Perfect Scents: 6 Summertime Fragrances

Birds are chirping and butterflies are beginning to land on you again, and it’s all because you smell so good! Light, floral, citrus, fresh and beachy… these are the notes you want to hit with your fragrance for the warm months to come. Stash your spicy, woodsy, heavy perfumes in your beauty junk drawer (we’ve all got one), and get ready to smell as summery as you’ll look laying on the beach, with your banana daiquiri, right after that fresh minty aromatherapy massage.

We asked some of our favorite beauty, fashion (and passion) bloggers to share their favorite summer scents, and here’s what’s at the top of their lists for Summer 2011:

“As the weather has warmed up, I can’t stop wearing Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. It’s so delicious and light!” –Kelly Framel, The Glamourai

“Every summer I love wearing this exotic beachy scent I picked up a couple years ago in St. Barths. It was created by Ana Taina, a local perfumer from St. Barths. I reminds me of happy summer memories and floating in the ocean under hot, twinkly sunlight. It’s so original, I can’t even place the notes. And after traveling in my beach makeup bag vacation after vacation, I can’t even read the label anymore!” –Polly Blitzer, Beauty Blitz

“My favorite perfume right now is Marc Jacobs Daisy. For some reason Marc Jacobs perfumes just really mesh well with my body chemistry – in the winter I wore Lola constantly, and now with Spring in the air I’m obsessed with Daisy. I’m getting constant compliments on how delicious I smell – from my husband, from my friends, from my doorman, from random cab drivers – everyone LOVES Daisy! It’s the perfect Springtime floral, if you ask me.” –Patrice Grell Yursik, Afrobella

“No matter how many new fragrances come across my desk, my favorite summer scent remains the same: Fresh Sugar Lemon. It’s citrusy without being too sweet, and more complex than you might think. Plus, it just smells like summer, not like perfume. I don’t want anything heavy in my beauty routine once the temperature rises.” –Elizabeth Dehn, Beauty Bets

“I love the original Michael Kors scent for summer because it’s fresh and light and clean without being citrusy.” Sarah Harrison, Your Tango

“I’m typically not a huge fragrance fan–I hate heavy scents and prefer light, subtle fragrances!–which is why I enjoy Mary Kay’s Forever Orchid Eau de Toilette. It has a fruity, floral scent to it that smells simply delicious. It’s one of the few scents I can actually stand wearing! I also enjoy anything that smells like vanilla or cookies because it’s a sweet smell that gets noticed!” –Chrissy Callahan, Beauty Stat

What’s YOUR favorite summertime scent?