“Hot” New Spa Treatment: Vaginal Steam Baths

Breaking News! There is a new treatment quietly making waves in spa-land, and it’s gaining popularity in Southern California amongst women who live by the “pamper your whole body from head to toe” philosophy. We thought bikini treatments reached their peak after the vajazzle, but here we are reporting on yet another hidden gem, the Vaginal Steam Bath.

The ancient Korean treatment better known as chai-yok is said to reduce stress, fight hemorroids, regulate menstrual cycles and aid in infertility among countless other benefits. The LA Times describes the treatment as follows: “Pungent steam rises from a boiling pot of a mugwort tea blended with wormwood and a variety of other herbs. Above it sits a nude woman on an open-seated stool, partaking in a centuries-old Korean remedy that is gaining a toehold in the West.”

The LA Times reports that Niki Han Schwarz believes it worked for her. After five steams, she found she had fewer body aches and more energy. She also became pregnant at the age of 45 after attempting to conceive for three years. Although Dr. Vicken Sahakian, medical director of Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles says, “It sounds like voodoo medicine that sometimes works.”

If you live in New York, the treatment is offered at Juvenex Spa in Manhattan for $75. A complete setup for a do-it-yourself steam, seated stool, boiler and herbs  can be purchased online at for $330. What say you? Are you on board for the vaginal steam baths?

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Technology = Beauty. Meet the Desslift Machine

As we’ve previously discussed, spas are implementing advanced machines and technologies to provide better experiences for you.  Could one of the oldest salons founded on the Champs Elysees of Paris in 1956 by Jacques Dessange be on the cutting edge of modern spa technology? Why, of course. Dessange Paris Salon & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, FL  is a prestigious spa and salon which incorporates it’s rich luxury brand’s history to provide customized, high tech services for its clientele.

The spa specializes in enriched face care, body care, hands and feet beauty, waxing and makeup. We spoke with Bertha Walther who gave us the scoop in the spa’s newest tech addition, the Desslift Machine. “This treatment rejuvenates tired cells with a treatment based on energy that tones and purifies the skin and gives oxygen and light back to the cells. Real stimulation of the cellular exchanges, provides and instant glow and tonicity. Wakes up the complexion and eliminates tired look.”

1. How does it work? The device has 2 functions to Optimize cell interactions to improve the functioning and the cutaneous aspect. 1st Function – DETOXIFYING To clean in depth the skin, eliminate all the skin’s impurities and toxins (when we see the gray color in transparency through the skin) thanks to the magnifying effect of the device’s “magic sponges”. The Dess’lift treatments help purify and bring back a luminous, toned and radiant complexion. Also by strengthening the cell’s energy by cellular currents that will be added to those already existing in the cellular membrane that help energize the cells. This luminous effect will increase within the next 3 hours after the treatment (necessary time to boost cell interactions). 2nd function – TONING To restructure the face lines, and give an amazing face-lift effect.

2. IS IT PAINFUL? No, because this device uses galvanic currents, same as the electrical energy ones naturally existing in the body. During the treatment the color gray on the cotton that shows all the toxins elimination. With a mirror you can view the difference between the half of the face treated and the other half.

3. Who’s eligible for these treatments? People with Rosacea (50 % improvement guaranteed) , a lot of toxins (smokers, oily skin, all the cutaneous eliminations) or dull skin. This treatment effect will last several days (approximately 10 days), if it is regularly done (sessions), it will improve in long term the cell interactions and the cutaneous aspect. Immediate results show in 3 hours.

4. When should we have the DESS’ LIFT treatment? When we feel tired, dull and congested skin, at a changing season, for a luminous complexion before an event. Wakes up the complexion and eliminates a tired look! Rejuvenates tired cells with a treatment based on energy that tones and purifies the skin and gives oxygen and light back to the cells. An energizing treatment for a beautiful complexion instantly.

Check out the Desslift Machine yourself during Spa Week (Oct 11th- 17th) at Dessange Paris Salon & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Choose a 60 Minute Glowing Facial, 60 Minute Dess Lift Facial or 60 Minute French Body Polish for $50.

Spa to the Future: Innovative Spa Technology

Visiting the spa in hopes of bringing forth a fresher and newer you has to be one of the oldest civilized pastimes, transcending all cultures. Back in the old days, turkish baths were considered to be cutting edge spa technology. These days, the spa industry aims to modernize things in keeping up with science and technology by presenting innovative treatments like Salt Rooms, Hydro Massages, and more.

We reached out to a few of our tech-hip spas in New York, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Georgia for some futuristic spa insight. Here’s the newest and latest for your spa radar:

The Spa at Boncaldo’s, Quincy, MA 617.471.9515
“The Spa at Boncaldo’s has added HydroMassage to offer customers a powerful, relaxing massage that is affordable enough to enjoy every day. HydroMassage is a fully customizable, user-friendly massage system that gives users a rejuvenating massage in as little as 10 minutes. Users remain clothed and comfortably dry throughout their massage. HydroMassage is a convenient and affordable option to traditional massage therapy. Plus with its interactive touchscreen, users have the ability to control every aspect of their experience, including speed, pressure and area of massage.”

Dessange Paris Salon & Spa, Fort Lauderdale, FL 954.524.9424
“I will say our latest piece of technology is our Dess Lift Machine. This treatment rejuvenates tired cells with a treatment based on energy that tones and purifies the skin and gives oxygen and light back to the cells. Real stimulation of the cellular exchanges, provides and instant glow and tonicity. Wakes up the complexion and eliminates tired look. Excellent prior to a special occasion or social event, makes your skin radiant. No abrasive products are use or injection. It’s more on the natural side that what we all looking for this days.” (available during Spa Week)

The Spa at Newport Marriott, Newport RI 401.848.6983
“The newest technology available at the Spa at Newport Marriott includes the latest in nails – Shellac gel polish. Shellac gel polish is the best product for long lasting nail care and can be complete in 10 minutes. The special nail polish is cured under a UV light and lasts for two weeks without chipping or peeling. The Spa at Newport Marriott is also offering the latest technology in hair care – the Brazilian Blowout. The Brazilian Blowout is 90 minute service that smoothes frizzy hair to a silky smooth texture that keeps smooth for 12 weeks.”

The Sphatika Experience Spa, New York, NY 212.265.5885
“The latest piece of technology is the oxygen machine. The oxygen facials at Sphatika work to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin. It’s perfect for any skin type. With this facial you will receive a completely natural Sphatika Skincare with Elixir of Quartz Crystal which contain no parabens or synthetic chemicals.”

Spa Martier, New York, NY 646.781.9758
“We have in our spa something called Nano technology. We have set up a NANO treatment room which has a Nano air purifyer,a Nano Steamer for your face and Nano Hair dryers in our salon.The Nano Air purifyer sends out what they call Nano molecular particles which kills airborn bacteria’s and cleans the air we breathe. Our products were imported from Japan and is not found anywhere I’ve seen in the city. Also we have the Nano Facial steamer which works on the same concept of emitting pure Nano steam to kill all bacteria on your face while we perform our new Nano Silver Facial.This facial combines silver with Nano Technology.The silver like gold is a precious metal and has tons of antioxidants which protect us against environmental damage from the outside elements. These minerals are great for the skin and help with anti aging. Lastly our Nano hair dryers do similar benefits for the hair with healthy properties and anti-frizz and straightening properties.”

The Skin and Body Spa, Nashua, NH 603.888.7900
“We have 2 Derma Sound Machines for Ultrasonic Facials. Ultrasonic Facials are fantastic for Acne, Rosacea or Aging skin.”

Steve Hightower Hair Artists’ Studio & Skin Care – Buckhead, Atlanta, GA 404.264.9006
“AMWAND by Amega Global uses Zero Point Energy Technology for Pain Relief and Wellness. This tool is used in our spa to release tension, adhesion and calm the body. This allows for deeper relaxation during spa treatments such as MASSAGE and ENERGY HEALING. It is also available for purchase to continue self-care at home. We offer services that combine ancient therapeutic wisdom with futuristic technology. Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing and Massage are ancient methods used for holistic well-being. This is enhanced with AMWAND technology. ”


Here’s a video Michelle made last year about some of the high-tech spa skin technology out there at LING Skincare and NuVision MedSpa. (It was her first week working here, the videos have gotten a bit more high-tech since then too…)

Check out the Spa Week Directory and think beyond the human touch of massage. Want to know more? Read about these 3 technology-infused spa treatments we’ve already covered, all to promote body smoothing and inch-loss:

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7E Treatments: The Ab Non-Workout

LA-based guest contributor: Vivianne Lapointe, editor at Splendora.com


When your abs are strong and you know how to breathe, you feel like you can do anything. For years now, I’ve noticed that core muscle strength is key to getting into any workout routine. That’s why I try to attend a yoga class as regularly as I can, and that’s why I make a point of doing fifty crunches every night.

In case you’ve been neglecting to observe basic fitness rules like this in the past few months and need to fit into that little black party dress ASAP, here’s a great way I’ve found to fast track right back into the groove.

I was invited by Spa Week Daily to visit the RejuvaLife Vitality Institute in Los Angeles where I tried out the 7E treatment, aka TORC PLUS. Having struggled myself with yo-yo weight and eating disorders in my teens, I was excited to discover a doctor’s practice in the heart of Beverly Hills that offers less than drastic procedures for body sculpting and weight loss. Dr. Andre Berger’s institute promotes holistic anti-aging medicine, hormone therapy and non surgical cosmetic treatments such as homeopathic injections, carboxy therapy and lipo massage.

But instant inch loss? 7E Treatment says yes!

A FDA-cleared bio-electrical stimulation treatment for body contouring, the 7E treatment is not designed for patients who are trying to achieve weight loss. It is a conditioning treatment that acts though bioelectrical waveforms to strengthen your core in as little as thirty five minutes. The ideal patients are recovering from lipo and dedicated to working out, or they’re new mommies who want to recoup a tight waist quickly.

Laying down on the treatment chair, you will find yourself stimulated with bio-electrical waves targeting motor points and causing muscles to contract, and then to release. All throughout the treatment, you are being assisted by a specialist who, while chatting with you and comforting you, monitors the intensity of the waves as the minutes go by, as per your instructions. It’s not painful at all, but it’s intense. It feels just like an alien was moving around in your belly. The sensation has often been compared to stomach contractions that occur at the end of pregnancy.

Benefit # 1 is you do lose inches fast. I personally lost a total of one cumulative inch, between a 25.5 inch waist and 30 inches at the hips. The lady who went in before me, initially slightly thicker, lost a total of 3 inches. I must say she also proved tougher than me on the level of waves she could take in.

Benefit # 2 is an instant increase in vitality. The same type of euphoric feeling you get after a long run or a fantastic orgasm. If I had been depressed or PMS-ing for the past few days, my mood was instantly elevated as I walked down the street to meet my girlfriend at Bouchon.

Day 2 and 3, my abs were certainly sore, just like I had had a really intense personal training session. I ate light and did a lot of walking. On day 4, I was ready to hit the gym again.

Typically, clients commit to a series of six treatments for optimal results. I can’t wait to go back.

LA’s RejuvaLife Vitality Institute will be offering this for just $50 during the upcoming Fall Spa Week, coming to the West Coast September 13-19. Start booking appointments August 16th! Keep an eye out for this and other instant inch-loss treatments like Ionithermie this Fall.

Get a Facial on your iPad for $50 During Spa Week!

We’re excited to announce that one of our spas has just released they will be offering one of their Spa Week® treatments via iPad: the iPad Infrared Facial, by Vora 22.

Using LED-generated Infrared waves, the iPad Infrared Facial App, launching April 3rd, will transmit heat and holistic energy to your face, and has proved to tighten pores, reduce redness and dark spots, help mend scar tissue and lighten breakouts.

The full treatment lasts for 50 minutes, and with a series of various energies and lights, running the full color spectrum and varying in intensity. An esthetician narrates and gives occasional instructions such as: “Using a warm washcloth, please wipe your face, rubbing upwards,”  and “apply moisturizer to your forehead in a circular motion,” and “now, please place your right cheek against the center of your iPad and hold for 30 seconds.”

With a spa soundtrack playing to enhance the experience, the treatment is said to leave your skin taut, refreshed and glowing, with results 85% as effective as if you had actually been to the spa for an equivalent facial.

Normally $75, the iPad Infrared Facial App will be available for just $50 during Spa Week®, April 12 – 18.

This revolutionary facial is perfectly in sync with Spa Week®’s founding mission of bringing the wellness lifestyle to the masses.

The Spa Director at NYC’s Vora 22, Yasmine Vorana, says: “Spa Week® is always the busiest time of year for us, and we refuse to overbook and risk subpar customer service. We’re hoping that by introducing the iPad Infrared Facial, more clients will be able to experience the true Vora experience right at home.”





April Fools!!!!!!