Spa Week Staff Picks: Where We’re Spa-ing This Week

Who better than the Spa Week staff to give you the inside scoop on Spa Week’s hottest hot spots!

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We’re officially in the thick of things—this week is Spa Week! As you can imagine, here at Spa Week HQ in NYC we’ve been hard at work for the past couple of months, meticulously planning every detail of the event. As you can imagine, it can get pretty stressful at times. That’s why most of us practice what we preach and book $50 treatments to unwind. Here’s where the Spa Week staff is headed, or where we wish we could be spending Spa Week…

Kaitlin, Urban Beauty in New York, NY

“I booked their microderm facial! I LOVE microdermabrasion and it’s one of the new spas I’ve been dying to try out! With top reviews and a location close to the office, it’s a win-win for me!”

Brynn, Kiehl’s Spa 1851 in New York, NY

“I’m pumped for my facial at Kiehl’s next week. After a summer of too much sun and travel, my skin is in serious need of some attention. I am especially looking forward to having some clearer pores!”

Kelly, Access Wellness Center in Bellevue, WA

“While massages and facials are my spa treatments of choice, I’d love to try the 60 Minute Private NLP Hypnosis Session at Access Wellness Center in Bellevue, WA. I’ve never done anything like this and always wondered what it would be like. This is the first time we’ve ever had a spa offer this type of service for Spa Week, and it is a great example of one of the many unique offerings that will be available to our consumers looking to try something totally different!”

Erika, PURE Spa & Chiropractic in San Diego, CA

“If I could I would love to go to PURE Spa & Chiropractic and get the 120 Min Pumpkin Spice Spa Manicure and Pedicure or Sugar Brazilian Wax with Brow Wax for $50. Its seems like an amazing and relaxing service that would be perfect to get while I’m visiting my family in San Diego.”

Tara, Clarins, 11 locations nationwide

“My skin is already starting to fill the effects of the colder weather, so I can”t wait for the 50 Minute Moisture Replenisher Facial at Clarins. Bring on that winter weather, my skin will still look great!”

Raul, L’Institut Sothys in New York, NY

“My sister just finished her Swedish massage at L’Institut Sothy’s here in NYC and absolutely loved it…she said it was one of the most relaxing experiences she has ever encountered! I would also love to get a massage. A hot stone massage sounds really good right about now…and really relaxing as well as therapeutic for my back!”

Dina, Feel Good Spa at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, CA

“In a perfect world, I’d be spending Spa Week at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, Palm Springs – a mid-century modern destination. It’s tucked in the desert and has views of the mountains. My spa treatment of choice?  The Detoxifying Earth Clay Wrap at the Ace’s Feel Good Spa.”

Arielle, The Stillwater Spa at Hyatt Regency Newport in Newport, RI

“To visit this spa would be a dream. The resort is gorgeous—an absolutely perfect setting to enjoy some autumn relaxation! Something I am in desperate need of, which is why I would book the 50 Minute Sweet Pumpkin Bliss Massage. I love pumpkins and I love massages…almost sounds too good to be true!”

You can still book $50 treatments at many participating spas—visit for more information on locations near you!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

Enjoy That Extra Hour… At The Spa

Oh, that glorious extra hour! Why can’t we change the clocks back every day? Imagine – waking up every morning and realizing you have an hour more to sleep, to cuddle, to eat breakfast or catch up on the news… I campaign for 25 hour days, indefinitely. But alas, this might get confusing. So, with our one lucky “fall back” day of the year, I say take that extra hour you’ve been blessed with, and use it at the spa.

We’ve got many hour-long spa treatments in our November Spa Deals, and there are many actual proven reasons to use your extra time on the massage table.  TIME just featured “8 Ways to Beat the Daylight Savings Blues,” and much of it resonated with the spa lifestyle:

  • Getting a massage – The country’s most popular spa treatment is also great when the days get shorter and the winter blues set in. According to TIME: “(Massage) can be as effective in treating depression as talk therapy. During massage, levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is often high in depressed people, fall while levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin — the same brain chemical increased by antidepressant medications — rise.”
  • Deep breathing – “Taking slow, deep, relaxing breaths stimulates the vagus nerve, which is responsible for counteracting the stress response,” reports the TIME article. Our yoga expert, Elena Brower, created her Spa Week Daily Challenge around this fact – check out her 5 minute breathing tips. So when your in-laws are in town for the holidays, just remember to take deep breaths!
  • Drinking caffeine - Go ahead and feed your Starbucks addiction, because a recent study showed that women who drank more than four cups of coffee a day had a lower risk of depression. Lattes, here you come!
  • Exercising - Elle Woods said it best: “Exercising gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” Exercising repeatedly at the same time each day or days of the week helps create a habit, and the more you repeat that habit, the harder it becomes to let yourself deviate from it.
  • Socializing – It can be difficult to motivate yourself to go out especially during the bitterly cold winters here on the East Coast but, get yourself to the spa (maybe grab a few friends too) and you’ll be doing yourself a service! (Click for the rest of TIME’s tips.)

Here are some great spa deals around the country to fill that 60 minutes of time you’ve been blessed with, and to help you fight off those winter blues:

Bahn Sabai Day Spa in Los Angeles has a choice of 60 Minute Body Massage with 30 Min Facial or 60 Minute Body Massage with 30 Min Foot Massage. Special: $65 Each; Originally: $95 – $120.

Facelogic Spa in Encinitas, California has a 60 Minute Microdermabrasion Facial with Upper Body Massage. Special: $59; Originally: $109.

La Petite Rose in San Francisco has a choice of Luminous Vitamin C Facial or 60 Minute Pure Relaxation Massage. Special: $65 Each.

mySpa at InterContinental Miami has a choice of a 50 Min True Transformation Facial or My Massage, 60 Minute Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap or 95 Min Journey Manicure and Pedicure with choice of Lavender or Ginger. Special: $50 Each.

U-topia Spa in Naples, Florida has a choice of 60 Minute Bliss Massage or Glisten Body Polish. Special: $70 Each.

Newbury Electrology & Skin Care in Boston has a choice of 60 Minute Spa Facial with Enzyme Peel and 15 Min Electrolysis for $55, normally $125, or 60 Minute Deep Pore Cleansing Facial and Eyebrow Wax for $50, normally $95.

Suede Salon, Spa & Body in Marlton, New Jersey has a choice of 45 Min Pomegranate Brightening Peel for $69, normally $104, or 60 Minute Massage for $59, normally $81.

Monty Beauty Spa in Brooklyn, New York has a choice of 60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage with Cupping Therapy, 60 Minute Lava Hot Stone Massage or 90 Min Vitamin C and Seaweed Facial Treatment. Special: $60 Each.

Epiphany Day Spa in Hempstead, New York has a choice of 60 Minute Microdermabrasion or 60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage. Special: $65 Each; Originally: $120.

Serenity Spa in New York has your choice of a Manicure, Pedicure and 60 Minute Massage for $89, normally $119, or Manicure, Pedicure and Deep Cleansing Facial for $99, normally $134.

Water Lily Spa in New York has a choice of 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage or 60 Minute Swedish Massage. Special: $50 Each.

Yin Beauty & Arts Spa in New York has your choice of a 60 Minute Lymph Detox Massage with Foot Herb Steam Bath for $55, normally $110, or 60 Minute Lipo-Slimming Massage with Body Contouring for $75, normally $150.

I SPA in Astoria, New York allows you to pick two: 60 Minute Facial, 60 Minute Anti-Stress Massage, Slimming Body Wrap, Body Scrub, Microdermabrasion or Brazilian and Underarms Wax. Special: $99.

Click here to see all November Spa Deals.

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Spa Week Story Winner #4: Facials Don’t Hurt!

Spa Week is over, but the memories and benefits are everlasting! One of the greatest rewards for us is hearing about how Spa Week has touched your lives. We asked for your Spa Week stories, and this is the week you get to read the 5 winners, who will all receive $50 Spa Week Gift Cards to use for their next spa treatment.

New Yorkers are busy people, so sometimes they have a difficult time relaxing and unwinding at the spa. This is not one of those stories.

Right off the bat I felt at home walking into Mezzanine Spa in SoHo. If only my home was as relaxing and serene! But hey, that’s why some ingenious person invented spas, to give us crazed city-folk a rare and much needed chance to step out of our hectic norms and let our troubles melt away. This is exactly the environment the owners and staff at Mezzanine have created with a feeling of peace in the air, the cleanest of clean lockers, waiting and treatment rooms and a very helpful and smiling staff. I was taken in promptly for my appointments, something I really value as a time crunched New Yorker.

During Spa Week, I had the best facial I have ever had here. And although they did not recommend I have a facial before a massage, there were no other appointments left and the process was very gentle (yet thorough) and non-invasive, so there really was no problem. My skin is still glowing weeks later! I am so glad I went in to Mezzanine or I would have never known that facials do not have to hurt! And I really appreciated the descriptions of what products my facialist was using and the procedures she was doing along the way. I don’t know about you but I love being an educated consumer, especially when it comes to people working on my money maker! It just makes me feel more comfortable and be able to enjoy the entire process more.

Then on to the massage, which was much needed! Don’t get me wrong, I am kind of a massage connoisseur – my favorite ever has been at the Wynn Towers in Las Vegas, so please consider that fact when reading my review!  It was good. That is about all I can say. Not best I’ve ever had, but far from the worst. My massage therapist started me face up, which I found to be a little unusual, but hey I am not traditional so I went with it. She made me feel very comfortable right off the bat and was very friendly and not too talkative. Something I enjoy in a massage therapist is them holding off on the small talk and really letting me enjoy what I paid for!

The overall experience was awesome and I definitely would recommend Mezzanine Spa, especially for the facials.

Submitted by Brooke Grossman

Mezzanine Spa
62 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10012

Photo Facial at Laser Cosmetica

If you’re tuned into the hot medi-spa treatments and facilities out there, you’ve certainly heard of Laser Cosmetica, a prestigious mecca for all things laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation with locations throughout New York.

We tested one of their most popular treatments, a Photo Facia, designed to get rid of discoloration, even out skin tone, tighten your skin and reverse the signs of sun damage. It serves to give your skin an instant and lasting boost of smooth, vibrant texture.

As you’ll see in the video, it didn’t hurt, and I was extremely impressed with the results that immediately followed. My skin wasn’t at all red or dry like they said it might be, although more sensitive skin types should be prepared for this. It’s now eight days later, and what I’m most excited about is that I’ve seen a general improvement in my skin’s evenness. Some of the veiny, blemishy redness in my cheeks and nose (I blame summer) has significantly decreased. It’s amazing how such a quick (about 20 minute) procedure with no extractions, no exfoliants, no creams, no toners… can produce such awesome results. Facial of the future… I think so!

Check out some of these Photo Facial Before & Afters from Laser Cosmetica’s clients:

And to formally answer any remaining questions you may have after watching the video, I’ll leave it to the authorities at Laser Cosmetica who explain it best. This Q&A is taken from their website:

What are Photo Facials?
Photo Facials are a revolutionary advance in laser cosmetics that removes discoloration and textural irregularities, resulting in the appearance of healthier, more vibrant skin.

Who should get treatment for Photo Facials?
If you suffer from photo damage, sun damage, or other environmental damage, Photo Facial works exceptional well at removing discoloration, improving skin texture and tone while providing a slight skin tightening effect to the skin. Years of sun bathing and exposure to the natural elements can be removed after a short, no down time protocol.

How frequently do I need treatments?
A typical protocol would be five sessions, spaced three to four weeks apart. For discrete vascular areas such as spider veins and broken capillaries, a more aggressive approach may be determined.

How does a Photo Facial rejuvenate my skin?
Photo Facial uses gentle light and thermal energy to promote collagen production in the dermis and restore skin to a more youthful state, through wrinkle reduction. Brown spots (pigmented imperfections) from sun damage and aging, red blotching from spider vessels or rosacea (vascular imperfections), and rough porous skin texture will improve over a treatment series. Treatments consistently achieve visible improvement with little discomfort. Studies have concluded that flushing, redness and symptoms of rosacea improve more than 75% on average.

Does the treatment hurt?
There is little to no discomfort involved in the photo rejuvenation process. Our systems employ a chill tip that minimizes any discomfort. We offer a host of pre and post laser topicals to help alleviate any pain, or irritation.

What happens after each treatment?
Temporary pinkness of the skin can last a very short time (minutes, hours, a day) but the improvement in pigment and vascular irregularities can often be appreciated by the time you return for your next treatment. Brown spots and freckles temporarily become darker before they lighten. Particularly sensitive areas may crust.

Is photo rejuvenation safe?

Treatment is very safe for the skin. There are no long term health hazards from light or thermal energy used. Both have been used for decades in medicine, surgery, and aesthetics without adversity.

What kind of results can I expect from Photo Facialtreatment?
Each treatment will result in gradual lightening and improvement of pigmented and vascular imperfections. Skin tightening textural improvements are realized towards the end of the treatment series.


4 Laser Cosmetica locations in NYC – call 866.481.6788
110 E 40th Street, Suite 407
18 West 23rd Street, 2nd floor
57 W 57th Street, Suite 1209
160 Broadway NE, 6th Floor

In Great Neck – call 800.231.3830
833 Northern Boulevard, Suite 240

In White Plains – call 866.481.6788
10 Chester Avenue, First Floor



Fashion Week Survival Guide: Spa Edition

Writers, Editors, Bloggers, have you checked your schedules? There is a show scheduled at Lincoln Center at 10AM, then the lunch you set up weeks ago with your old editor visiting from out of town, and lateness is not an option for the presentation at Milk Studios from 2:00-2:20. After weeks of planning, emailing, planning, scheduling and more planning, New York Fashion Week is here again. To everyone else, don’t be alarmed when you hear the grunts and moans from ladies walking the streets in 4 inch heels — they’re just in need of a spa treatment! Set a side an hour or so throughout jam packed day to indulge. We’ve already done the dirty work below and these spas are centered in the mist of the hoopla, you just need to go.

Day 1 – Face First

Even before you switch “Day 1’s” wardrobe for “Day 5″, the most important thing anyone will see this week is your face. Now is the time to handle any potential disasters by smoothing away uneven skin and stopping the spread of any evil breakouts.
Treat: 80 Min Organic Rejuvenation Facial Special: $49 Each; Originally: $88 – $120.
Spa: EAST BEAUTY DAY SPA 83 Mott Street between Canal and Bayard, Suite 201 | 212.227.8633
Bonus: For the dare devil in you, wow your colleagues when you show up with a perfectly plump kissers.
Treat: Choice of 1/4 Syringe of Juvederm for Lip Plumping for $299,
Spa: SmoothMED 111 East 59th Street | 212.371.7666

Day 2 – Body Polish For A Beautiful Glow

Tonight you finally get to put your wardrobe to work with the first after party. The dress is low cut and this will be the only time you’ve shown skin all winter. Body polish is the name.
Treat: 60 Min Illuminating Body Polish for $100, normally $165.
Spa: Cellulite Center at Luminesa Medi-Spa 24 East 36th Street, Ground Floor | 212.481.1003

Day 3 – In Dire Need of a New Manicure

By now any remnants of a decent manicure is all gone. Keep chipped nails to a minimum with an emergency salon visit.
Treat: Manicure and Pedicure for $39.95
Spa: Spa Catchi (Julia Allison recommends it) 115 East 39th Street | 212.980.3880

Day 4 – Massage Away Those Aches and Pains

Fashion Week is more than halfway done and those new 5 inch boots from Rag & Bone have not totally been worn in and the pain from carrying around your laptop is starting to creep up the rest of your body. A soothing massage is definitely in order.
Treat: 60 Min Full Body Massage Special: $63
Spa: Ettia Holistic Day Spa 239 West 72nd Street 1.800.795.7109

Day 5 – Best Bang For Your Buck


It’s not always about the clothes. You need to make sure YOU look your best. If you’ve been so busy you ran your Valentine away, treat yourself to an all in one. 
Treat: Classic European Facial, Sea Salt Body Scrub and Manicure for $129.
Spa: Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa 45-47 West 57th Street, 3rd Floor | 212.371.4542

Day 6- Foot Relief

The good is news is you survived, however the nerves and muscles in your foot did not. Now you can finally begin to repair those aching feet.
Treat: Foot Reflexology, $63
Spa: Enliven Body Works 116 East 60th Street, 2nd Floor | 212.813.9396

Day 7 – Body Wrapping Break From It All

By now you’ve had it up to there with that PR who just won’t get off your back at every show check-in. Fashion Week has gone from this fun, exciting event to one you just can’t wait to get over and you need an immediate excape.

Treat: 3 Hour and 15 Min Escape to Shangri-La Package: includes Herbal Body Wrap and choice of Massage or Facial.
Spa: Shangri-La Day Spa 247 West 72nd Street | 212.579.0615