Video Recap: Spa Week Media Party Fall 2010

It’s amazing how quickly six months can pass by – before we knew it, it was October 7th. We were serving up Spa Breezes and Rioja Wine in the lavish Prince George Ballroom at the Fall 2010 Spa Week Media Party. While some guests enjoyed PitiCures™ by Dove Deodorant, others enjoyed make-unders by Bare Escentuals. Many were snacking on DOLE Real Fruit Bites and getting silly in the Dole photo booth, then getting mini-treatments courtesy of Sphatika, Deva Spa, Vada Spa and Sothys, 4 top NYC spas. Let’s not forget manicures from the Spa Chicks and, oh, a sugar-rushing chocolate fountain to celebrate a whole week of $50 spa treatments!

The night rang in with the Spa Week crew, 430 editors, bloggers, producers and television personalities who all have a special affinity for the spa. Guests were spotted mingling and talking about the treatments they had lined up for the week. Smart crowd too – many took on the Hanky Panky Trivia Challenge on the red carpet, where contestants answered spa questions to win crystallized Spa Week Hanky Panky panties.

Guests concluded their evening by taking home the highly coveted Spa Week Gift Bag which included Febreze Flameless Luminaries, EcoTools ecoPOUF bath sponges, Joico Shampoo and Conditioner and Caswell-Massey Cucumber Eye Pads among many other pampering goodies.

We can’t thank you all enough for making Spa Week a success and helping us ring in wellness and relaxation in anticipation for the #50dollartreatments. View the full video recap below, as Michelle interviews guests on the red carpet and takes you on a tour de par-tay.

Paper Panties: You’ve Got Options.

We realize that for the more demure spa-lover, going totally Naked Nelly at the spa is something you’ll have to ease yourself into. For many treatments, particularly body scrubs, wraps, or anything involving mud, clay or a lot of water, it is customary for a spa to provide you with paper panties. Are you obligated to wear them? Of course not. Paper panties are known for being white, ugly and unflattering, but if going full throttle isn’t your thing, you should know you’ve got plenty of options.

For example…

1. Prefer a thong or full booty coverage? Would you somehow feel sexier in black? It doesn’t hurt to ask your therapist if you aren’t thrilled with the ones provided with your robe and slippers. Check out this fully stocked website, with a bundle of coverage straight from the distributor.

2. Underworks Women’s Disposable Panties – These are SO Alexander Wang! Check out the side by side comparison.

3. Or.. try this cute little packaged number equipped with the perfect spa panty knapsack. Because we could all use a paper panty knapsack.

4. Etsy-worthy! These one-of-a-kind paper panties were handmade by yours truly just for the I Get Naked At The Spa music video. Maybe the future holds a place for these bad boys at every Spa Week spa across North America… but for now, you can just marvel at Brian’s behind.

naked at spa panties

If you INSIST on wearing NON-paper panties during your spa treatment, at least make sure they’re as comfortable as our new official lacy panty mascot. Be sure to enter our giveaway for a chance to win these Spa Week Hanky Panky panties, the Premier Panties to take off during Spa Week.

WIN THEM! Spa Week Hanky Panky Panties

hanky pankies spa week

Say it loudly and proudly: I Get Naked At The Spa! After releasing our very first music video this morning, it’s quite obvious that here at Spa Week® we believe in the buff for the best possible spa experience, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

To help spread the spa nudity comfort zone far and wide, we’re giving away THE PREMIER PANTIES to take off during Spa Week Fall 2010, made with love by everyone’s favorite comfy-cute underwear brand, Hanky Panky.


TELL US: Do you get naked at the spa? Name ONE spa treatment from the Spa Week Fall 2010 $50 Directory that you’d take off absolutely everything for, even a super-comfy Hanky Panky thong.

Write it in the comments below - choose either Facebook or Disqus comments platform.

EXTRA ENTRY: Follow @SPAWEEK and tweet:

Go naked at the spa! WIN @SPAWEEK studded @Hanky_Panky_Ltd Panties… The Premier Panties to take off during Spa Week.


Crystal-Studded SPA WEEK Hanky Panky Thong Panties

hanky panky panties

1 grand prize winner win a fresh Hanky Panky panty bouquet (left) AND a pair of the signature Spa Week panties

3 winners will win the signature Spa Week panties

Also, you’ll have another chance to win during the 9/8 Naked Truth #SpaWeekGossip when we’ll give out 3 pairs to top tweeters.

Thongs are one size fits most, in the signature lace low-rise style pictured above.


Contest ends Thursday, Sept 16th at 11:59 pm EDT. Winners will be announced on Friday, and the winners must email michelle(at)spaweekmedia(dot)com by Wednesday, September 22th to claim your prize.


*GRAND PRIZE WINNER* – Scoops35: “You better believe it, sweet cheeks!! I do get naked at the spa, and I’d take off absolutely everything for a 50 Min Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub at The Peninsula Spa. Talk about sweet cheeks ready for those hanky pankys!”

Gofrogger21: “Are you kidding? I’d get naked in a heartbeat (and I WILL be) for a 50 minute de-stress, deep tissue massage from Humble Abode. Then I’d take my relaxed self, slide into my hot new Hanky Pankys have a fabulous night out!”

Karen Backus: “Nakedness pampering would be GREAT at Spa Xanadu in the foothills of Arcadia & the day would NOT be complete without finishing it off by a little movie by the name of…YES! You guessed it!! Xanadu!! Cause we are here….in Xan-a-du!!” nice throwback karen!

Hellen Araujo: “One spa treatment from the Spa Week Fall 2010 $50 Directory that I would take off absolutely everything for is the Eminence Mango Enzyme Wrap or the Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap”  Although first she said… “I usually keep my panties on when I get a treatment at the spa :)” — Hellen, we hope winning helps inspire you to take ‘em off next time!

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered for spreading the nakedness. Please contact michelle at spaweekmedia dot com with your name, address and phone number to redeem the premier panties to take off for Spa Week.

Official Rules

Spa Etiquette: The Naked Truth – #SpaWeekGossip 09.08.10

“Is it okay to get fully naked? Do I have to take off my bra?”

Well, Miss Manners we ain’t and Dear Abby we dare not imitate, but when it comes to getting naked at the spa, did you know there are faux pas that can bring down the bliss?  Yup. . . that’s right, as gung-ho as we are about your birthday suit, many fear that their spa time might turn crude, rude or downright lewd. Click here to learn more about #SpaWeekGossip.

So to help keep your spa time sublime this upcoming Spa Week—Sept 13-19 (West Coast/Chicago) Oct 11-17 (everywhere else)—this week on #SpaWeekGossip we’re baring it all:

– the 411 on all the spa do’s and dont’s to up your relaxation quotient
– the ultimate spa “uniform” for everyone (Hint:  You were born in it)
– funny and outrageous things we’ve witnessed at the spa
– how to be nude without feeling spa-wkward

AND where better to broadcast than LIVE from the spa? That’s right, in a groundbreaking Twitter party move, @ArtoftheSpa and @SPAWEEK will be live chatting during a spa treatment. And how much clothing do you think we’ll be wearing?

You guessed it. This week’s #SpaWeekGossip will be celebrating the world release of our first-ever music video… if you haven’t watched I Get Naked At The Spa, scroll down and enjoy.

Tune into the live broadcast HERE tomorrow from 2-3 PM EDT as you tweet away during #SpaWeekGossip.

Michelle from @SPAWEEK will be getting a massage at Spa Merge in NYC and streaming live here:

Candy from @ArtofTheSpa will be getting a facial at Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute & Spa and streaming live here:


What: Spa Week & Art of the Spa’s #SpaWeekGossip

When: Wednesday, September 8th, 2 pm EST / 11 am PAC

Where: On Twitter with hashtag #SpaWeekGossip or

For easier chatting (hashtag entered automatically for you) tweet on either: or

Topic: Spa Etiquette – The Naked Truth

Who: @spaweek @artofthespa & YOU!

Experts and Panelists:

@healingspas Wellness Lifestyle Aficionado

@hanky_panky_LTD Premier Panty Giveaway Sponsor

@markthespaman Die hard Spa Enthusiast

@BrianSmithRocks Star of Spa Week’s new music video, I Get Naked At The Spa (below)

@SpaHeiress The Beauty behind the Repechage Seaweed Dynasty

@etiquetteexpert America’s leading etiquette expert, author of BUSINESS CLASS, and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach


WIN: We’re going to be giving away 3 pairs of crystal studded SPA WEEK Hanky Panky thongs (the Premier Panty to take off during Spa Week) to the top 3 tweeters of the party!

So  don’t be shy – arm yourself with your most pressing (even embarrassing) questions about getting your spa on – and join us at the spa.

Michelle (Spa Week Daily) & Candy (Art of the Spa)

Video accompaniment:

I Get Naked At The Spa

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