The Perfect Spa for Moms

No babysitter? No problem.

Our Hot Mom Spa Squad has been doing a stellar job rallying busy moms into the spa for some much-needed pampering, but in case you still have an excuse lingering, the buck stops HERE: LifeSpa, participating in Spa Week, will watch your kids—FOR FREE—while you get pampered for only $50!

Craving a nice sweaty workout too, dear mother of three? LifeSpa is located inside select Life Time Fitness Centers across the country, and when you book a Spa Week treatment there, you get full access to the facilities for the day. What a perfect day—your kids get a fun, social, entertaining romp in Life Time Fitness’s Child Center (two hours complimentary) and YOU enjoy your MomME-time, totally guilt-free. There’s a Kids Computer Center, a Play Maze and a Junior Sport Court. Your little ones will be begging you to go to the spa all the time!

LifeSpa’s philosophy is to make their guests feel beautiful from the inside out by providing a personalized experience, advanced technicians, and the best-in-class products. The spa offers massages including deep tissue, Thai, and stone, hair care treatments, makeup artistry, facials, wraps, scrubs, waxing and more.

Locations are in Minnesota, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, New York, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, New Jersey, and their brand new locations just outside of Las Vegas. Click here to find one near you and book your $50 spa day for Spa Week 2012!

Summer Spa Packages at the LVH Las Vegas Hotel & Casino – As Low As $139!

Every desert deserves an oasis, and we found one of Sin City’s most refreshing retreats: The LVH Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Treat yourself to two nights (or three…or four…) in the lap of luxury at this iconic hotel, and be prepared to be shocked at all of the fabulous summer goodies they’re throwing in — perfect for spa lovers like you.

With the Renew & Rejuvenate Package, you can stay the weekend (Friday to Saturday) for just $189, or spend 3 nights during the week (Sunday-Thursday) for just $139. As for those extras we mentioned… you’ll be hooked up with a voucher for a free night stay in Winter 2012, $10 in free slot play, 2-for-1 buffet and show tickets, 2 free entries to the fitness facility, 2 welcome cocktails, $100 in dining coupons, 2pm late checkout, and (we saved the best for last) 25% off any spa service!

Since you may find it hard to leave, there’s also the Extended Stay Package, offering a full 4-night weekday stay (Sunday-Thursday) for just $139.

So if this summer heat has you craving an escape, you know where to go for some R&R:

Win a 3-Night Las Vegas Spa Getaway

Twice upon a time in the summers of ’07 and ’08, I spent entirely too long in Las Vegas. It was for work both times, and don’t get me wrong, I adore that city with a party-girl passion. I spent ten wild days indulging in world-class spa experiences, lounging in poolside cabanas with D-list celebrities, escaping the desert heat in nearly-naked pools, pretending I could afford $4,500 handbags as I cooled down in delicious hotel air conditioning, getting free martinis over hours at the blackjack table (winning… most of the time), dining on juicy steaks and mind-blowing sushi rolls in some of the best restaurants anywhere, and partying till dawn with people I’d never, ever see again. Thank God. What happens in Vegas when you stay for ten days? You realize it would have been in your health’s best interest to have only stayed for three or four.

You have till TOMORROW to enter to win the perfect amount of time in Las Vegas! ENTER NOW for your 3-night Las Vegas Hilton escape. If you win, enjoy every second of it. (Trust me, you will.)

Hot Mom Monday: Mother’s Day Weekend in Vegas


What do you do when you win a trip to Las Vegas from Spa Week and have to figure out how to leave your baby behind for the very first time? We can only hope this is a dilemma you will have to deal with! For Hot Mom Spa Squad member Stacy-Ann Gooden (AKA Weather Anchor Mama) it was a hard decision, but here she takes us through the journey, from her big surprise win to planning the away-from-baby-cation, and enjoying herself on the strip. When she’s not in Vegas (which is any other time of her life) she plays the role of delivering the weather in New York City. But, her most important role, she says, is being a wife and mom.

By Stacy-Ann Gooden

Who would have thought that I’d be selected – out of gosh knows how many people – to win Spa Week’s Escape to Vdara Giveaway!? All I did was put my name in a jar at the Spa Week Media Party last October. Being the skeptic that I am I asked the lady manning the booth:

“Is this for real?  Does anyone ever win?”
“Yes. You never know. It doesn’t hurt to try,” she responded.

What the heck? She was right. I might as well give it a shot. Besides, it didn’t cost me a dime to throw my name in the hat among hundreds, if not thousands of people that night. Fast forward two weeks later and I get a call from some lady named Melissa claiming that I won a trip to Vegas. I chalked it up to one of the many bogus calls I usually get about winning a cruise some where. I almost hung up the phone. But, then she said something that triggered a memory from that night.

“Yeah right. How much does it cost?” I asked.
“Nothing! You won! I remember you. I was the one who took all your info at Spa Week,” she said.

It took a little bit more convincing, but I eventually realized that this thing was legit. My skepticism grew into pure excitement. I couldn’t wait to tell my hubby. I knew that he wouldn’t be excited  about the idea of going to a spa. The only time he’s ever had a massage was on our honeymoon. He said that would be the last one he’d ever get. But, this is Vegas, baby! Spa or no spa, he was totally down for this vacation.

The major hurdle was deciding whether or not to bring my daughter, Princess, along. But this is Vegas after all, so we ultimately chose to make this a baby-free vacation. I can’t say it was easy to leave her behind!

To prepare, here’s the plan I put into motion, starting 4 months in advance. (Read how each step turned out HERE):

  1. Get Princess used to the idea of sleeping on her own. Slowly start working my way back into my own bed.
  2. Help Princess get comfortable spending time away from my husband and me. Have her spend more time at Grandma’s house on the weekends.
  3. Princess has never spent the night anywhere beside our home, so she’ll need a few practice runs. I’ll have her spend the night at Grandma’s, too.
  4. While we’re gone, we’ll have all of her favorite snacks, toys, and other essentials handy. It’s not exactly the same as our home, but it’ll be close enough.
  5. She’s been doing OK with regular milk.  Even though it won’t be the same as lying next to mommy, I’ll pump a few bottles in case of an emergency.
  6. Face time! Since we won’t be there in the flesh, at least we cant see and chat with each other over the phone!

I had up to a year to fulfill the prize which included a three night stay in a penthouse suite, a spa and salon credit, a dining voucher, and limousine transportation to and from the hotel. We booked our Vdara retreat for Mother’s Day weekend, which (ironically) worked out perfectly.

I’ve never been to Vegas before. But when I think of Sin City, a scene from The Hangover comes to mind. Thoughts of a bunch of guys at a bachelor party getting wasted, followed by a bunch of other crazy events. Basically, I was totally clueless and didn’t know what to expect.  As it turns out, Vegas is a beautiful city with so much more to offer than just casinos and booze. Check out the scenery from our penthouse suite.

If you think the view outside is cool, check out the view inside.


Staying in a penthouse suite was also a first for us. This alone would have been enough but, there was so much more to enjoy. The first thing on the agenda after checking in was to grab a bite to eat, and hit up the casinos. Being novice gamblers, we played it smart and went over to the slot machines. I did pretty well in the beginning, but I should have walked away when I was up. I ended up losing my money.

I had my spa appointment the next morning and we were famished from a long day of traveling. So, we made it an early night.

Our stay up to this point was absolutely amazing, but visiting Vdara Spa and Salon completely took my breath away. I was scheduled to have a massage, facial and brow wax.  I also got a chance to enjoy the other great amenities the spa had to offer. I rotated between the stream room, sauna, Jacuzzi, and relaxation room the entire day. In fact, I loved it so much that I returned the following day for another round.  I even talked my hubby into coming along. They don’t normally allow picture taking.  But, my tour guide said that it was okay to snap these pics.

From gambling to pampering, the fun didn’t stop there. We got a chance to see “O” Cirque du Soleil, and a variety show. We weren’t allowed to take pics during the show.  My hubby snapped this one after leaving one of the performances.

We also spent some time touring the neighboring hotels and the fabulous Vegas strip.


When it came to satisfying our palates, there were tons of different restaurants to choose from. Being the foodie that I am, I wanted to try different cuisines. The Japanese restaurant, Blossom, was definitely one of our favorites.

Our first trip to Vegas was a blast! We were able to fit a lot of activities in during our three night stay. We’d definitely love to return, and explore more of what Sin City has to offer.

Thank goodness I put my name in that jar at Spa Week, and I thank my lucky stars for not hanging up the phone.

Big up to Vdara Spa and Salon for sponsoring our hotel stay.  A special shout out goes out to Spa Week for hosting the giveaway.


Valentine’s Day at the LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Some people love gambling. Some people gamble on love. To do both of these things at once, your Valentine’s Day destination is clearly Las Vegas.

Casa Nicola

One of our Travel by Spa Week partners, LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, is doing up Valentine’s Day dinner at Casa Nicola and TJ’s Steakhouse with a special offer at either restaurant. Couples dining on February 14th will be treated to a complimentary champagne toast and chocolate truffles, PLUS a chance to win their Valentine’s Day Escape Drawing, which includes a one-night stay at the LVH with a special room amenity and dinner for two at Casa Nicola.

Which restaurant to choose? Let him pick (guys love to think they’re in control) between Casa Nicola, an authentic Italian restaurant boasting robust, flavorful (manly man) dishes, and TJ’s Steakhouse, a sexy, Rat Pack-esque restaurant with only the finest USDA beef hand-cut and broiled to perfection over an open mesquite flame (need I say more?). Guys love steak and Italian food (most likely) just as much as they love you.

TJ’s Steakhouse

If you win the Valentine’s Escape Drawing, you and your man can enjoy all of the exciting goings-on at LVH during the month of March:

Watch the games: From March 15-18, the LVH Theater transforms into Hoops Central, where you can watch the best in college basketball battle it out on giant HD screens. They have over 1,500 seats, $2 beer/$2 hotdog specials and free t-shirts.

Catch a concert: The Isley Brothers (3/2-3) and Chicago (3/9-10) are rocking the LVH Theater only in March.

If you’re not in Vegas but looking to go, be sure to check out Spa Week’s exclusive 3- and 4-night packages at the LVH, which you can use for travel through March 2012.