New Beauty Weapon: Eyelash Perm

Kim Kardashian may not be the world’s most desirable human being right now, but there’s one thing we can’t deny her. Okay, fine, two. One: her phenomenal derriere. Two: her ridiculously amazing lashes.

Now, I’ve gotten eyelash extensions before, and those are okay. Half of the girls in the office swear by them. But personally I didn’t love them because you can’t use mascara (I still feel like I need it), and because they didn’t feel natural to me. But what’s even better than lash length to make your eyes pop? Lash CURL.

I showed you parts of this treatment in the Wellness Gone Wild video, now watch the full lash perm in action. It’s an hour long professional process that uses a series of serums (potions!) to curls and set your lashes, and it lasts up to 3 months. Ditch your lash curler for good, and wake up flirty always. “The flirt without the work!” as Carol Swanson C. put it on Facebook. It’s been five weeks so far and they’re still just as curly as they were day one. Proof is at the bottom of this post.

See how it all works here:

Skintology Skin and Laser Center, a brand new spa in Chelsea, NYC, specializing in medical skin resurfacing, laser hair and tattoo removal, all-organic facials, SmartLipo and eyelashes is offering an Eyelash Perm on their Spa Week menu, so I had to investigate.

The spa: A bright reception area with a waterfall opened up into a much bigger spa than it seems from the outside. Hallways upon hallways of treatment rooms lined the spa, and each room had its own quirky/kitschy personality. My room was a tropical paradise. There was an aquarium nearby. A pond-like ambiance set the mood next door.

The video above explains it all, and here’s some more live action from Instagram.

Here I am, right after the appointment:

And here’s me this morning with mascara, but I haven’t touched a curler!
Hair perms are better left in the nineties, but lash perms for LIFE.

Skintology Skin & Laser Center
181 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Spa Week $50 treatments April 16-22, 2012

  • Laser Hair Removal: Choice of Bikini Line, Underarm, Lip, Stomach Line or Other Small Area (See Menu for All Options)
  • Choice of 50 Min Signature Chamomile, Jojoba & Avocado or Citrus & Ginseng Skintology Facial
  • Eyelash Perm
  • Steamy Creamy Manicure and Pedicure Package

Spa Week Media Party Recap – Spring 2012

It’s our party and we’ll spa if we want to! Last week on April 11 we returned to the spacious Altman Building and held our bi-annual Spa Week Media Party, a night dedicated to food, drinks, beauty, pampering and wellness. This year was extra special as it’s our Sweet Sixteenth edition of #50dollartreatments. And just like any sweet sixteen we spoiled ourselves by throwing a party fit for the especially sweet occasion. Well, we mostly spoiled our guests! What other party are you going to leave with smoother skin, waxed eyebrows, fresh makeup or a Vajazzle as party favors? Our main goal, as well as our sponsors, was to indulge our guests and showcase all the benefits and fun of the spa lifestyle. So who was on the guest list? Everyone in the biz, from TV producers and radio personalities to magazine editors and top bloggers, who all lined up to come out to celebrate the sweetest Spa Week yet!

Of course, I took on the night in sequins and six inch heels, because that’s how I spa-rty. (More on the outfit coming later this week.) Let me be your hostess with the mostest love for spa and come along as I take you on a tour of our spa-cial night.

One of the first things to do when you entered the party, and one of the highlights, was to line up to get a chance to meet the five-time New York Times bestselling author Emily Giffin.

Guests were given a copy of her new book Where We Belong to be signed by the author.

Emily was all smiles as she signed and personalized copy after copy of her new book.

Emily had a line of excited fans to meet her all night and she happily chatted with guests the entire party.

I loved interviewing  Emily on camera and getting the chance to chat a little off camera too. She is so excited to be the first author ever associated with Spa Week, and loves the “girliness” of it all! She pictures girls in spa robes curled up with her new book, waiting for their massages to begin.

What’s a sweet sixteen without some sweet treats? The “chocolate ladies” as we call them, once again brought the four tier’d chocolate fountain and you can bet that the chocolate flowed all night.

A night of indulgence provided by catering from incognito bistro. This Italian-American restaurant in Flatiron is less than two blocks from our office, and our go-to for company lunches and dinners. Go ahead, have seconds, and thirds, and fourths. (We went there after the party too… for fifths and sixths.)

Christopher Drummond and his beauty crew getting ready to touch-up guests with their organic, vegan make-up line.

Christopher working his magic. Did you catch his brand featured on Dr. Oz the other day? WTG, CD!

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas‘ COO Jeff Kohl chatted on camera about Spa Week and Red Door’s longstanding partnership. It’s all about giving everyone the opportunity to spa, regardless of budget. Red Door’s Smooth Sculpt machine was a hit! It’s an alternative approach to skin rejuvenation that will lift skin, reduce wrinkles and release built-up toxins caused by diet, age and the environment. Like a revitalizing workout for your skin, this wellness method uses mild suction, pulsing and homeopathic extracts to cleanse cellular debris, reduce puffiness, as well as fortify the immune system.

Our Design and Organizational Expert Bobby Berk takes a minute to reflect in his social media lounge space, designed from his collection, Bobby Berk Home.

Pillow talk with Bobby Berk!

Taking a food break and break from their heels in the Bobby Berk lounge.

It’s no secret that I’m going Completely Bare and here is the woman behind the laser hair removal that I love! Cindy Barshop, THE hair removal guru.

Matching arm and chest Vajeweles. A little high but just as sparkly.

Completely Bare was also giving out waxes. The pup, however, preferred the furry look.

American Laser Skincare taught guests about how to obtain beauty through technology and with their scientifically proven skin care line.

The ladies of Skintology showed off their recently relaunched line of skin products.

Behind the scenes eyebrow shaping from Skintology.

Our Whole Living Expert Keri Glassman and her nutritionists gave one-on-one nutrition consultations featuring Nutritious Life Meals. It’s never too late to start living a Nutritious Life.

The ladies at Spa Chicks On The Go offered a beauty pit stop for guests. Sit down, relax and be on your gorgeous way!

There’s always time for a little pampering.

Guests could grab a complimentary towel and chat with York Spa about their new product, which is a surgery-free alternative to botox.

J. Sisters showed off their impressive celebrity clientele and their skills for blow outs and styling.

Of course, we can’t forget to take a stop at the three bars that guests flocked to all night. Sake TY KU were serving up their all natural and premium sake Spatinis with fresh cut cucumbers. I love spa-ke! My TY KU ninja name is Ninja Turtle Michellangelo.

Seagram’s Escapes showed off their brand new Frozen Magaritas and Frozen Daiquiris. Just pour, recline, and you’ve got yourself the perfect beach beverage . (Doubles as an ice pack to cool your forehead, because man it’s HOT out there.)

As the night wine-d down Rioja kept pouring bottle after bottle of their delicious wine. Really, what goes better with relaxation than wine?

Photos by Michel Delsol for Spa Week.

Guests also sipped on Honest Tea and Honest Ade as a refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages.

To see more photos of the party, check out the album on our Facebook page.

And thanks to Gorgeous in Grey for whipping up this video tour of the evening! Looks like you had fun. Spa Week’s official video soon to come!

Wellness Gone Wild! The Spa Week Spring 2012 Video

From perming my lashes to cleansing my colon, it’s safe to say I’m a spa addict. Have you watched the official Spa Week Spring 2012 video yet? Wellness has officially gone wild:

A trip to the spa is always an adventure – especially with a camera in hand. Okay, Michelle: don’t let the camera get under the Vichy shower… keep your hand steady even though this is the best scalp massage of your life… oh no, move the tripod a little more left because your butt is most definitely showing. I may not be entirely relaxed and zenned out on my many filming escapades, but I’m definitely still enjoying myself and reaping all the benefits of each therapy.

YOU, on the other hand, have only one thing to think about during your Spa Week adventure April 16-22: YOU. Your health, your bliss, your moment. Spend an extra half hour reading VOGUE in the relaxation room, tell your massage therapist HARDER if you want it, and learn about skincare from your esthetician, even if you can’t understand half of what she’s saying.

This season I had a full Saturday of beauty at Spa Martier, where Yuki, my favorite nail artist in NYC, created a glittery manicure masterpiece while Murad gave me a gorgeous blowout after delivering THE greatest hair wash/scalp massage of my LIFE. I discovered how much I never knew I wanted a lash perm at Skintology (home of vacation-like tropical walls). Mascara shows up so much better now! I downward-dogged with Stephanie Eris, the mind-body manager at Exhale Spa and she taught me the nuances of achieving the best upward dog possible, and at Perfect Spa I learned that freshly shredded apple makes for an extremely natural scrub – and that Vichy showers are really difficult to film by yourself. Bunya Citi Spa Thai’d me up in a dynamic mixed-modality massage then purified every last pore on my face, including that sweet spa rave.  Completely Bare lasered off my unwanted bikini hair, and Laser Cosmetica lit up my face with a photo facial to smooth out unwanted redness. Andddddd I pooped again.

Book your $50 appointments, and get ready to turn OFF your phones – unless you feel compelled to Instagram it all like I did…