5 Etsy Home Decor Buys Under $30 to Bring the Beach to You

Beach Pastel Origami Stars

Shell Sampler Rubber Stamps

Sand Castle Ceramic Ornament

Flounder Tile

Nautical Beach Grass Centerpiece

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Home Decor Courtesy of a Mad Man

Your dad may roll his eyes at thrifting, pillow matching, and antiquing – which is fine! Not everyone in your family has to share your love for fine home decor. But just because you think he doesn’t notice your carefully selected wallpaper, drapes, and tchotchkes, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t jump at the chance to furnish a room of his own with a real man’s taste – a Mad Man, to be exact.

Actor Bryan Batt (better known as Sal on Mad Men) owns his own home decor shop, Hazelnut, on New Orleans’ stylish Magazine Street, inspired by the inimitable soul of NOLA. Batt even designed a limited edition sofa inspired by the Playboy Club of the 1960s – the piece is called “The Hef” and can be yours for a mere $15,000.

If that’s a bit out of your Father’s Day price range, never fear. Hazelnut carries dozens of other hand-selected gifts from craftsmen all around the world. Try this Lion’s Head Gold Barware Set – sure to please the Don, Sal, or Roger in your home.

Decorating on the Cheap: IKEA HACKS

The leap from IKEA furniture to furniture made out of…well, real wood (we love you, IKEA!) can be a pretty big (and expensive) one – but when you’ve seen your exact $60 “Billy” model bookcase in all your friends’ homes, you might be ready for furniture that reflects your personality just a leeetle bit more.

So, how to grow up without shelling out mad cash? Easy – enter IKEA Hacks, a website with hundreds of easy ways to alter and adapt IKEA furniture to make them your own.

Inspired by the site, in my own apartment we took a cheap $20 table from IKEA and covered it with samples of designer wallpaper and a coat of polyurethane to make a stylish, spill-proof one of a kind table. It was a piece of cake, and I’d love to try other IKEA hack projects in the future. Here are three of my favorites:

Make A Dali-Style Melting Clock
Make a Rope-Bridge Bookcase
Make an iPod Protector

6 Inspiring Design Blogs

Happy Friday! We hope you’re enjoying the anticipation of the weekend and enjoying spring in full bloom. A new season brings with it the urge to cast out the old and welcome the new with open arms – and that can translate to antsiness when it comes to last season’s home decor. (Spring cleaning, anyone?) What was so cozy last October may seem dull and boring now. What to do?

Luckily, you don’t have to buy whole rooms full of new furniture in order to freshen up your world. Sometimes all you need is a jump-start in the idea department to make some little changes that will have a big impact.

Here are 6 great design blogs to get you inspired – whatever your design style, whatever your budget, and whether you want to change things up on a big or small scale.

Simple Song (beauty in the small things)

This is Glamour (daily glamour within your reach)

Design Squish (design for the eco-conscious)

Apartment Therapy (the Big Daddy of all design blogs)

Decor8 (dispatches on design from an American living in Hamburg)

coco + kelley (cozy, worldly sophistication)

(Image ”the home within us” by Bobby McAlpine, found via simple song)

Hollywood Living (Where Even Your House Is Famous)

If you’re fond of 90s television dramas and have 10 million dollars lying around gathering in dust, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what you should do with all that scratch–buy the beach house from Beverly Hills 90210 (the original series.)

The house, which is located near the shops in Manhattan Beach, California, is on the market for a cool $10.5 million. No big!

If you don’t have millions of dollars lying around to purchase beachfront property with, like I do, then you just need a million to purchase Cameron Frye’s boxy, modern house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The house is located in Lake Forest, Illinois, and costs a very reasonable $1.8 million. Which we all have lying around in our real estate piggybanks.

If you could buy any famous house, what would you buy?