Spa Week Media Party Recap – Spring 2011

Spa Week is officially underway! Every season we salute the week of ultimate spa indulgences with a big shebang to highlight select $50 treatments, as well as our fantastic sponsors. This year we topped the charts with our best media celebration yet—or so we hear.

On April 6th, over 400 editors, TV personalities, bloggers and special guests swarmed the Prince George Ballroom in NYC for an evening of shmoozing and pampering. What went on inside the gold-trimmed Victorian walls? Let’s take the tour:

The CAREFREE Refresh Lounge

The CAREFREE Brand holds Title Sponsorship of Spa Week this year, and to celebrate their newest product, their highly absorbent Acti-Fresh liners, they created and presented a signature spa treatment that had every single guest feeling calm, breezy and supremely refreshed. The CAREFREE Misting Massage had guests reclining in lounge chairs while getting their head and hands massaged.

Matchmaking with YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Cosmetics

The hot eco-friendly makeup brand Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics brought all the glitz, glamour and allure of backstage at a fashion show right to the Spa Week Media Party. With their founder Pauline Youngblood at the helm, the team of makeup artists behind our Exclusive Cosmetics Sponsor did “matchmaking,” pairing each guest with their skincare soulmate makeup colors, such as honey, coffee and toffee.

DOLE Real Fruit Bites Flavored Oxygen Bar and Photo Booth

DOLE knows how to keep a party happening! Our Exclusive Food Sponsor took a unique approach to presenting the flavors of their mighty delicious and nutritious little snack with an Oxygen Bar. Choose Pineapple, Mango or Apple, then float downstream while finding a wave of newfound energy. Then stop in the the DOLE photo booth, put on some big funny glasses, and strike a pose 4 times with your friends.

clariSEA Make-Your-Own Salt Scrub Bar

The clariSEA booth was like being a kid in a sandbox all over again… a kid who has a mature interest silky smooth, blemish-free skin. And hand massages. Guests had the chance to interact with our Exclusive Skin Care Sponsor to create their own custom salt scrubs—they mixed some clarifying salt with straight up Dead Sea salt with pomegranate flavor in take-home tubs. The salts do wonders for you knees, elbows and body as a whole.

Vdara Hotel & Spa, Citycenter Las Vegas Lounge

Guests had the chance to relax in the Vdara lounge while learning about this unique Las Vegas destination—a non-smoking, non-gaming hotel and spa. As our Exclusive Destination Sponsor for 2011, Vdara knows a thing or two about pampering—they were giving all guests the chance to win a ridiculous penthouse getaway! (You can win it too.)

The Bar: GIVEN Liquor

Delicious cocktails by GIVEN Liqueur (pronounced Jee-Vahn) kept spirits high all night long, literally. If you have not yet tasted, you simply must! It is a unique blend of premium agave tequila and natural lime juice handcrafted in France—the ideal balance between a spirit and a liqueur, and goes down almost too easily. They served up four signature cocktails: The Cure (Chilled GIVEN on ice) The Freshening (with muddled cucumber and mint) The Immunity Booster (splash of cran) and The Stress Buster (fresh muddled berries).

Guests also sipped on Honest Tea and Hint Water as a refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Spa Chicks On The Go

Throwing a spa party in your office? Need a few masseuses for a runway show or your brand’s media event? Spa Chicks is a company that delivers customized spa and beauty experiences for private, corporate and media clients, and at our party they were shaping up eyebrows by threading.

The Spas:

Spa Martier, known for their 24K Gold Facial, did beautiful express manicures.

Euphoria Spa relieved all the neck and back tension with chair massages.

Carol’s Daughter – The Back Room Hand & Foot Spa did hand exfoliation treatments.

Supple Spa had guests lay down on a bed for reflexology and massage.

The Goody Bags

We like to go all out each season by creating the goody bags of a lifetime to make sure each guests leaves with a pampering experience to take home with them. Each bag included gifts from each of the exclusive sponsors, as well as items ranging from slippers to nail polishes to teeth whitening kits to bikini adornment. Rather than listing everything here, stay tuned to the blog as we review each of the items in Little Luxury Reports. It’ll take a while, but we’ll get there!

Check out some more snaps from the party, here and on our Facebook page!

Spa Week Media Party: Pictures, Party Guests & The PitiCure™


Last night, over 400 guests joined us to celebrate the launch of the 12th bi-annual Spa Week®.

At the Prince George Ballroom in New York City, indulgence and wellness was the spirit of the evening at the Spa Week Media Party. The evening featured relaxing spa treatment cabanas, “make-unders” by Bare Escentuals, Vibrant Rioja wines of every variety, a decadent 3-tiered chocolate fountain with any food you could ever imagine dipping into chocolate, and a host of other indulgences. And the centerpiece of the evening that kept everyone talking (and feeling squeaky clean): The PitiCure™, the official spa treatment of Spa Week 2010, created by Dove Deodorant. And then of course there were those legendary Spa Week gift bags… In a perfect world we would have had a bag for everyone, but that’s why we have our Monthly Beauty Giveaways for you also.

For the first time ever, we live-streamed the entire night. From giant chocolate covered strawberries and live PitiCures™ to interviews with party guests, men who claim that men need the spa more than women, and the force behind fashion’s beloved… watch the Spa Week Daily UStream Video Log for everything we recorded live. Here’s a sampling:

Also, check out all the party photos on Guest of A Guest and some more on Socially Superlative.


Party guests with the Spa Week gift bagimg_1355 Dari Alexander and Dermatologist Debra Luftman of Dove Deodorantlinds_cheryl_michelle_bre

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