Kithe Brewster’s Mirror Mirror Challenge: Completed!

It was around Christmas that I realized in less than a month I was about to hit a stage in my life I was not ready for: my mid-twenties. The big 2-5. The quarter life crisis. I was turning 25. The worst part (besides having to fully accept I am not in college anymore and that day drinking has morphed from a hobby into an exhausting special occasion) was that I wasn’t happy with my body. Things have slowly gotten soft where they were once toned and other things have gotten large or smaller in undesired ratios and relations to other parts of my body. I guess you could say I hit body image rock bottom. So, I reluctantly joined a gym. I bought some new work-out clothes and sneakers. And I slowly but surely started going every day (with the help of some words of inspiration) – telling myself no matter what I do, I will feel better when I’m done. After a few weeks, I had only lost a few pounds of water weight and was alotta sore and a little discouraged.

Then, in late December, Michelle and I went out to lunch with celebrity stylist, Kithe Brewster. As he explained the Mirror Mirror Challenge and how it had worked for him (he lost 122 lbs in 2011!), he opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my body: through clothes. Instead of staring at my nearly-nude body in the mirror, and hating what I saw, I could stand in front of the mirror in clothes I loved (and have sadly grown too big for) and I can see the hope in my eyes and the determination in my body knowing that a little hard work can get me back into the clothes I once so deeply loved and so fiercely rocked. Instead of a scale, I could use my favorite pieces of clothing (the pieces I had held on to with hopes and dreams of fitting into again) as motivation to get healthy and fabulous once again. It was so inspiring to hear from so many of you on our facebook event wall during our first ever three-week challenge, divulging to us about your favorite pair of skinny jeans that don’t fit any more or your big event or milestone that would be made even better with the accomplishment of losing a few extra pounds.

Almost two months later, I am down 15 lbs. It’s not super visible on my curvy, 5’9” frame. But I see and feel the differences in my body. I can run a mile again without walking. I can kick the Stairmaster’s butt. And, last weekend I zipped a leather jacket I hadn’t been able to zip in over a year and a half. I would have never taken that jacket out of the back of my closet if it wasn’t for Kithe. My journey isn’t over, but because of Kithe and this challenge, I have a meaningful repertoire of benchmarking tools to track my progress and keep me motivated. Thank you, Kithe!

We’re sending two of the fairest of them all to the spa…

Thank you to all those who shared and expressed your struggles and hopes, successes and setbacks. And now to award two Mirror Mirror Challenge participants with a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards

Laura R: I can’t wear my skinny jeans anymore or one of my favorite dress. I think I’m up for this challenge. Thanks

Susan K: OK, me and my jeans are in! Let’s hope this works!

It was and is still incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing.

Winners, please contact daily(at)spaweekmedia(dot)com within 3 business days to redeem your prize. We can’t wait to hear from a more fierce and fabulous you!


The Mirror Mirror Challenge: Lose Weight with Celeb Stylist Kithe Brewster

Do you dream of the day you wake up, look in the mirror, and are in love with the body you see? After transforming so many of Hollywood’s A-listers for red carpets and special occasions, Kithe Brewster, struggling with his own appearance, decided it was time to transform HIMSELF. He had devoted all his energy towards making others feel beautiful and confident but was neglecting his own personal well-being. On his 122 pound weight-loss journey, Kithe learned to make fitness and health a part of his everyday life, and now looks and feels more fabulous than ever.

There’s ONE particular trick that guided him fervently along the way… and that’s what this next challenge is all about.

Are you ready for CHALLENGE #8?

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the healthiest of them all?
Try on something that’s a bit too small
With hard work, you’ll be the fairest of them all.

Here’s what to do:

1. Try on a piece of clothing that’s a bit too small (you know you have that one thing you wish you could wear again – or maybe for the first time)
2. Look in a full length mirror every day, wearing that item
3. Stick to your weight loss plan (OPTIONAL: Follow Kithe’s meal and fitness ideas) and feel the glory of that item starting to fit!


January 11th – January 30th 2012

Who Says?

Kithe Brewster – then and now

As a fashion editor and celebrity stylist, Kithe Brewster has developed a fiercely loyal following among those who thirst for boldly creative designs and innovative thinking. Kithe’s varied experiences in Eurpoe and America have shaped his unique sensibilities and provided a deep knowledge of what it takes to create and market cutting edge fashions. Recognized recently as “Cynthia’s BFF” on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kithe has worked with virtually every A-List celebrity in Hollywood, including Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and more. Kithe has spent the past 20 years making beautiful people more beautiful. Kithe is currently the spokesperson for, having lost over 100 pounds on the program in 2011. You can follow his weight-loss journey at


Kithe Brewster used this Mirror Mirror technique to effectively lose 122 pounds. He says: “The Mirror Mirror Challenge helps people to accept themselves for who and what they are, but also allows them to see the possibility of changing using discipline.”

How to get started:

What’s in it for me?

This quick daily ritual could be just what you needed to help kick you into shape! Plus, once you join the Facebook event and start sharing your successes and struggles, you’ll be eligible to win a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week.

Eating and Fitness Tips from Kithe Brewster:

First, on DAY ONE:

Place the full length mirror in front of you, disrobe completely leaving only the skimpiest of undies. At this point, try the item of choice that is one size too small. Turn and look at yourself from every angle, paying close attention to where the problems are for the garment to properly fit. If it’s possible, have someone take a photograph of you in the ill-fitting garment. Print this picture out if possible and post it on your mirror marked: Day 1.


For breakfast, a banana with a small bowl of oatmeal is perfect. For lunch, a leafy green salad with a small portion of chicken breast, shrimp or salmon with a light balsamic vinaigrette is delicious and nutritious. For dinner, a piece of chicken or a piece of girlled fish with steamed or sautéed vegetables utilizing a minimum amount of oil intake, a bit of garlic, some pepper and no salt. I can’t stress enough the advantages of eradicating sodium from your daily diet. Stay away from sauces – utilizing flavorful spices instead. Tabasco or hot sauce is a great way to spice up your meal.


Want to kick it into high gear? With your favorite music on iPod or MP3, plug in your headphones and plug into the Kithe Brewster Health Challenge.

Day 1. Utilizing the back of a chair or sofa or even a firm door handle start your morning 1 with 20 squats and 20 sit ups. If time permits after lunch, a 20 minute walk helps food digestion and burns off calories as opposed to storing them. This step should be repeated after dinner as well before bed.
Day 2. Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness.
Day 3. Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness increasing to 30 squats and 30 situps.
Day 4. Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness. Be sure to do your after lunch and dinner walks increasing them to 30 minutes.
Day 5. Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness. You should see a noticable difference in today’s fitting. Remember to take a photograph to document your progress.
Day 6. Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness. A fruit smoothie in between lunch and dinner is a great healthy snack to keep your energy soaring.
Day 7. Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness. Just 3 more days to complete your challenge intensifying our workout and staying closely to our meal plan will help to ensure success with this New Year’s style challenge.
Day 8. Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness. Increase your daily walks to 30 minutes and your sit ups and squats to 35.
Day 9.
Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness. A green smoothie for cleansing is a great way to finish the challenge. For today’s lunch we will have only the green smoothie with a piece of fresh fruit.
Day 10. Repeat the fitting process and repeat nutritional meal plan as well as morning and after dinner fitness.  Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the healthiest of all?  Begin by disrobing and looking at the body you’ve worked to improve, then try on the desired outfit that you have been working hard to fit into.  This process should have made a huge difference from the photo beginning day 1 to day 10. Whether you fit comfortably into your garment today or not, this is only the beginning! If you feel good, keep up the good work!

Don’t forget to join the challenge on Facebook!

Lots of luck reaching your 2012 weight loss goals! — Kithe, Stephanie and Michelle