MAN UP at Clarins

Do you know how much money men in the US are spending on grooming products each year? A few hundred million, you think? Nope… they’re spending four billion dollars.

Men account for 31% of spa goers in America, and did you know the most common spa packages offered are for men, with 45% of U.S. spas offering such a package? By incorporating no-frills, guy-friendly scents like sandalwood, mustard seed, eucalyptus and thyme, spas are able to successfully market to men. Men’s treatments are getting so popular that they made our Top 10 Spa Treatment Trends list!

However, some men can be very peculiar about the spa. See, my boyfriend’s heels look like the aerial view of a torrid California desert, yet he refuses to get a pedicure because, as opposed to his abnormally smooth body, keeping his feet rugged is his way of “claiming his man card”. And last night at our 1st ever Hot Mom Spa Night in NYC, we were joined by one solitary Hot Dad, famously known as DaDa Rocks. I had to force – FORCE! – DaDa to try a 20 minute mini-facial. Although feeling emasculated at the thought of it, afterwards he had a big glowing smile on his face, and he admitted that he actually kinda liked it.

Where does your man fall? While some women are fighting tooth and nail to get their man to do something about his unibrow, some have husbands spending more time at the spa than she is.

This Spa Week, October 10-16, we have many spas offering man-made, made-for-man treatments, but we wanted to put the spotlight on one of the pioneering spa and skin care brands that men are flocking to: Clarins. This internationally respected and followed brand has a complete line of skincare dedicated to men, and during Spa Week their spas are offering one special facial focused on their non-female clientele.

With 16 Clarins locations throughout California, Illinois, Florida, New York, Virginia and Massachusetts, all 31% of those spa-going gentlemen are sure to find their fresh manly face nearby. Find a location near you at

Another fun fact… men have 15% more oily skin than women, so a facial is totally necessary.

Listen up gentlemen: The CLARINS Men Facial includes a complete treatment to hydrate, purify and detoxify your skin. It helps soothe the skin irritated by shaving.

Tell your boyfriend, husband, father and brother: Spa Week is October 10 – 16th!

Pejazzling Jumps The Pond

Thanks to fame-whoring, bling-loving, entrepreneurial British reality stars, we are seeing another resurgence of the sparkly private parts obsession born as Vajazzling, and this time it’s your turn, boys.

Almost instantly after our vajazzling video at completely bare dropped in February 2010, men became wildly jealous (unless maybe they were having sex with someone who’s vajazzled) and words like anazzling and balljazzling and penazzling were said and done in earnest.

And so the story goes…  this week, British reality show The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright has reached the pinnacle of fame with the launch of Pejazzles: a range of Swarovski crystal tattoos designed to be worn specifically by men. Just like Vajazzles, they are stick on and can be applied anywhere, but are suggested for just above the crotch on a waxed or shaved surface. “According to salon owners, 40% of customers requesting body bling are men,” reports the Daily Mail. These lips are one of the top sellers (I’ve personally had it – at least Pejazzlers have good taste).

We asked our Resident Straight Man (who chooses to remain anonymous) what he thinks about the trend: “No Way. Call your Congressman and get them to sign the nation’s first Penile Protection Amendment. Just say No to Pejazzling. It’s that important.”

Images courtesy of Daily Mail UK – hop on over there to read more.

A Man’s Spa Week at Clarins Skin Care Spa

When was the last time you treated your dad, brother or hubby to something special? How many times have you been stumped on this “special treat” and settled for tools (he owns the whole Philips line), ties (you’ve never seen him wear) or even worse—new black socks? You can show the men in your life how much you really care by introducing them to four very important words: cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize.

It’s not unusual to see a guy—a very straight guy at that—at a spa indulging in a pedicure, a massage, or even a facial. As much as Spa Week has become every girl’s bi-annual ritual of beautifying and pampering, it is also a great time for men to replenish and extinguish all of the impurities in their skin. Take it from two of our our favorite spa boys, Neal Gibeau and Oz Sultan, on why the spa experience is essential.

As we enter a new season, help the men in your life do so with fresh and clean skin for $50 during Spa Week at Clarins Skin Care Spa locations around the country. (Women, Clarins is also offering a 60 Min Clarins Tri-Active Facial Treatment for you.)


60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Nordstrom, 55 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 312.464.1515 (x1427)


60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Madison Avenue Skin Spa, 1061 Madison Avenue, New York, NY (212.734.6100)

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Bloomingdale’s, Bloomingdale’s Roosevelt Field Mall, 630 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY (516.873.2700)

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Columbus Avenue Skin Spa, 247 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY (212.362.0190)


60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Nordstrom, 21725 Victory Boulevard, Canoga Park, CA (818.884.7900)

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Nordstrom, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91007 (626.294.1422)

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Bloomingdale’s, 701 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA (949.729.6675)

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Nordstrom, 3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Bloomingdale’s, 7057 Friars Road, San Diego, CA (619.610.6431)

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Bloomingdale’s, 1 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA (650.463.2005)

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Nordstrom, 865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA (415.243.8500 x 1427)


60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Bloomingdale’s, 8778 SW 136th Street, Miami, FL (305.252.6371)

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Bloomingdale’s, 19555 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura, FL (305.792.1055 )

60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Nordstrom, 4310 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables, FL (786.999.1313 x1055)


60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Nordstrom, 1400 South Hayes Street, Arlington, VA (703.415.1121)


60 Min CLARINS Men Facial – Clarins Skin Spa at Bloomingdale’s, 225 Boylston Street, Newton, MA (617.630.6772)

No Clarins location in your area? Search for all Spa Week Men’s treatments in our $50 spa directory. (Search under Men’s Grooming, as well as facials and massages in general—because those are very much unisex.)

Hey, What About My Balls? Man Feels Left Out from Vagina Spa Craze

This is an ACTUAL email I received this afternoon. No joke. I had to share immediately, because I wonder: Men, is anyone else out there experiencing this strange new spa adaptation of the Oedipus Complex?

Dear Michelle,

So, here I am sitting in my office trying to make my way through another seemingly endless day at work, when I suddenly come across an article on your blog about yet another new spa treatment for women. There’s been vajazzle, vajacial, vatoo… and this one is for a vaginal steam bath. Vaginal Steam Bath?????? What the Hey!! What about us guys? We’re people too. How about a steam bath for “my boys”? It can’t always be about you women. Guys need to relax too. I’d love to treat my boys to a good time. They’re good boys, they’ve always done the right thing by me. Are you listening spa owners… us guys would like to shed our inhibitions and take our boys out for a night on the town!! Do you women want your man to take care of you? Then help him to take care of himself…  Spa Week should talk to some spa owners and demand that they start offering “A Boys Night Out Steam Bath.” It’s the right thing to do.

Locked Up in New York

PS. Please keep me anonymous if you do anything with this (absolutely brilliant) idea.

Weigh in below, boys. Are your boys below feeling left out?
And spas, will you part take in the solution?

Men’s Fragrance Giveaway (And WHAT to Get Him!?)

“Exceptional…because you are…” We love the sound of that, and what a great name for a fragrance too. Sometimes we tend to overlook all the good deeds, time and patience put in by the men in our lives. But ladies, a man’s ego needs for you to let them know how special they are—it’s a fact.

The point of this giveaway is twofold: One, we want to send 2 of you this sexy men’s fragrance to douse your beau in, and two, we want to help you in your quest for finding that perfect holiday gift for him. Either he’s too simple, too picky, too tall… it’s impossible! So, chime in for a chance to win, and also to help your fellow readers out. Browse through the answers for some good men’s gift ideas you can implement of your own.


The fragrance launched by the design house of Exceptional Parfums in 2008, EXCEPTIONAL ….BECAUSE YOU ARE is a men’s fragrance that possesses a blend of stimulating, cool, and sensual aromas. Key notes include Bergamot, cardamom, violet, juniper berry, ozone, plum, vetiver, sandalwood, and musk. The fragrance retails for $80.00.


Tell us, either in the comments below or on our Facebook page on this thread:

Women: What’s the best gift you’ve ever given a man?

Men: What is the best gift you’ve ever received?


Contest ends Monday December 13, at 11:59 pm EST. Winners will be listed here, and must respond within a week from announcing to claim your prize. Please link to a valid email address or contactable Facebook account, or be sure to check back here.

Thanks for entering our giveaway. Congratulations to Siilentii27 and Jill for giving the best gifts ever. Please send an email to candace (at) spaweekmedia (dot) com to claim your prize.


The best gift I ever gave a man was a hand painted replica of an art piece he really liked :)

He has a million baseball collectible cards so I put them in a beautiful scrapbook and gave it to him.

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