Spa Deals for Mother Hubbard

I used to call my mom Mother Hubbard. It started in fifth grade, and I thought it made me pretty cool. My BFF did it too – we were just the awesomest! Her epithet soon morphed into Mother Hubcap, then got shortened to simply Hubcap. “Hey, Hubcap! What is for dinner?” It continued to transform. I’d pay-phone her and sing, “Hellooooooo, Hubcapaloticus! I’m done with drama practice early, can you come pick me up?” And the evolution continued: “Hubcapastration! I PROMISE! You definitely turned off the iron. Four times.” Rather than a phase that died off in a month, the nicknames spiraled for years into exponential absurdity. Hubcapalodi. Lodi. Load! Lodalicious. Yes, I was a weirdo. But you know what? She responded to all of them. She must have really liked me.

The point is, my mom deserves a spa day… and I’m sure yours does too. And the good news is, Spa Week’s gift cards are on sale through Mother’s Day, and we’ve got hundreds of spa deals in our Spa Deals directory that would make her totally forgive any awkward nicknames you gave her as a child.

13 Indulgent Mother’s Day Spa Packages & Deals

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Millennium Medi Spa – New Braunfels, TX | 4 Hour Mother’s Day Package: includes 60 Min Massage, 60 Min Spa Pedicure, Facial with Vibradermabrasion, Pedi Couture Slippers and Lunch. WAS $350, NOW $210

Angel’s Touch Skincare & Wellness – Greenbelt, MD | Mom and Daughter Spa Day for Two: includes 60 Min Massage and 30 Min Infrared Sauna. WAS $250, NOW $120

CloudMover Day Spa – Huntington Beach, CA | 60 Min Mom and Me Couples Massage with choice of HB Hot Stone or Deep Tissue Technique. WAS $160, NOW $130

Allure Pilates Spa – Los Angeles, CA | Unlimited TRX Group Classes with Celebrity Trainer Raul Rodriguez. WAS $250. NOW $99

Love Skincare Center – Centennial, CO | 90 Min “Champagne and Roses” Microdermabrasion and Glycolic Facial + Sugar Butter Lip Treatment. WAS $95. NOW $50

Oxygen Spa Studio, Chicago, IL | 60 Min Couples Massage. WAS $160. NOW $100

Bocu Salon and Spa – Commack, NY | 60 Min Exfoliating Body Treatment with Vichy Shower, Aromatherapy Steam Room Session with Salon Blowout with Select Stylists. WAS $183, NOW $50

Ai Spa – Calabasas, CA | 2 Hour Mother’s Day Package: includes 60 Min Clarifying Facial and 60 Min Swedish Massage. Moms only please. WAS $300, NOW $140

Belleair Day Spa – Clearwater, FL | 2 Hour Mother Glows Best Package: includes Botanical Body Scrub, Herbal Body Wrap, Hydrating Facial and Reflexology. WAS $265, NOW $200

Facelogic Spa – Encinitas, CA | Mother’s Day Package: includes Signature Facial with choice of Eye or Lip Treatment Mask. WAS $99, NOW $59

Gurney’s Sea Water Spa & Thalasso Center – Montauk, NY | Mother’s Day Package: Includes 60 Min Swedish Massage, OceanView Manicure, OceanView Pedicure Plus Free SpaRitual Nail Lacquer. WAS $250, NOW $200

Jurlique – 3 locations in Manhattan, Santa Monica or San Francisco | Three 50 Min Facials (Choice of Signature Revitalizing, Skin Soothing or Skin Purifying). WAS $345, NOW $230

Elizabeth Adam Salon And Day Spa – Chicago, IL | Not quite a mommy yet? Mommy-to-be Organic Facial, Massage, or Smoothing Body Treatment. WAS $115, $85, $125, NOW $75 each

7 Awesome $50 Spa Week Treatments To Look Forward To

Lasers, oxygen and Vichy showers ready – National Spa Week Spring 2012 is just seven weeks away! That means that in exactly two weeks, on March 12th, we’ll be releasing the full list of $50 treatments being offered, rolling THOUSANDS deep. Sure a hot stone massage is always incredible, but each season we encourage our SpaWeekers to try something new and exciting, be it a quirky facial or an alternative healing therapy to help reduce stress, discomfort and even pain.

So, what’s on the Spa Week menu for Spring? We can’t tell you everything just yet! To hold you over, here’s a little teaser list of 7 very enticing $50 treatments on tap for April 16th – 22nd. Be the first to know about ALL the treatments being offered this Spring by signing up now! Start whetting your appetite and your lips… because a lip exfoliation is included.

1. Deep Neck Therapy for Pain Relief… using a laser

Got a crick in your neck? At Mona Spa & Laser in Memphis, TN, they’ll be offering their 915 Laser Deep Neck Therapy for Pain Relief. The 915 Laser penetrates deep “heat” into the tissue for pain management that can make all the difference in your day, and also has long-lasting thermal effects.

2. “Pie In The Face!” Organic Key Lime Pie Facial

The Spa at Bellport in Long Island, NY is offering a treatment reminiscent of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare – except these “pies in the face” are a 50 minute ritual that have beautifying, not embarrassing, results. Psst, try that recipe here.

3. SIX – Yes 6! – Sessions of Laser Hair Removal (and yes, still only $50)

That’s right. At Anatomy Day Spa in San Diego, CA, they’re offering the unthinkable: a full six sessions of laser hair removal. Choose your body part: lip, chin, bikini line, underarm, sideburns or uni-brow, and be forever hair free on that irresistible Spa Week price tag.

4. The Heavy Metal Facial

Reliquary Water Sanctuary & Spa at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, NV is getting all Metallica on your face. In their Heavy Metal Facial, skin is cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and then a masque is applied based on your skin type. The finale? A dusting of one of the following precious metals: Copper, Silver or Gold. The shimmering metals leave you looking like a rock star (normally $150)!

5. Detox to the Moon! Ion Foot Detox + Zero Gravity Chair Oxygen Inhalation

Serente Spa in Houston is offering an unusual combination of wellness treatments: An Ion Detox Foot Spa may look a little muddy, but it’ll pull toxins out of your body, improving the immune system, increasing energy level, and restoring your body to optimal health. Then an oxygen inhalation with a 90-95% oxygen concentration will revive you. It has been shown to heighten concentration, alertness, memory and is a natural remedy for headaches, hangovers and jet lag. It’s often used by professional athletes to speed up muscle recovery after exertion. Serente’s Zero Gravity Chair lets you experience oxygen inhalation while feeling like you’re floating on air.

Clients can choose from the following infused essential oils to achieve their relaxation needs:

DEEP RELAXATION – LAVENDER SPIKE ~ Assists with deep relaxation ~ Helps alleviate tension and stress
STIMULATING – PEPPERMINT ~ Helps concentration, mind stimulating and clearing ~ Aids in digestion
HEALTH BOOST – LEMON with TEA TREE ~ Refreshing, Immune – Stimulant ~ Uplifting and Clearing

6. Body Polishing with Vichy Shower, Steam and Sauna

At Elizabeth Adam Salon and Day Spa in Chicago, IL, you can go enjoy a nice, long, well-rounded wellness experience – a luxurious body polishing scrub with Vichy shower, steam room and sauna  treatments included. Read more about the wonderfully wet wellness of Vichy showers.

7. 120 Min Royal Indulgence Package

At the new Love Skincare Center in Denver, CO, this 2-hour beauty and wellness indulgence includes an anti-aging chocolate facial, a hydrating lip treatment and custom brow shaping. Feeling like royalty yet?