Cuteness Alert! Chanel Makeup Robots

Popping up in our latest entry of cute viral obsessions is a video credited for pulling at the heart strings of makeup lovers and proud tech geeks everywhere. In this compilation brought to you by the Nowness Animating Channel, Chanel’s Global Creative Director Peter Phillips uses an innovative robotic idea to bring our favorite rouge lipsticks to life. “A few years ago I made these little robots, that were part of a headpiece I created for a tribal makeup shooting… that’s where the idea first came from,” says Peter Philips, creative director of Chanel Makeup. “I then had the chance to play with these characters and do an animation, that’s how my little robots came to life.”

How cool would it be if after an intense makeup session that our shadows, brushes and blushes could  neatly assemble their way back inside the makeup bag? Would definitely make life much easier. You’re on to something Chanel.

Seductive Spa Film: Piping Hot Vichy Shower in Bali

Yesterday’s NOWNESS (thenness?) is a Piping Hot Vichy Shower Scene in Bali, a film by Marcus Gaab. It’s filmed at the Alila Villas Soori resort, the first luxury resort in West Bali, pictured above, where Mr. Gaab found the spa’s Vichy Shower to be the most seductive subject on property.

The film (about a minute long) is kind of relaxing to watch, although not recommended if you have to pee, however it left me wanting more. A lot more. Why did a beautiful Balinese spa patron not glide into the room and layeth her body down on the warm marble slab? What happens next? And why are we wasting all this precious water!?

I get it, the point of a seduction is to leave you wanting more, but I want to know what you think. Click through above to watch. Do you feel seduced or shortchanged?