Cindy Barshop and PETA: Now Friends!

There’s been quite the uproar ever since Completely Bare launched its new luxury merkins, including the Foxy Bikini, a pubic wig made of real fox fur. Well, just as quickly as our video investigation went viral, animal rights activists lashed out in protest. The result? Cindy Barshop, owner of Completley Bare Spa and former Real Housewife of New York, has confirmed that she will now be making her merkins of faux fur… and that she and PETA are actually now friends!

In case you missed it…

I spoke with Cindy today, and despite the seemingly negative situation, she looks as this as a very positive thing to have happened.  “This opened my eyes and made me more aware of a cause that people feel strongly about,” Cindy said. “I respect people’s opinions and I really admire how PETA supported their cause. There’s no reason to use real fur, I’ll use faux fur.”

Cindy is also taking this one step further: “I don’t think anything negative came from it! In fact, I’m currently speaking with the people over at PETA and we’re looking to put together a Completely Bare campaign to support animal rights.”

Well done, Cindy – we can’t wait to see the next big bikini trend! We just hope you don’t become too friendly with the animals to the point where they are requesting bikini waxes and faux fur merkins.

The Foxy Bikini and The Carnivale have also both been slightly reduced in price, now $175 for either, including the wax.