Spa Week Media Party Recap – Spring 2012

It’s our party and we’ll spa if we want to! Last week on April 11 we returned to the spacious Altman Building and held our bi-annual Spa Week Media Party, a night dedicated to food, drinks, beauty, pampering and wellness. This year was extra special as it’s our Sweet Sixteenth edition of #50dollartreatments. And just like any sweet sixteen we spoiled ourselves by throwing a party fit for the especially sweet occasion. Well, we mostly spoiled our guests! What other party are you going to leave with smoother skin, waxed eyebrows, fresh makeup or a Vajazzle as party favors? Our main goal, as well as our sponsors, was to indulge our guests and showcase all the benefits and fun of the spa lifestyle. So who was on the guest list? Everyone in the biz, from TV producers and radio personalities to magazine editors and top bloggers, who all lined up to come out to celebrate the sweetest Spa Week yet!

Of course, I took on the night in sequins and six inch heels, because that’s how I spa-rty. (More on the outfit coming later this week.) Let me be your hostess with the mostest love for spa and come along as I take you on a tour of our spa-cial night.

One of the first things to do when you entered the party, and one of the highlights, was to line up to get a chance to meet the five-time New York Times bestselling author Emily Giffin.

Guests were given a copy of her new book Where We Belong to be signed by the author.

Emily was all smiles as she signed and personalized copy after copy of her new book.

Emily had a line of excited fans to meet her all night and she happily chatted with guests the entire party.

I loved interviewing  Emily on camera and getting the chance to chat a little off camera too. She is so excited to be the first author ever associated with Spa Week, and loves the “girliness” of it all! She pictures girls in spa robes curled up with her new book, waiting for their massages to begin.

What’s a sweet sixteen without some sweet treats? The “chocolate ladies” as we call them, once again brought the four tier’d chocolate fountain and you can bet that the chocolate flowed all night.

A night of indulgence provided by catering from incognito bistro. This Italian-American restaurant in Flatiron is less than two blocks from our office, and our go-to for company lunches and dinners. Go ahead, have seconds, and thirds, and fourths. (We went there after the party too… for fifths and sixths.)

Christopher Drummond and his beauty crew getting ready to touch-up guests with their organic, vegan make-up line.

Christopher working his magic. Did you catch his brand featured on Dr. Oz the other day? WTG, CD!

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas‘ COO Jeff Kohl chatted on camera about Spa Week and Red Door’s longstanding partnership. It’s all about giving everyone the opportunity to spa, regardless of budget. Red Door’s Smooth Sculpt machine was a hit! It’s an alternative approach to skin rejuvenation that will lift skin, reduce wrinkles and release built-up toxins caused by diet, age and the environment. Like a revitalizing workout for your skin, this wellness method uses mild suction, pulsing and homeopathic extracts to cleanse cellular debris, reduce puffiness, as well as fortify the immune system.

Our Design and Organizational Expert Bobby Berk takes a minute to reflect in his social media lounge space, designed from his collection, Bobby Berk Home.

Pillow talk with Bobby Berk!

Taking a food break and break from their heels in the Bobby Berk lounge.

It’s no secret that I’m going Completely Bare and here is the woman behind the laser hair removal that I love! Cindy Barshop, THE hair removal guru.

Matching arm and chest Vajeweles. A little high but just as sparkly.

Completely Bare was also giving out waxes. The pup, however, preferred the furry look.

American Laser Skincare taught guests about how to obtain beauty through technology and with their scientifically proven skin care line.

The ladies of Skintology showed off their recently relaunched line of skin products.

Behind the scenes eyebrow shaping from Skintology.

Our Whole Living Expert Keri Glassman and her nutritionists gave one-on-one nutrition consultations featuring Nutritious Life Meals. It’s never too late to start living a Nutritious Life.

The ladies at Spa Chicks On The Go offered a beauty pit stop for guests. Sit down, relax and be on your gorgeous way!

There’s always time for a little pampering.

Guests could grab a complimentary towel and chat with York Spa about their new product, which is a surgery-free alternative to botox.

J. Sisters showed off their impressive celebrity clientele and their skills for blow outs and styling.

Of course, we can’t forget to take a stop at the three bars that guests flocked to all night. Sake TY KU were serving up their all natural and premium sake Spatinis with fresh cut cucumbers. I love spa-ke! My TY KU ninja name is Ninja Turtle Michellangelo.

Seagram’s Escapes showed off their brand new Frozen Magaritas and Frozen Daiquiris. Just pour, recline, and you’ve got yourself the perfect beach beverage . (Doubles as an ice pack to cool your forehead, because man it’s HOT out there.)

As the night wine-d down Rioja kept pouring bottle after bottle of their delicious wine. Really, what goes better with relaxation than wine?

Photos by Michel Delsol for Spa Week.

Guests also sipped on Honest Tea and Honest Ade as a refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages.

To see more photos of the party, check out the album on our Facebook page.

And thanks to Gorgeous in Grey for whipping up this video tour of the evening! Looks like you had fun. Spa Week’s official video soon to come!

Happy Spa Week! Letter from The Editor

Beautiful Girl With White Scarf on The Beach

That moment your body touches the massage table. The lights dim and your eyes seal shut, smiling still. The calming melody of spa music urges your mind to wander off to no place in particular. With every long, deep, sweet inhale, the aroma of fresh and powerful essential oils massages your insides from nose to toes. Your whole body begins to breathe, with no constraints, cozy and liberated under soft towels and spa blankets. As though a bouquet of colorful helium balloons is whisking you away on a perfectly secluded beach. Your shoulders and legs and feet and scalp tingle in anticipation. You taste bliss about to begin.

OH, how I love that moment. That feeling of longing. Knowing something so wonderful is about to happen and knowing you are going to feel so good for the next hour or two, and then even better in the long run.

It’s sort of like Spa Week. Today marks first morning of Spa Week Spring 2012! It’s that wonderful week where people all across North America get to experience moments like this in affordable abundance. We’ve been planning for months and months, but right now, it’s the calm before the calmer. And just like a good massage about to begin, I can’t wait for you to experience all the delightfully rich benefits of the spa lifestyle.

One of the reasons? Because in that delicious moment before your treatment, it just so happens your massage therapist is just as excited as you are.

“It is a very beautiful and powerful experience that I can create harmony and balance between my hands and people. I am exceptionally honored that I have this skill and can be rewarded every day for doing what I love.” — Soyoung Abbate, AVEDA Red Bell Spa in Hicksville, NY

It couldn’t be truer: All You Knead Is Love. Massaging hands come with passionate hearts. News broke earlier this year about massage therapy making the list of top 10 professions in 2012 (it’s the best job on earth!), so we celebrated with a blog series to celebrate the people with those magical hands. “What do you love most about your job?” we asked. The quote above was just one of over 50 we featured.

From combatting stress, migraines and insomnia to helping clients suffering from sciatica, cystic fibrosis and cancer, massage therapists share that they are all in this for one reason: To heal. To touch not just bodies, but lives. I strongly encourage you to read all 13 massage therapy blog posts if you haven’t yet. I have learned so much! These life-changing experiences are what make massage therapists as passionate about giving as we are about receiving.

What an incredible honor it is to be part of this industry. This week, savor every moment with your massage therapist or esthetician. Ask questions. Let them not simply pamper you; let them help you. Let them heal you. That’s why they’re here.

Enjoy, show your GRATITUDE (15%-20% of the original treatment price is standard Spa Week tipping!), and have a beautiful Spa Week.

Yours truly,

Michelle Joni Lapidos

PS. Tell me below what treatments you’re getting!

#HotSpaMoms Party Hard! Hot Mom Spa Night Spr.12

You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.

The day-to-day of being a good mom requires sleep and it requires strength. It requires a clear head to break up sibling battles, to figure out dinner, to balance checkbooks and soccer schedules, and to make life-changing decisions for people whose lives depend on you.

It requires frequent momME time.

Motherhood requires spa.

Spa Martier Couples Room

This past Monday night, April 2nd, we gave NYC mamas ZERO excuses to put off momME time by hosting our 2nd biannual Hot Mom Spa Night at Spa Martier. (Talk about a Hot Mom Monday.) Top mom bloggers from our Hot Mom Spa Squad and beyond joined us for an evening to indulge and celebrate the upcoming week of $50 Spa Week treatments. Some had not been to the spa in years (yikes!!) and relished this time for themselves, vowing to pass along the message of health and wellness to every mom they know. Many even booked Spa Week appointments for themselves right then and there to ensure a momME time day was in their near future.

Our #HotSpaMoms have doubled in size and prowess since last Spa Week, and this party showed it! Let’s check it out. We’ve got more pictures on Facebook too.

Dr. Amir Sheibanie (with me above), the spa manager and skincare pro who recently took over Spa Martier, made sure every mom got pampered properly. Back massages by Karina were the talk of the night and Phytomer mud foot wraps gave everyone’s high-heeled tootsies a much-needed break. Francisco tousled and sculpted hair with this extremely intense, unblinking “hair face” (see below). Those cheekbones! That steady gaze! An artist at work, my friends.

With wine and cheese in their freshly blinged-out and massaged hands, our hot moms made some new friends, learned about skincare, and even did some dancing with the super-cute estheticians! They’ve got mooooooves.

The Spa Martier staff is not only talented when it comes to nails, hair, massage therapy and beautiful skin, they sure know how to throw a party. Wine flowed steadily and cubes of golden cheese were almost as rich as the 24kt Gold Facials they’re offering for Spa Week.


Everyone dropped their business cards in for a chance to win a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card, and at the end of the night we drew the winners: Congratulations to Rachel Ferrucci and Kimberly of Foodie City Mom scored themselves some extra spa lovin’!

We got a little silly with HASHTAGS… as in, hashtag HotSpaMoms… and it seemed totally cool (hot?) at the time.

Dr. Amir Sheibanie swooped in as the spa hero he is for one more shot!

And then we sent everyone home with Phytomer skincare goodies for continued hotness.

Team Spa Week thanks you for coming!

Thank you for joining us, hotties! We were joined by the #HotSpaMoms behind Sex Lies and Bacon, Love That Max & SELF Magazine, Staycation Mama, Lady & The Blog, Mommy’s Links, Mommy’s Mingle, Mommy Posh, The Posh Parent, Beamer Buzz and her blogger mom Rachel Ferrucci, Mommy Delicious, Primetime Parenting, Foodie City Mom, NYC Single Mom Reviews, Raising Three Savvy Ladies, Boyz Rule Our World, Beamer Buzz, My Two Cents Count,  and others.

Be sure to check out Spa Martier for Spa Week:

55 Min Rolling Stone Massage – USUALLY: $125, SPA WEEK: $50

60 Min 24 Karat Nano Platinum and Gold Facial by Cosme Proud – USUALLY: $175, SPA WEEK: $50
75 Min Calgel or Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure and Unlimited Art Design – USUALLY: $150, SPA WEEK: $50

But did you know… it’s not just a spa?

It’s an empire! Just above the underground spa is Caffé Martier serving sandwiches, salads, desserts and delicious dishes, and Martier Boutique, a high-end clothing and jewelry shop. They’ve got locations popping up all over the country, with a big presence in Miami. My jumpsuit is by Robert Rodriguez, courtesy of Martier Boutique. Thank you Bobby for dressing me moments before the party started. I needed that.

And very special thank you to our event photographer whose Twitter name I aptly created myself: @BEST_MOM_EVER. Love you mom! :)

Vice, Vice, Baby: Your Guilty Pleasures (and what cancels them out)

Closeup portrait of young beautiful woman after bath

We started the week singing Vice, Vice Baby (with Lose Weight By Accident by Sarah Jenks).

Now, we’re ending it that way too.

What’s your VICE? What’s your ANTI-VICE said?

We asked this to some of our friends around the web, and here’s what keeps them feeling slightly guilty, and the thing that keeps them feeling okay about it.

Nobody’s perfect. It’s all a balancing act.

Vivianne Lapointe from Live Fast Mag said:

VICE: Caviar. Very good things come in small (expensive) packages.

ANTI-VICE: Spiced almond milk with cardamom, turmeric and ginger. The sexiest way to get calcium.

Dina Fierro from Eye4Style said:

VICE: A girl can’t resist a little glitter, and regardless of how many bedazzled pairs of shoes I have in my closet, it’s never enough. My most recent acquisition? These Miu Miu Glitter Leather Sandals:

ANTI-VICE: It sounds a little pretentious, but I eschew processed foods and make it a point to integrate power greens – think kale, spinach and arugula – into my diet daily. It’s made a huge impact on my energy level! Try this Curry Kale Chips recipe.

Bryce Gruber from said:

VICE: Sweets! I recently went gluten-free because of a wheat intolerance and thought I’d automatically be able to curb my sweet cravings from the total lack of cookies and cupcakes. Sigh, I was wrong. I’ve found fruit, chocolate, and candied nuts.

ANTI-VICE: Spa time. I’m literally obsessed with steam rooms and massages, and I think I can officially be labeled a “hammam junkie” at this point in my life.

PJ Gach from said:

VICE: I recently met Purity Vodka in LA and well, hello!

ANTI-VICE: Disney gummy vitamins. They’re good for you and tasty too!

Shyema Azam from said:

VICE: I’m sorry, I just can’t help being addicted to watching anything Kardashian. That family is truly my guilty pleasure.

ANTI-VICE: Beets. I’ve started hoarding them in my salads — they’re packed with antioxidants and are great for your heart (literally).

Ruth Staiman from Thefashionoffice said:

VICE: #twitter #twitter #TWITTER

ANTI-VICE: Giving up my vices! Last year I gave up soda, drinking (except for a on birthdays), red meat, and dairy products.

And from the editors of Spa Week Daily:

Michelle Joni Lapidos said:

VICE: My computer or iPhone at two in the morning. Call me a social media girl but I’m completely addicted to the internet, especially when I should be sleeping. (Case in point – this is me last night on Instagram, playing with my new PicFrame app and Foodspotting photos.

ANTI-VICE: Yoga. Every Monday, no matter how stressed I am or what is on my plate, I escape for an hour to Yoga To The People on St. Marks. It’s my ME time of the week to breathe deeply, stretch, smile, feel strong and forget about the rest of the world.

Stephanie Cavataro said:

VICE: Diet Coke. Since I gave up soda in September, Diet Coke has totally haunted my existence, creeping out from refrigerated section of deli-marts and peering at me from my friend’s fridge, screaming, “DRINK ME!” Once powerless to temptation, I now only have one or two cans a month (instead of in one hour) and save it special occasions like dinner with friends.

ANTI-VICE: Water with lemon (or lime) has helped me replace soda without drinking boring, plain old water. I actually look forward to drinking water now throughout the day instead of dreading it.

Tell us in the comments: What are YOUR vices and anti-vices?


Spa Week’s Hot Mom Spa Night NYC… That Was HOT.

It’s official: Our Hot Mom Spa Squad has started a MOVEMENT. The Squad’s goal of spreading Spa Week‘s founding mission of pampering and wellness to ALL moms was encapsulated at our first ever Hot Mom Spa Night on Monday, September 26th, at Spa Merge in NYC. With #50dollartreatments just weeks away, we played host to nearly 80 Hot Moms who were pampered and preened… and some for the first time in (gasp!) 2 years, or even since before having kids. The spa-deprivation madness must end once and for all!

With dad or the babysitter at home, our #HotSpaMoms kissed goodbye to their mom-responsibilities for a few hours and got their spa-rty on! Cocktails by Martini and Rossi mixed with the adorable DJ Jasmine spinning all our favorite hits, it was a recipe for optimal mommy-mingling and a few spontaneous dance parties to say the least. The night lead to many new friendships, and some pretty funny confessions in our Hot Mom Confessional. Your kid did WHAT!?! (Watch the video above for all the mommy dirt).

Spa Merge was truly the perfect setting for our first ever Hot Spa Mom Night. This expansive yet intimate spa in midtown greets guests with exquisite hospitality and an insta-relaxing scent that flows throughout the space. Throughout the night, our Hot Moms were taken to private, candle-lit treatment rooms for massages (OLGA is a living legend) and mini-glow facials (DaDaRocks got his very first one!). Out in the party space, eyebrows were chiseled to perfection by the acclaimed Vicky Langer, and Deborah Lippman manicures with warm Eco-Fin Paraffin hand treatments finished off the transformations.

SpaWeekers Stephanie, Michelle, Kimberlee and Breanna

It’s safe to say we created some new spa addicts.

We ended the night with some great raffles. Congrats to Kami of Working Mom Fence for winning the $425 triple-treatment spa day at Spa Merge (read her post of utter disbelief) and to Gina of Mommy Posh who claimed a $50 Spa Week Gift Card prize.

We’d like to thank everyone for coming out to our first Hot Mom Spa Night! Our Mommy Co-Host Lyss Stern of Diva Moms, Zuri “Queen ZMC” McDaniels (fabulous newly-blogging wife of Run DMC), and the moms behind Mom Trends, Mommy Posh, Savvy Mom NYC, Advice Sisters, Mom Most Traveled (check out her event post!), Mommy Shorts, DaDa Rocks (holding down the Y-chrome), Dim Sum Debutante, Moms Favorite Stuff, Boyz Rule Our World, The Brand New Mommy, Stroller Ballet, Primetime Parenting, Mommy in the City, Mommy Delicious, Style Mom, Rachel Ferrucci, Hats, Heels & Handbags, Finance Foodie, Single Mama NYC, Mommy’s Mingle, and all our other Hot Moms, and their Hot Mom guests.

Special thanks to…

…Spa Merge! If you would like to book them for Spa Week (highly recommended), call 646.484.4104, their $50 treatments are:

  • 45 Min Honey Dust Body Scrub with a Chamomile and Lemon Hydration
  • 50 Min Warm Herbal Body Wrap and Hydrating Mini Facial
  • 45 Min Spa Merge Brightening Facial

…Our event charity partner Glamour Gone Good, an organization empowering America’s glamour-makers to do good and give back to women in need. (Shout-out to founder and brand new mommy Shikha!)

…Martini & Rossi for that fab buzz.

…And our photographer for the evening, Carol Lapidos (@Best_Mom_Ever) who happens to be an especially special mom. MY mom! <3