Linklove: Hungry for Something


Today I enlisted Melissa here, who always shoots me emails with fun links, to collect 5 of her favorite links of the week. This morning we told you what to eat to drop lbs by tomorrow… now let the food times roll.

  • Forget the beach, head to your kitchen? Tan with food. (Yahoo! Shine)
  • 58 ways to burn 100 calories without trying… including hosting a dinner party. Nice! (SELF)
  • What to eat when you’re dying of heat? Cool of with quinoa and some other yummy foods. (Betty Confidential)
  • Tirimisu Custard… guilt free? Sign me up. (Fit Bottomed Girls)
  • Wash that down with some homemade peach iced green tea. Picnic time! (The Luxury Spot)


Linklove: James Bond Must Know About The Butters

Father’s Day is Sunday, and this week’s #linklove has nothing to do with it. But I had to remind you… we have statistical proof Dad wants a spa day and you can still get SpaWeek Gift Cards for 15% off! And now, your explanation for the above:

– A raging Vlogger is “So Pissed at Black People”… for hiding away THE BUTTERS! Where my fellow Cocoa Butter fanatics at? (Afrobella)

– Perfume Intelligence: Next year they’ll be releasing a James Bond 007 inspired perfume to coincide with the 23rd film in the series. Some things never get old I suppose; here are Bond-y scents from years past. (BellaSugar)

– So, Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry at GEARY’S leaked like wild (surely an accident, that Kim is so modest). Wouldn’t life be sweeter with a $710 sugar bowl? (The Frisky)

– Turn a negative into a positive… with a DIY lamp made out of the negatives of your old photos. (The Luxury Spot)

– Peep these gorgeous photos of the earth from above, and have an out of this world weekend! (LiveFastMag)



Linklove: Go Green with 10 Ways to Win an iPad

The iPad has not only revolutionized homes and businesses—it has helped revolutionize the way they go green. This recent Mashable article highlights iPad apps people and companies are using to manage energy usage and conduct environmental auditing, as well as reduce paper usage. Featured above is the Lutron Home Control+ iPad app, $19.99. For those of you who have an iPad or other type of tablet, how are you using it to live a more sustainable life?

In honor of Earth Day, step up to the environmental plate and treat yourself to that iPad you are coveting. If not for you, for Mother Earth. If it’s not quite in the budget right now, here are 10 (more) easy ways to win one.

1. Win an iPad on EForCity

2. Win 1 of 2 iPads from Scribendi

3. Win an iPad from I Could Use a Deal

4. Win an iPad2 from Dagmar Momsense

5. Like the PTS Multimedia Facebook Page and comment to win an iPad

6. Win an iPad2 from The Washington Examiner

7. Win an iPad2 on Blogelina

8. Win an iPad2 from 11 Alive Atlanta

9. Enter Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Giveaway for a chance to win an iPad

10. Enter the Fast Five Giveaway for a chance to win an iPad

Image via Mashable

Linklove: 5 Ways to Win an iPad 2


Everyone wants the hottest and most coveted tech item on the market right now: Apple’s iPad 2. We gave you 10 easy ways to win an iPad back in December, but the regular boring old iPad is so passé. Maybe it’s just outside out of splurging budget, just too soon for an early holiday gift, and the last time you got an Easter present you were 7, and you ate it 30 seconds later. All hope should not be lost, because this also makes iPad 2 one of the most coveted giveaway items on the web. Check out these sites giving away your favorite sequel since Austin Powers Goldmember.

1. Win an iPad 2 on Steamy Kitchen

2. Win an iPad 2 from BRG

3. Win an iPad 2 from Big List Of Giveaways

4. Win an iPad 2 from Apple Toolbox

5. Win an iPad 2 from Techno Buffalo

Linklove: Arts & Crafts Giveaways

You ever get the random urge to grab a glue gun, a few yards of fabric and just want to create? Then get ready to hustle over to these blogs for this week’s round up of giveaways. If you’ve ever once considered being an art teacher and the sight of crayons makes you giddy, enhance your creative outlet by entering any of the giveaways below.

Enter to win Pop & Lolli Wall Art from Hostess with the Mostess

Enter the Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway from “Cents”able Momma

Win a Spring Punch Set Giveaway from Martha Stewart

Win a White Wash Comfort Tea Towel from KB is Living the High Life

Enter the $250 Modern Mural Giveaway on Bon Bon Rose Girls

Win a box of custom redstarINK note cards from The Short and The Sweet of It

Image via