Élan Veda Ayurvedic Oils for Muscle Relief + More

There’s a bag of frozen peas in my freezer that is not to be eaten. No, no, these peas are not destined for sweet pea soup nor creamy pasta dish with crispy prosciutto. These peas serve the sole purpose of playing Ice Pack for my roommate Tracy and her achy breaky back.

Back in 2007, Tracy lifted a too-heavy suitcase into an airplane overhead compartment. A strain in one muscle lead to atrophy in another, and even still, she deals with constant discomfort. She’s gone to physical therapy, builds strength by working out religiously, and ices with her pack-o-peas on the daily.

Then, Élan Veda‘s Élan Muscle & Joint Relief found its way into my hands a few weeks ago, so I gave it straight to the Princess and The Peas.


The result for Tracy? After using it for a few weeks 3-4 times a day, Tracy reports that it does, indeed, help soothe the pain. She brings it to work with her every day and massages it on her back for instant calming and cooling. She believes the discomfort and tightness are relieved partially due to the soothing aromatherapy aroma while the nutrients penetrate her skin. She hasn’t noticed any long-lasting changes just yet, but she’s enjoying it very much and says she’ll continue to use it regularly as part of her get-her-back-back regimen.

Personally, I’m lucky enough to not need the Muscle & Joint Relief (or peas) in my life, but I’ve been really enjoying their Élan Skin Renue. I frequently use the Skin Renue instead of moisturizer and I love the way it feels on my skin. The aroma is something that oddly has equal parts invigorating bursts of morning energy and a calming rock-me-to-sleep scent. Maybe you have to try it to understand, but I use it both morning and night. This is my face with zero makeup at 3pm today – all I used this morning was Élan Skin Renue. It has a nice shine without looking oily. “Organic Borage oil, Organic Acai Fruit Oil, Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil, and Natural Marula Seed oil are all used for their powerful abilities to improve the skin’s condition,” Élan Veda says. “These oils reduce skin aging and preserve skin, due to their moisturizing properties.”

THE ÉLAN VEDA STORY: The story of how Élan Veda got started is like any good Princess and The Pea type fairy tale. The owner Dan Palmer‘s wife, who was stricken with shingles seven years ago, discovered Ayurvedic medicine and a mix of diet and yoga that cured her within weeks. She became so passionate about it that she decided to use these Ayurvedic recipes and principles to start her own line of products. Their products later went on to help them get pregnant after much trying, and also helped Dan grow is hair back! The brand sources organic, natural ingredients to create essential oils and herbal supplements, all with special Miron® glass from Switzerland, and packaged in the USA.

Want to try it? Check out Elanveda.com or WIN IT! Through tomorrow 2/29 you can enter to win an Élan Veda trio of products, including these two, on our monthly swag page.

Disclosure: I received Élan Veda products complimentary, but all results and opinions are still very much truthful and my own.

Travel Tuesday: Feeling Jet Lagged? The Spa at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara Can Help

Our ability to be across the country in less than six hours is quite extraordinary. Whether we are visiting relatives or taking a dip in a mud bath in South America – we are traveling more than ever. There are some downsides: TSA’s 3 fluid ounce liquid restrictions, security lines, the strip-searching of unsuspecting elderly women, and jet lag. Switching time zones can really throw off your sleeping routine. The Spa at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara has  introduced new eco-conscious signature treatments that have just the cure. These treatments include H. Gillerman Organic products. Hope Gillerman is a leading holistic practitioner and aromatic healer.

The four massages are intended to specifically address health problems brought on by a stressful lifestyle, such as jet lag and flu symptoms. Enjoy all these treatments with spa’s oceanfront views that are sure to relax anyone, even after driving in LA traffic.

The spa’s four organic aromatherapy massages include:

Pure Breathing: Helps you ward off cold and flu symptoms with a Sinus Remedy (eucalyptus, orange, petitgrain), which clears breathing passageways, decongests, and relieves swollen glands. The Chest Remedy (spruce, fir, cardamom) reduces aches and pains, allergies and fatigue.

True Relaxation: Induces deep muscle relaxation and eases stress  with a Stress Remedy (lavender, tangerine, sandalwood), which soothes the nerves, while the Muscle Remedy (basil, birch, vetiver) relieves muscle pain and chronic tension.

Natural Rest: Helps you get back into your regular sleep routine. The Travel Remedy (litsea, cedarwood, palmarosa) relieves jet lag and helps the body adjust to seasonal shifts. The Sleep Remedy (bitter orange, clary sage, lavender) helps with sleep quality and insomnia.

Clear Mind: Improves mental focus (so toss out that Smart Water!). The Tension Remedy (peppermint, lavender) relieves headaches and revives mental focus and alertness. Jaw Clenching Remedy (chamomile, vetiver, patchouli) calms mental activity, allowing one to slow down and shift gears to help alleviate tense facial muscles and night grinding.

The eight H. Gillerman Organics exclusive formulas  are made from the highest concentrations of the finest quality, unprocessed, undiluted, unaltered, organic essential oils from around the world. They help in aiding the natural healing process by acting as probiotics and eliminating toxins. The entire H. Gillerman Organics line is produced and use environmentally-friendly packaging.

Take these products home with you after your treatment with their line of retail products. All eight remedies are packaged into two options: 100% essential oils applied to prescribed points on the body throughout the day; or a roll-on body oil blend applied directly to areas of discomfort. Both  can double as personal scents or even can be used as soothing bath oils.

Spa Week and Keri Glassman want to send you to enjoy this luxurious resort – ENTER TO WIN 4 NIGHTS HERE plus spa treatments and more!

Stop and Smell the Essential Oils

By Shelby Jones, ISPA

A fresh, invigorating and instantly calming scent fills your nose as soon as you walk through the door – you must be at the spa. You know the smell, it’s the aroma of well-being. Everyone wants to re-create that scent and take it home. The good news is – you can!

Essential oils used in treatments like massage, facials, body wraps and hydrotherapy baths (pretty much anything on the spa menu) have been used for thousands of years. This ancient healing art dating back to 4,500 B.C. is better known as aromatherapy.

In aromatherapy, plants, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins and flowers are used to create essential oils that not only smell fantastic but have healing powers. The oils are used to treat emotional disorders, organ dysfunction and skin problems through a variety of internal and external application techniques. The best part is that they smell fantastic since most of the oils are extracted from rosemary (memory booster), lavender (stress reliever), roses (fights depression and anxiety), chamomile (antiseptic and acne fighter), eucalyptus (enhances concentration and helps with respiratory issues) and peppermint (digestive aid).

One of the most popular treatments in spas today is an aromatherapy massage, offered by 85 percent of U.S. spas that have massage offerings (ISPA 2011 U.S. Spa Industry Study).  A lot of these same spas sell essential oils so you can take the experience home.

If you want to learn more about different spa treatments visit ISPA’s spa glossary at experienceispa.com.

Shelby Jones is based in Lexington, KY at the ISPA  headquarters, Spa Week’s exclusive trade partner. She has worked as ISPA’s Public Relations Manager for five years where she connects with top media outlets to promote ISPA members and the spa lifestyle. To get in touch with Shelby please email her or follow @ISPADoYou on Twitter. If you’re in the spa industry, we encourage you to become a member of ISPA; weekly e-mails with pointers like these are just one small part of the package to help you succeed!

Czech It Out: The Freshest Spa Destination

HERE’S THE STORY: A few months ago, I, Michelle Joni Lapidos, the editor of Spa Week Daily, was invited on an all-expenses paid spa exploration vacation to the Czech Republic. A dream! If not for one small complication: It fell during the ONLY time of year I can’t get away: Spa Week. I had to turn it down. Taking the knife slowly out of my heart, I had the option of sending someone in my place to cover this trip on Spa Week Daily. For your sake, I didn’t want YOU to miss out on discovering this Eastern European land, rich with unusual spa and wellness traditions, so who to pick? I chose none other than Jessica Lapidos, who happens to be my sister, whose credentials to fill my shoes as both a blogger and traveler are definitely in, er, Czech. If it couldn’t be me, I’m most certainly thrilled for Jessica to experience this once-in-a-lifetime spa journey! CZECH IT OUT as she unveils all the exciting details below.

Czech it out. While you’re taking yourself to the spa next week for $50 treatments all over the US, Spa Boy @OzSultan and I, @JessicaLapidos are fleeing the country for a week of spa with the EuroSpaClub, compliments of Czech Tourism, in search of new treatments previously unearthed in the states. We’re heading to the Czech Republic, to their own famed spa towns of Karlovy Vary (or Carlsbad to us), Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad), Chodová Planá and Loket, where natural springs are chock full of healing minerals, and the art of spa has been evolving for centuries. Here’s a sneak peek at the places we’ll go and the treatments we’ll be discovering together. We’ll be living with the European mentality of taking a spa vacation to truly revive our bodies and minds.

In Marienbad, we’ll be exploring the effect of peat on our bodies. Its properties are said to improve blood circulation, counteract stress, decrease blood pressure, improve the heart’s operation and have positive cosmetic effects. We’re going to bathe in it, get massaged with it, and get wrapped up in it, thank you. We’ll also be inhaling Maria’s Springs; the minerals help to dissolve phlegm and clean the respiratory tract, which helps with chronic respiratory disorders and allergies.

Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 15th century, where they discovered natural medicinal springs. The water in this region can help cure those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, conditions involving the digestive tract and gastrointestinal illnesses. Massages, wraps and other therapies developed by physicians supplement the water therapy. we’re going to try oxygen and carbon dioxide treatments, along with their famed mineral drinking cures.

We’re going to Beer Wellness Land! In Chodová Planá, we’ll be bathing in beer. Literally. Real Beer Baths are an original curative spa therapy combining remedial effects of warm mineral water and beer which has curative effects on the complexion and hair, relieves muscle tension, warms up joints and supports the immune system.

Allegedly, we will also be cryogenically for two minutes, but more details on that to come. There are a whole slew of new and ancient spa treatments we’ll be sampling. And we’ll show-and-tell you all about it.

For now we await our departure on Wednesday. Thursday begins treatments. #CzechItOut