director

Beware of double dipping!

“If you are getting any type of wax (especially bikini) and notice the waxer double-dipping her wand, that’s your cue to hightail it out of there (unless she is using a personal batch of wax for you alone)! That is unsanitary and an easy way to contract infections and even disease.” – Arielle (me!), Associate Editor

Do you have anything to add to our list? Let us know in comments below!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

SWD X The Blay Report: Suite Summer

Hot off the heels of Memorial Day Weekend’s festivities, Spa Week Daily and The Blay Report have joined forces to bring you a spa-fashion editorial aimed at inspiring you to look hot and feel cool this summer. We partnered with Channing Hargrove, the Beauty Editor at The Blay Report and Danielle Russ the owner of Suite Beverly Salon, Spa and Boutique in Metuchen, NJ to bring together simple and chic summer looks that can go from beach to barbeque or brunch to bar, and everywhere in between. Suite Beverly opened less than a month ago, with owner Danielle having ten years of experience. They sell vintage clothing, shoes and accessories and of course offer state of the art salon and spa services (and they take the Spa Week Gift Card, too).

At the photo shoot, I worked with the Suite Beverly estheticians to capture the beauty of real-life spa services while Danielle worked with her skilled hairstylists to create simple and stylish summer tresses and Channing helped style and accessorize our glamorous models (including Danielle herself) .

Enjoy the spa, style and fashion tips from me (Stephanie), Channing and Danielle as you check out our chicas from Suite Beverly on a fashion journey, from prepping at the spa, to hitting the concrete and rocking their effortless looks at the ultimate summer fashion show: a backyard barbeque.

(From Left to Right: Danielle, Sara, Christen)

- Danielle: Cut Off Plaid Flannel: Bebe; Acid Wash Jeans: Rockstar 28; Necklaces: Vintage

- Sara: Cream Tie Top: Thistle Pearl; White Hot-Pants: Silence + Noise; Straw Fedora: Gap; Necklace: Forever21; Sunglasses; Model’s Own

- Christen: Starburst Printed Harem Pants:  Cartoon; Magenta Silk Tunic: Parker; Necklace: Vintage

Style Tip: By Channing: Don’t be afraid to be daring! Wear those hot pants! Wear your printed pants. Pair your statement making item with something tame to camouflage areas of your body you aren’t as confident with.

(Suite Beverly Salon, Spa and Boutique)

(Facial/Waxing Treatment Room and Sara)

- Sara: Ring: Forver21; Earrings: Vintage; Masque: Cosmedix Skin Care:  Hydrating Sea Weed Mask

Spa Tip: By Stephanie In between facials, use a seaweed masque to diminish the appearance of pores, mattify oily sheen and fight blackheads. For best results used 2-3 times per week on a regular schedule; your skin likes to be disciplined!

(Boutique and Waxing)

- Sara: Strappy Sandals: Old Navy; Ring: Vintage

Spa Tip: By Stephanie After strip waxing, apply an aloe vera based moisturized for an oil-free, grease-less feel that will soothe your freaked out follicles.

(Sara and Danielle, Danielle Eye Brow Tweezing)

- Danielle: Ivory Mini Dress: Susy Mix; Cowboy Boots: Vintage

- Sara: High Waisted Silk Shorts in Sage: Albert Hei; Striped Cropped Top: Piko 19883

Spa Tip: By Stephanie If you have sensitive skin, ask your esthetician to tweeze instead of wax, that way your skin won’t be subjected to the heat of the wax and your top layer of skin will remain intact.

(Suite Beverly Salon, Sara)

- Sara: Boat Neck Gauze Sweatshirt: Vintage

Hairstyle Tip: By Danielle To get this look try Paul Mitchell Round Trip styling agent, derived from corn starch, which provides weightless detail to wavy or curly hair. For maximum volume, apply to wet hair and dry thoroughly with a diffuser. After the hair is completely dry, switch the dryer to cool to allow curly or wavy hair to set.

(Christen, Hairstylist )

Christen: Tan Dress Worn as a Top: Kikiriki; Pocketed Red Pencil Skirt: Liz Claiborne; Turquoise Belt: Vintage; Bangles: Vintage; Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Style Tip: By Channing It is all about the colorblocking this summer! Throw on all of your favorite colors—at once. Do try to stay in the same color family and let your accessories be the accents, like this turquoise belt.

Hairstyle Tip: By Danielle Paul Mitchell Fast Form cream gel tames any hair texture with smoothing Shea butter, jojoba and avocado oils for ultimate shine. Use on wet or dry hair for long lasting flexibility that keeps your style in place for hours.

(Sara and Danielle)

- Sara: High Waisted Silk Shorts in Sage: Albert Hei; Striped Cropped Top: Piko 19883; Sunglasses: Model’s Own

Style Tip: By Channing The 70’s are back with a vengeance. If you aren’t feeling up to the trend, a pair of wedges is a safe way to incorporate the trend. Choose a nude pair (for your skin tone) to elongate your legs in your short shorts.

Danielle: Cut Off Plaid Flannel: Bebe; Acid Wash Jeans: Rockstar 28; Black Suede Cut Out Sling Back Clogs:  Elizabeth and James; Sunglasses: Express

Style Tip: By Channing Summer is the best time to break out the funky sunglasses. Try on the craziest pair you can! Not only will you be making a fashion statement but you will be protecting your eye area from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s a win-win!

Spa Tip: By Stephanie Along with your avait0rs or cat eye shades, don’t forget the SPF 30. Even olive and tan tones can burn or be subject to premature fine lines and wrinkles.

(Christen, Sara)

- Christen: Safari Print Dress: Positive Attitude; Brown Leather Platform Sandals: Patricia Field for Payless

Style Tip: By Channing Tribal prints are a good alternative to florals this spring. They are unexpected in the form of a shift dress making this weekend piece office friendly.

- Sara: Gingham Button Down: Faded Glory;  Twill Shorts in Scarlett: Luv Ya3;  Purple Suede Platform Sandals: Kenzie

Style Tip: By Channing You may want to hang on to your boyfriend’s gingham shirt. Wear this with longer twill shorts for a cool summer look fit for a backyard barbecue.

(Sara, Christen, Danielle)

- Sara: High Waisted Silk Shorts in Sage: Albert Hei, Striped Cropped Top: Piko 19883; Cognac Leather Wedges: Sam Edelman

Style Tip: By Channing High waist silk shorts play up a feminine waist keeping you cool when worn with a crop top and your favorite pair of wedges.

Christen: Safari Print Dress: Positive Attitude; Brown Leather Platform Sandals: Patricia Field for Payless;

Style Tip: By Channing Belt your favorite summer dress for a sleeker silhouette, that way, you can eat many burgers as you want and not lose your girlish figure!

Danielle: Ivory Mini Dress: Susy Mix; Cowboy Boots: Vintage; Necklace: Vintage

Style Tip: By Channing The best thing about summer, in my opinion, is how experimental you can be. Pairing cowboy boots with a statement necklace and an ivory dress? So unexpected and yet so right. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, usually those are the best looks!

Photos courtesy of Conor O’Brien

For more tips/tricks from Channing enter the world of the Blaynistas at The Blay Report or on her fun and flirty fashion blog: Channing in the City.

Suite Beverly
433 Main Street Metuchen, NJ

Happy Spa Week! Letter From The Editor

Dear SpaWeekers,

The countdown is over, and I know your mind is oozing in anticipation for the indulgent spa experience you’re about to have… but I want you to switch gears for just a minute. At this very moment there are thousands of spa owners, massage therapists, estheticians and spa technicians across North America who are just as excited as you are—if not more. Why? You may be looking forward to your very first massage or your biannual mommy-daughter spa outing, but they get the great honor of introducing so many new people to their beloved spa, their finest services that have taken years to master, and in many cases, welcoming new faces to the incredible spa lifestyle for the very first time.

The best advice I can give you to get the most out of your Spa Week, whether this is your first treatment or hundredth, is this: Allow spas to immerse you in their world—their meticulously crafted sanctuary of wellness, tranquility and beauty. I’ve never met a spa therapist who didn’t absolutely love their job; you will find that everything they do is fired by great passion. Passion for helping you relax your mind and let go of your real-world problems. Passion for making your skin look better than you ever imagined possible. Passion for relieving the tension in your back so that you feel significantly more comfortable sitting at your desk next week. Passion for teaching you little ways to better take care of yourself at home. Passion for long, happy, healthy lives—namely, yours.

Enjoy your experiences with these wonderful people you are about to meet! Don’t be shy about your needs, ask questions, take mental notes, and embrace a budding spa friendship.

Happy Spa Week!

Spa wishes,

PS. Please, please, please do not forget to tip. Giving 15-20% of the original cost of the treatment is your way of showing your appreciation for their dedication and service.

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