Hot Mom Monday: Original Recipe, Healthy Pumpkin “Ice Cream”

‘Tis the season…to overindulge!


Nothing says the holidays like eating, eating and more eating—stuffed turkeys, glazed hams, buttery potatoes, carbs and calories galore! It’s no wonder so many of us make resolutions for the New Year to lose weight, eat healthier or cut back on sugar. We’re trying to repent for the previous six weeks of our lives!

Here is a sweet treat you can gorge on and not feel an ounce of guilt afterward–Pumpkin “Ice Cream.”


Now, ice cream is in quotes because it’s not really ice cream at all. There is no dairy in it but it still has all the creamy goodness of a bowl full of sin. The creaminess comes from the frozen banana base.

I have been making frozen banana “ice cream” for a while now and I love experimenting with flavor combinations. This pumpkin version is perfect for the season and your family will be begging for more.

Each ingredient boasts nutritional value so you can feel great about letting them indulge! Bananas are rich in iron and potassium, pumpkin is high in vitamin A and can help support a strong immune system, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties and agave nectar is low on the glycemic index so it won’t spike your blood sugar. How’s that for a perfect treat?


All that and it’s easy to make too!

Pumpkin “Ice Cream”


8 Bananas, peeled, cut and frozen for at least 4 hours

1 15 Oz. Can of Organic Pumpkin Puree (not pumpkin pie filling)

3 Tbs. Organic Raw Agave Nectar

2 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract

1 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

  1. Put all ingredients in food processor and blend until well combined and smooth.
  2. Transfer to an air-tight, freezer-safe container with a lid and freeze for at least an hour.
  3. Top with a dash of cinnamon, serve and enjoy!

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A Recipe for Blueberry Cheesecake Day


A very merry Blueberry Cheesecake Day to you, everyone!

I first came across this treat at a Vegan restaurant in New York City called Good Health Burger. Yes, I realize that Vegan used in conjunction with “good” and “burger” can be confusing. But I’ll explain…

They specialize in really tasty meat and dairy-free versions of comfort food, like burgers and cheesecake, for example. And I became so hooked on their tofu blueberry cheesecake that I ordered it literally every day for months.

So in honor of Blueberry Cheesecake Day on May 26, here’s a healthy recipe for tofu cheesecake that you can make with blueberries (or anything your heart desires) at home.

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe
Crust: Crush any Vegan cookie or graham cracker into a food processor and add enough Smart Balance spread to make it slightly creamy. Press it into the bottom of a pie pan to line the sides as well.
Blueberry layer: The easy way out is to mix fresh or frozen (thaw them first!) blueberries with some jam and spread in a layer on top of the crust. You can also make a brownie mix and spread that on, too. In fact, I really recommend you try that sometime since that’s my favorite, even more than blueberries. But this is Blueberry Cheesecake Day, so I digress. On to the filling…
Filling: The basic “cheesecake” filling is easy: One container of Toffuti cream cheese, 1/2 block of silken or firm tofu (I like firm) plus agave nectar to taste.

Bake for 30 minutes (or until you see a crack form in the top of the cheesecake) at 350 degrees.

National Cookie Day! December 4

There are some quirky, out-of-the-box, “who came up with this?” holidays that are just too fun not to celebrate. Near the top of our list (we’d probably place it right after National Relaxation Day) is National Cookie Day.

We can’t think of much we don’t like about this unofficial holiday on December 4. Well, just one thing: This celebration for the ages falls smack in the middle of the calorie-killer holiday season…acting as a dangerous temptation to both our taste buds and waistlines. We hardly need another excuse to indulge this month, but who can resist cookies?!

Luckily, some of our favorite healthy recipe sites were up to the daunting challenge of creating lower-calorie but still-rich cookies. Check them out below for your baking pleasure…

Pumpkin-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie

Just looking at a picture of these cookies is enough to have us drooling on the keyboard. We know what you’re thinking: A cookie this indulgent-looking must be loaded with fat and calories. But these cookies use a minimal amount of butter, sugar and oil, and pack just 75 calories each! Bake at your own risk.

Low Fat Gingerbread Cookies from Skinny Taste

The perfect cookie to bake this month – you can check two celebrations of your list at once! The majority of the butter in this recipe has been replaced with applesauce – making these cute cookies just 66 calories each, including frosting! Have fun coming up with innovative ways to decorate!

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Shape

National Cookie Day wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t have at least one chocolate chip cookie. This recipe substitutes mini chips for standard size, just about halving the chocolate content, and then adds in healthy rolled oats. At just 108 calories for two cookies, feel free to go back for seconds!

Healthier Labor Day Recipes

By Arielle Sidrane

We can’t believe that the last big weekend of summer is only a few days away! We’re ready to celebrate hard work, wear those white pants one last time, and barbecue with family and friends.

But we’ve worked hard all summer to keep our bodies in tip-top bikini shape, and Labor Day weekend is no excuse to let it all go! That’s why Spa Week rounded up a few great summer party recipes, lightened-up so you can celebrate guilt-free!

Healthier Sausage and Peppers
Sausage and peppers is a favorite summer barbecue staple, but unfortunately it can really add up in the calorie department. Why not lighten it up by using equally-as-delicious chicken sausage? Try this yummy recipe from The Food Network for sausage and pepper skewers, layered with healthy vegetables and a drizzling of olive-oil and spices, then grilled to perfection.



Gluten-Free Vegan Cornbread
How about vegan (and gluten free!) cornbread for a side dish? A tasty baked bread that includes vegetables and is only 100 calories a piece almost sounds too good to be true. Try this recipe from award-winning blogger Chocolate Covered Katie, using real corn, milk and cornmeal – you won’t be disappointed!



100-Calorie Cheesecake Cupcakes
And of course, no barbecue is complete without dessert. Get in the spirit of the red, white and blue by baking these cheesecake cupcakes from Skinnytaste. These healthy-yet-delicious cupcakes (less than 100 calories each!) use reduced fat vanilla wafers, Greek yogurt and festive fresh fruit – yum!



Do you think you’ll try any of these out this weekend? Share your favorite healthy barbecue recipes with us below!