Kate and Pippa – Royal Beauty Predictions

As the royal whirlwind gets closer and closer, we can hardly wait for it to be over! Okay, fine, we are really excited to see how it all pans out—lips, nails and tears included. We asked 6 of our favorite beauty editors to weigh in on some of the key beauty colors surrounding Kate and sister and Maid of Honor, Pippa for the big day. Meet our panel of opinionated beauty experts: Alexis Wolfer of The Beauty Bean, Sharon Feiereisen of The Fashion Spot and Sharon Feiereisen.com, Amber Katz aka Beauty Blogging Junkie, Jeannine Morris of Beauty Sweet Spot, Tracy Hepler from Total Beauty and April Daniels Hussar from Betty Confidential. So, will the looks be curated by tradition or full of surprise? Keep reading for the predictions—and some pretty fantastic beauty recommendations while you’re at it!

What color nail polish will Kate wear?

ALEXIS: I’m hoping for this sheer/barely-there-hue from Deborah Lippmann (terrified she’ll go “French”).

AMBER: Essie Mademoiselle because it’s a classic and conservative enough for a British princess.

JEANNINE: Kate’s been sticking to natural shades and I don’t think she’s going to stray from this on her wedding day.  I see her going for a natural polish with more of a beige-ish tint than pink like Essie Iced Chai Latte for example.

TRACY: The future Queen of England can’t be seen prancing around on her wedding day with a bold lip or uber bright nails. I think she’s going to opt for some classic more natural colors like Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Peche Nacree.

SHARON: Maybe she’ll have a sense of humor and opt for Butter London’s sparkly lavender, No More Waity, Katie

APRIL: I think Kate will go classic and simple — Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Django

What color nail polish will Pippa wear?

ALEXIS: She’ll wear something a bit more taupe than Kate – like Butter LONDON in Yummy Mummy. (I’d obviously love to see a bright hue, but can’t image the Queen approving of that!)

AMBER: Butter LONDON in No More Waity Katie Someone has to say it, right?

JEANNINE: A safe classic color with a hint of pink like Essie Ballet Slippers.

TRACY: Pippa on the other hand gets the best of both worlds.  She gets to be a part of all the fun and gets to be bolder with her color selection.  I think she will opt for a high end brand like her sister so I predict Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour by Chanel in Mica Rose.

SHARON: I’m thinking a light pink like Deborah Lippmann’s Before He Cheats.

APRIL: Pippa’s a bit more a wild card. I can see her busting out the Butter LONDON “No More Waity, Katie” nail lacquer!

What color lipstick will Kate wear?

ALEXIS: A sheer pink, like the “Golden Petal” gloss from YSL.

AMBER: Estee Lauder Bois de Rose because it stands out enough to look great in pictures, but still looks subtle.

JEANNINE: Like any bride wants to, Kate will accentuate her natural features and stay within her comfort zone.  I’m predicting a pinky-beige lip color like Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Blush.

TRACY: Same with her lip, nothing too flashy or trampy for this royal lady.  Her features would look great in Nars Lipstick in Christina. I think all the royals would agree.

SHARON: I imagine she’ll wear a glossy, pink/red shade like YSL’s Volupte Sheer Candy Succulent Pomegranate.

APRIL: I predict she’ll keep it simple and sheer, something like this like this Josie Maran Natural Volume LipGloss  in Soledad.

What color lipstick will Pippa wear?

ALEXIS: A sheer red, like this from Lipstick Queen (sultry, not slutty).

AMBER: Lancome Lipstick Color Design Lip Colour in It Girl Sheen, it’s a fresh pink.

JEANNINE: I think a pinky beige glossy lip like MAC Tinted Lip Glass in C-Thru.

TRACY: Same with her lipstick, no doubt this English trend setter will be rocking this season’s hottest coral color. I see her wearing Nars Lipstick in Niagara.

SHARON: I’d imagine she’d opt for something light and creamy in texture like Ellis Faas’ Creamy Lips L108.

APRIL: Why, the matching No More  Waity, Katie Lippie of course!

Who will cry and risk makeup smudging first: Kate or Pippa?

ALEXIS: I hope Kate (and hope even more that her makeup team goes full-out water proof!) – heck, I would probably cry from sheer panic of carrying what I’m sure will be a heavy gown down that epic aisle!

AMBER: Pippa


TRACY: Kate for sure.

SHARON: Kate! But I’m sure she’ll have enough waterproof mascara and a minion around her to make sure she still looks picture perfect.

APRIL: Neither! Those lady Brits will keep stiff upper lips and nary an eyelash will smudge!

Image via Daily Mail

Little Luxury Report: MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy


Today we’ve invited Jeannine Morris, founder of BeautySweetSpot.com and dedicated advocate for Women In Need, to tell us about one of her all-time favorite little luxuries.
The Little Luxury: MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy

Relationship status: In September, it was love at first sight.  Before being introduced to Teddy  I always wore the blackest black eyeliner I could find.  This color literally makes my hazel eyes pop.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  Immediately, I was addicted.

How it works: For a nighttime look, I line the inner rims of my lower lash line and the outer rims of my upper with it.

Does it do what it says it’ll do? Yes, it claims to be a soft pencil that defines, lines and shades with rich color.

Advice for First Time User: I would advise to test the color before purchasing.  It looks great on me because it goes with my skin tone and brings out the green in my hazel eyes, but may not look right on everyone.

The thing you’ll love most: With MAC Eye Kohl in any color you can make the line as precise or smudged out as you’d like.  I love the flexibility the pencil allows.  Depending on my mood, I’ll opt for different looks.

Why it’s worth the splurge: It lasts a long time and stays put.

The moment I fell in love: I was doing a makeover photo shoot for DailyMakeover.com and the MAC makeup artist used Teddy on my eyes.  I was amazed on how bright, yet sexy my eyes looked and asked him what pencil he used.  It was key to my look.  I bought it the very next day and have been using it since.

Bottom Line of the liner: $13.55 from Cosmeticamerica.com

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Jeannine Morris, Founder of BeautySweetSpot.com