Spa Spotlight: CarLeo Hair Salon

Stellar manicures, great haircuts can be found at CarLeo Hair Salon.  carleo salon Tucked in a busy Midtown street is an oasis of a salon called CarLeo Hair Salon. Decorated in white and earth tones, with ceilings, the moment you step in, you can feel yourself relax. CarLeo Hair Salon is a full service salon that offers cuts, color, barbering for men as well as waxing, manicures, pedicures and eyelash tinting.

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I recently went there incognito. I had booked one of their August specials:$50 Haircut, Blow-Out and Spa Manicure (was $90). Oh, the spa manicure was divine. Massaged, exfoliated and pampered, I felt as if I had slipped into a mini vacation. I needed layers and at least two inches of hair cut. I walked in with a bedraggled, damaged looking mess and walked out with a sleek, chic cut and the admonition to “Stay away from bobs, they can age you.”  It’s refreshing to meet an honest and talented hairstylist who’s more concerned about making you look good, than trying to make you try a trend that may not work for you. If you’re a local or visiting the city and need some pampering, try out CarLeo Hair Salon. August specials: $50 Organic Manicure, Spa Pedicure and Blowout (was $100) $55 Single Process Color, Blow-Out and Manicure (was $103) $50 Haircut, Blow-Out and Spa Manicure (was $90) PJ Gach is Managing Editor at Spa Week Daily.

Lose Weight By Accident With Sarah Jenks: Change Your Underwear

By Sarah Jenks

Beauty comes from the inside.. but it doesn’t have to stay there. So many women are waiting to buy new clothes, dress up and wear sexy underwear until they’ve lost “the weight.” But did you know that avoiding the beauty basics is actually causing you to keep the weight on?

If you’re walking around in sweat pants, or your old “fat jeans,” you are going to treat your body like an old frumpy, lump.  And that usually entails over-eating, skipping workouts and not taking care of ourselves.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to invest in your beauty NOW.  Not 10 pounds from now.  Here’s exactly what you need to do this week to break out of your fat frustration:

1.  Buy some new clothes: 1 pair of amazing jeans (try Levis), 3 blouses, a hot dress, a conservative dress, and a skirt.  You can also go wild on accessories like jewelry and scarves.  If you’re worried about wasting money, you can always, take the clothes in, or sell them later.  It may feel scary to draw some attention to your body by dressing like a hottie, but trust me, your body will thank you for finally paying attention to her.

2. Get a haircut. Something different and fun.  You would look great in side swept bangs.

3. Get ALL NEW UNDERWEAR! Click here to view my favorite brand and how 3 women lost weight just by changing their underwear.

4. Get up 20 minutes early every morning and blow dry your hair and put on makeup.  It will make you feel more awake than the extra sleep or a cup of coffee.

5. Wear heels. Just do it.

Want some extra credit? Learn how you can put all these things together and do this sneaky strategy for getting a quick fix for a flat relationship. Click here.

Sarah Jenks, founder of, helps women fall in love with their bodies and lose weight through exploring the emotional reasons of why we eat. Sarah believes that you can talk about the benefits of broccoli until you are blue in the face, but real change won’t happen until we pull back the veil of fad diets and calorie counting to reveal the true cause of our over eating. Feeling lost about weight loss? Visit her website to download her free guide: “What to do if you feel fat, hopeless and ready to give up.”

Breaking News: Justin Bieber’s Hair Looks Different

Now who saw this one coming? AMA-sweeping Justin Bieber delivered a surprise at his Barnes & Noble book launch event last Friday — a new hair do! We’re so used to seeing the Biebs chilling like a lamp shade in his one of a kind side swept mushroom mop, so this slight part in his bangs will take us a little time to get used to. (Insert sarcasm here.) While the new cut doesn’t seem to be anything dramatic and nothing more than a minor trim (or is is just a bad hair day?), it’s managed to make headlines across the web. Albeit slight, as a bona-fide American hair icon, any change is a big one. Following Justin’s lead, we think it’s an opportune time to show up to your next holiday party sporting a new shag.








From now until the end of the month (and always) many of our spas are offering deals on haircuts and some of them have thrown in color and treatments as well. At Fate Image Studio in Scottsdale, AZ receive a free hair cut and style with purchase of any color service, at the fabulous Anush Hair Design in Beverly Hills, CA get a haircut with blow-dry for $50, and purchase a regular priced hair cut for yourself and half-off for your child’s at Tonic Salon & Day Spa in Columbia, SC. Be sure to check out our spa deals for more ways to Beib-ify your life.


Bumble and bumble and HAIR The Musical Team Up to Provide Oil Spill Relief

When the oil spill struck the Gulf, the devastation was estimated to cost in the billions, not to mention the dozens of species and wildlife that would be affected. According to CNN, since the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon in late April about 40 miles off Louisiana, oil has been gushing into the Gulf at an estimated rate of at least 5,000 barrels a day (210,000 gallons). Some estimates are far higher. The situation is growing dire by the second and seemingly beyond our control.

Bumble & bumble and the Tony Award winning musical “HAIR” teamed up to aid in the relief process by throwing a “cut-in.” From 12 to 4 PM this afternoon, Bumble and bumble salon stylists provided free haircuts to anyone willing to donate their trimmings to the cause. Why hair? We use shampoo to get rid of oil buildup, so we’re putting those same strands to work to help contain the damage.

The hair trimmings collected during this event will be donated to Matter of Trust, an environmental non-profit that has helped clean up oil spills since 1998 by reusing donated hair clippings from hair salons, barber shops, pet groomers, and wool farmers. Stuffing this donated hair into donated nylon stockings, this organization is creating highly absorbent booms to help contain the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.

We snapped a few shots of fashionable service in action.

Patrons waited patiently for cuts to aid the Gulf oil spill.

Bumble and bumble stylist hard at work.

Bumble and bumble stylist, Wren putting the final touches on Winnie.

On track to be the worst oil spill in history, The Huffington Post has a photo gallery of the damage. For more information about Matter of Trust and the oil spill relief effort, visit

We’d also like to give a special shout out to our reader Sarah Hecksel, who has donated to the cause on her own. A few weeks ago we asked what semi-unusual item you’re carrying around in your bag, and Sarah replied: “The strangest thing in my bag right now is a large ziplock bag full of various human hair, including my own blonde, curly hair. I had a haircut yesterday and the salon wasn’t donating its hair to to help clean up the Exxon oil spill the the Gulf, and thought I’d donate some myself. And yes, I rummaged through the trash bin for the swept up hair. : )” Everyone, follow Sarah’s lead; don’t wait for your salon to donate, and do your part to help this devastating situation.

Here’s a video from of how a boom full of hair and fur works to soak up oil.