As Seen in PEOPLE: WIN a 5-Day Spa Trip for 2 to Maui

Exclusively inside this week’s issue of PEOPLE, featuring Jennifer Lawrence on the cover (are you as excited as I am for Hunger Games next week!?) there is a little surprise on page 106. Not only will you see a couple top Spa Week spas and their celebrity clients, you will also find out from how to win a 5-Day, 4-Night stay for two in a sea ranch cottage at the luxurious Travaasa Hana Resort in Maui, Hawaii. We know you’ve been dying to go Hawaii since is was  rated the happiest state in the US, but how happy would you be if you won this package valued at over $6,000? At a resort where Keanu Reeves, Meg Ryan and James Franco have vacationed? The prize includes two $500 airfare credits, $125 DAILY spa credit per person, a rental car for the duration of the trip, all meals and beverages are taken care of, and there are TONS of activities to choose from.



Then, go to the secret URL that’s revealed on page 106, and enter for your chance to win the trip of a lifetime!

Picture yourself here:

Travel Tuesday: And The Happiest US State Is…

Surprise, surprise. People are happiest when they’re surrounded by endless pristine beaches, sunshine, 80 degree weather, cool breezes, pink sunsets and palm trees. For the third year in a row, Hawaii has come in #1 in a national happiness poll. The U.S. survey, conducted by Gallup with a random sampling of 353,492 adults 18 and older, asked questions to evaluate measures including physical and emotional health, job satisfaction, community safety and basic access to health care.

And what could make you happier in The Aloha State than to get a traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage… on the beach? Actually, any spa treatment in Hawaii will do the trick. We’ve got a growing network of Hawaii spas that accept our Spa & Wellness Gift Card. Let’s meet some of these happy-pappy spas!

What states came in the happiest, and which came out as the least-happy states? Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out, and click here for more info on the study.

Mandara Spa at Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Mandara Spa is located on the lobby level of the resort, overlooking the serene Hawaiian waters, Molokini crater and the island of Kaho’olawe. The 9,153 square feet facility features 11 treatment rooms, some of which are Ocean view single treatment rooms and deluxe couple’s suites for facials, body treatments and massages. A welcoming relaxation area, steam room, lockers and showers is privately located in the center of the spa, separated for men and women. The spa also offers a full service salon with facilities for hair, makeup and nail services.

Lei Spa Maui

Lei Spa, named by ELLE Magazine as “Maui’s Best Day Spa in Lahaina,” is also home to an original line of Hawaiian natural body care and beauty treatment collection made in Maui, Hawaii. Lei Spa products are based on the rejuvenating powers of ancient herbs and extracts.

Mandara Spa at Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Mandara Spa at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort rests on the tranquil Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. The two-level, 5,750 square foot spa fronts the resort’s main swimming pool. Mandara Spa offers single private treatment rooms or double suites for guests to enjoy with a loved one. Tropical Balinese and Hawaiian influences are found in the furniture, décor, treatment menu and overall ambience of the spa and salon. Full-service salon offers a full range of hair, makeup and nail treatments including hair cutting, conditioning, coloring and styling; manicures and pedicures, waxing, makeup application and bridal services.

Wailea Massage And Body Care

Laura and Sudha, the owners, have been doing massage for over 30 years. They provide highly personalized service in an outside, ocean view setting. A massage outside is a rare treat and Maui is one of the few places in the world that this service can be offered year round. Feel the warm breezes, hear the chirping birds… but if that doesn’t suit your fancy, massages inside are also available.

Here are the top 10 states and their average well-being scores (out of a possible 100 points):

  1. Hawaii: 70.2
  2. North Dakota: 70.0
  3. Minnesota: 69.2
  4. Utah: 69.0
  5. Alaska: 69.0
  6. Colorado: 68.4
  7. Kansas: 68.4
  8. Nebraska: 68.3
  9. New Hampshire: 68.2
  10. Montana: 68.0

The bottom 11 states:

  1. West Virginia: 62.3
  2. Kentucky: 63.3
  3. Mississippi: 63.4
  4. Delaware: 64.2
  5. Ohio: 64.5
  6. Alabama: 64.6
  7. Arkansas: 64.7
  8. Missouri: 64.8
  9. Florida: 64.9
  10. Tennessee: 65.0
  11. Nevada: 65.0

Did we make you want to go to Hawaii? Perhaps you can substitute with these 3 Major Spa Ingredients Found At The Beach.

America’s Most (And Least) Healthy Cities 2011… You May Consider Moving

We all have a bit hometown pride. Idahoans have their potatoes, New Yorkers have their bagels (to say the least), and Texans have their big hair. But who can claim to be the healthiest? Here at Spa Week we want you to live your healthiest and happiest life, that’s why if moving to a healthier city isn’t in the cards, at least you can find a local spa.

Self Magazine featured the 2011 Best Cities for Women based on 7000 bits of data. Here are some of the nation’s best cities for your health:

Cleanest Air: Cheyenne, Wyoming

The capital of the Cowboy State, Cheyenne has the cleanest air and the shortest commute for its residents. Oh, and they are really into boot art.

Dirtiest air: Los Angeles.

Walks to work most: New York, NY

A mile long walk to work for New Yorkers is a walk in the park! And sometimes quite literally. New Yorkers have no patience for long commutes with annoying transfers, so many opt to walk to and from work every day. A good way to burn off those delicious bagel (and pizza) calories.

Walks to work the least? Birmingham, Alabama.

Most green buildings: Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is the largest city in the Green Mountain State and they are definitely living up to the state name. Burlington has the most green buildings and more farmer’s markets than any other city.

Fewest green buildings? Wichita, Kansas.

Soundest sleepers: Santa Barbara, California

The American Riviera understands the need for beauty sleep. Don’t live in Santa Barbara? Here are 7 tips for a sound night sleep.

Most fitful sleepers? Charleston, West Virginia.

Lightest smokers: Provo, Utah

Prov-who? Provo is the third largest city in Utah and where you’ll find the least amount of fast food restaurants per capita. Hate the smell of smoke? Move to Provo where they have the least amount of smokers.

Heaviest smokers? Vegas, baby!

Slimmest: Honolulu, Hawaii

The good ol’ Aloha state. Not only do they get to wake up to water so blue that you would think it was a screen saver but they also have the slimmest population. So not fair!

Heftiest: Detroit, Michigan.

Bouncing Back after Vacation… and Avatar

After a long weekend in Cancun with her boyfriend, my roommate fluttered in the door last night, head in the clouds, feet in the sand. When picture-showing and storytime ended, I watched her face shift from unstoppable smiles to tangible fear of facing her boss at her miserable job.

This morning I caught up with a good friend who also just last night got back from 11 days in Puerto Rico with her man. “Euphoria” was how she described it, and as she sprinted from the subway to her office, late for a meeting, her voice grew shaky with denial and mild depression.

As of Sunday, Avatar officially became the  highest-grossing box office record of all time — $1.288 billion worldwide, sinking Titanic’s 13-year title. What does this have to do with coming back from vacation? Many fans of the James Cameron-directed fantasy have experienced the same sort of withdrawal, claiming the film has thrown them into depression because they don’t live in utopia, coping with the fact that “the dream of Pandora is intangible”.

Brilliant fantasy film-making, just like vacation, is meant to transport you to unattainable heights. But when the movie or vacation ends, how long should it take to bounce back? In many cases it takes up to 4 weeks to brush off vacation blues, but with a million and one ways to interact with Avatar and the characters online, will these blues have longer-lasting implications? WebMD has some great tips for bouncing back from vacation here; some of which might be applicable to Avatar’s resonating impact.

Tell us, have you had a recent experience that left you in complete withdrawal, and how did you cope? For me – 12 days in Hawaii a month ago was a tough one to come down from. Solution? I waited until last night to upload my pictures and imagined myself back one day. The good news: Hawaii’s not going anywhere… and Avatar will be on Blu-ray before you know it.


Coconuts & Avocados: Candy from Strangers, Hawaii Style


James and his truck full of coconuts

The Best Coconut Water in Poipu, Hawaii

Meet James.

James was born and raised in Alaska. Ten years ago he was given a coconut, and after one taste it became his favorite food. A few days later, his teacher gave him a one way plane ticket to anywhere in the US. He now fetches coconuts from trees in Poipu, Kauai in Hawaii, and carves them into drinkable masterpieces at scenic lookout points for tips for a living.

If you ask James what his second favorite food is (I went there), he’ll tell you it’s avocado. If you ask him what he does with avocado, he’ll tell you: he blends it with banana, coconut water, cashews and any seeds he has laying around and makes a creamy spread. And if you tell him “that sounds out of this world!” he might fetch a big jar of it from under the driver’s seat of his palm tree-covered pickup truck, and let you take a spoonful. (Out of this world, indeed!)

Two all-natural, scrumptious Hawaiian treats in one… not to mention the beautiful waterfall you came to see!
Coconut Waterfalls in Poipu
Try Zico for the best coconut water in any of the other 49 states.

And try blending up James’ creamy, nutty, avocado-banana-cashew-coconut concoction and spreading it on a piece of whole grain toast for a healthy snack– not sure how easy it’ll be to duplicate but I’ll certainly try!