Spa Madness! B-Well Facial

bangz3Doesn’t the name just have a pleasant ring to it? Montclair, New Jersey’s  own Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa joined the Spa Madness brigade with Evie Maciel, editor of  Product Pasha to test out the B-Well Facial. The spa stationed in an antiquated former masonic temple basement has won awards for its creative use of a re-established place. For a spa so focused on creating a beautiful environment they must have stellar service.

The B-Well Facial consisted of a skin-care consultation, a thorough cleansing, followed by a constant warm steaming process directed at the problem areas on the face, and a heavenly massage of the arms and hands.  The treatment wrapped with a hydrating mask and a bit of toning in moisturizing.


You can book this treatment and more for just $50 during Spa Week. For a detailed read of Evie’s experience click here.

Spa Madness! The Signature Facial That’s All Your Own

aqualia-facial1Signature! Meaning made especially just for you. Spa Week is more than just running away with incredible $50 treatments,  we want to jump start your lifestyle of taking great care of yourselves inside and out. For Spa Madness, Sabrina Newman of A New Mode went to check out the Aqualia Spa Signature Facial at the Aqualia Spa in Manhattan. She sat back and got into the groove of a 75-minute pressure point facial massage, then neck and shoulders, extractions, a customized skin mask, and moisturizer for a radiant glow. After that she trumped up the deal with the Derm Renewal Clinical Peel- a professional deep exfoliating treatment designed to promote skin renewal and moisturization. That’s how Spa Week treatments work– so good you won’t want to leave. A week later and she still looks like she just left the spa!

Read more about her radiant experience on A New Mode.

Luscious Lashes, It’s What You’ve Always Wanted!

Just admit it. We all want them, need them and gotta have them. It’s something about the eyes that draws a person in and that allure topped off with striking lashes is a deal sealer for many. The proof is in the pudding, according to WWD, lashes lead sales growth and have become the fastest growing sector of the beauty industry. Sales of false eyelashes have shot up 6.2 percent in the US alone this year, making $44 million. Wowzers! We can probably credit the surging trend to such beauty queens as Beyonce and Lady Gaga who never leave home with out their lashes! Normally, eyelash extensions can run up to $300 or more but during Spa Week you can extend your blinkers for just $50. As part of our Spa Madness we sent Alexis Wolfer of the Beauty Bean to Albina’ SPA in New York and Mary Jo of the Planet Eye Traveler to the All Star Lake Spa in Seattle and they got all the deets of the luxurious treatment. No gunky gluing involved, each eyelash is separately blended into your own one by one. Aside from the 2 hour process for full lashes, and 1 hour for partials, the treatment was virtually painless.

Read about it before you book it at the Beauty Bean and Planet Eye Traveler.

6 Rituals To Get You Excited For Spa Week

Spa Week! It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and if you’re the kind of person who likes getting excited for things to enjoy them fully (birthdays, Christmas, vacations)… you probably have a few rituals you do. Picking out your outfit, using 12 different colored markers to schedule it in your day planner, making a toiletpaper countdown (so retro but always fun)… it’s all in the name of building excitement and allowing the enjoyment to last longer. We’ve got a few ideas to help you get (even more) excited for Spa Week. It’s one week away, April 12-18! WOO!!! And if you couldn’t tell… WE are shamelessly, explosively excited.

1. Watch spa videos. We’ve got some on our YouTube channel, including some Spa Week offerings and the SPA CRAWL video below. Imagine yourself experiencing a full week of relaxation, rejuvenation, beauty and bliss.

2. Read some spa posts from our Spa Madness bloggers. We sent bloggers around the country to experience the $50 Spa Week treatments in order to take you inside the spa (and get you excited).

3. Enter our $1000 Spa Week Gift Card sweepstakes. Can you even imagine the improvement in your quality of life if you were forced to exhaust $1000 at the spa this year? Start imagining, because that will get you pumped for next week guaranteed… whether you win or not.


4. Browse the Spa Week directory. Forget about booking… just read. Say the names treatments out loud. “Any Style Massage including Hot Lava Shell and Thai Yoga”… “Seaweed Alga Facial or European Purifying Facial with Alpha-Beta Exfoliating Treatment”… within minutes you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store. If gummi worms are massage oils and and chocolate covered pretzels are exfoliants.

5. If you have a blog or website… post the Countdown To Spa Week widget. How many minutes to go?

6. The ultimate? Book YOUR Spa Week appointments. Sorry, we just had to say it. There could not possibly be a better way to get excited than to have your very own spa treatment or 5 to look forward to next week. Imagine how much nicer your calendar will look with the words 60 MINUTE MASSAGE slathered across it!


Or… if you’re more of the I-don’t-get-excited type, just sit there and wait it out. We won’t be mad.

Spa Madness! The Purest (Fruits & Veggies) Facial on Earth

100_2374We sent Jen of Prior Fat Girl for a Spa Madness treatment at Zhen Reflections Spa & Salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota. By now you’ve probably heard hundreds of tales about the typical facial experience but what about the Eminence Biodynamic, or the “Purest Facial on Earth”? The esthetician describes the treatment as the first and only certified organic skin treatment from Hungary made with Biodynamic ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin, this treatment will revitalize and rejuvenate all skin types with active properties of radish seed, yellow sweet clover and apricot.

Since Jen is an avid health enthusiast who focuses on eating right and staying active, this treatment was right up her alley. She also used the treatment as a new de-stressing activity. We can all use a little less stress. Read about her experience and her amazing healthy living transformation on her blog.