Lose Weight By Accident: Crack Up to Shrink Down


By Jamie G. Dougherty

When you think about losing weight, there are a few tips that come to mind: eat more greens, yes.  Drink more water, sure. Call Julie for a quick phone chit-chat, not really. Getting your best friend on the phone is not usually a go-to trick to shed some lbs (although this tip depends on your BFF relationship and situation). I’ve always had a very strict policy: best friends must be funny. The special BFF in my life has to have the ability to leave me in tears with a cramped stomach from her hilariosity.

Now, your best friend may not be the funniest person in the world and that is totally OK. She just needs to be hilarious to you. Here’s why: laughter raises your energy expenditure and your heart rate by 10 to 20 percent. With 15 minutes of hardcore laughing, you burn about 40 calories, which if done every day equates to 4 pounds a year. Not a huge drop, but nothing to sniffle at either. Laughing also floods your body with the chemical serotonin, which immediately creates a sense of happiness and wellbeing, making it a lot less likely you will need a 4 pm empty calorie boost like a mini snickers, scone, or frappuchino to lift your spirits.

Warning: This tip is going to make you look at your best friend in a different light. If she doesn’t make you laugh, or if in fact makes life a bit more dramatic and frazzled, it’s time for a new one.

So, the next time you are headed down the hall to grab a handful of m&m’s from the office candy bowl or find yourself sneaking into the kitchen for a late night ice cream rendezvous, call your dearest bestie. The sweet laughter she will induce will last way longer than any other sugar fix (plus, it will help rock your waistline to boot). Now that’s what friends are for! In the comments below tell me what cracks you up most about your best friend.

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