Lose Weight By Accident: Are You a FOMO fanatic?


By Jamie G. Dougherty

No one likes to miss out, right?  We all worry about missing out on that perfect dress or fantastic boyfriend or not getting that ideal job we wanted. This, my lovely ladies, is a condition I call FOMO…AKA Fear of Missing Out.

FOMO is present in all aspects of our lives but no where is it more prevalent than in our interactions with food.

Have you ever downed the rest of a pint of ice cream, a cupcake, candy bar or bottle of wine because you thought, “I might never have something this good again!”  You gobble up what ever is in front of you thinking this present delicious joy will never be experienced again.  Your afraid of missing out on a single last drop of food fun.

The truth is that often those final moments of, “I’ve got to finish this before it’s gone and I miss out”, are never as satisfying as we want them to be.  They leave us feeling full, uncomfortable and often out of control.

So, what can we do when our FOMO is about to take over?

Here is my #1 way to clear a FOMO food freakout.

Give yourself permission.  It’s a simple as that.  We get into FOMO food mode because we convince ourselves that after this cupcake, we will never eat another one again.  So totally not true!  What’s actually happened is you’ve decided you will never LET yourself enjoy a cupcake again.  Next time, give yourself permission to enjoy what you want in the moment.  When you are satisfied after 2 or 3 bites, save the rest for later rather than mowing it down because you’ve made some arbitrary rule that this can never happen again.

Setting aggressive boundaries only gets your FOMO freight train going full speed ahead.

So tell me below, what causes your biggest FOMO freakout?   How has noticing your FOMO tendencies changed how you engage in your life?  What are your tips for shifting from FOMO to fully present?

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