Midtown Secret: Faina European Day Spa

Midtown Manhattan is full of high-rise buildings. In any of them, you’d expect to find a doctor’s or dentist’s office. But how about a spa?

On the fourth floor of 330 West 58th Street, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Faina European Day Spa (pronounced fah-EE-nah) has been quietly tucked away in a corner of this commercial and residential building for 25 years. 25 years! There is no glittery sign, no decorated windows, no pomp and circumstance whatsoever. This is a word-of-mouth type of spa, and its low-profile location makes it ideal for some low-key weeknight pampering.

The building’s residents will gladly point you in the direction of Faina if you tell them you’re looking for “the spa” in the elevator. But we’ll give you directions: Enter at 330 West 58th street, and make a right at the front desk. Pass the first elevators and find the 2nd set around the corner. That’s the “Faina express” to the 4th floor.

When you arrive at this tiny hideaway, you’ll find there are already several business women from offices nearby who are in on the secret. They know they can stop by Faina for a reliable, long-lasting manicure, or an after-work massage to de-stress from a long week.

If you live or work in midtown, take advantage of our monthly specials at Faina, or save on services by paying with a Spa & Wellness Gift Card. Faina accepts them, and right now we’re having a buy one, get one 30% off sale. Click here to take advantage, and consider that holiday gift for your boss or coworker officially crossed off your list.

Pepto-Bismol Helps Diarrhea… and Acne?


Remember Jane Magazine? I seriously loved that mag when I was 17.  Now that we’re all grown up (sigh), the creator, Jane Pratt has a freaking awesome new website: xojane.com, for us mature adults.  After perusing around the sex/love, entertainment and tech sections I made my way to beauty. After the first click, a very blonde, very pink face was staring at me from under the title, “I’ll Try Anything Once: The Pepto Bismol Facial.”

Cat from xojane.com tries the Pepto Bismol Facial

First thought: Well, that stuff is never coming off. Second thought: Why in God’s name would you put that on your face?

As I read on, I learned from Cat, xojane.com’s beauty blogger (and resident pink face), that Pepto Bismol contains salicylic acid, you know the active ingredient in like, every acne medicines. Interesting. Third thought: I need to get an expert’s opinion. This still looks crazy.

After chatting to Faina, the owner and head esthetician at Faina European Day Spa, I learned that salicylic acid is naturally found in plants like willow bark, wintergreen leaves and birch bark (who knew?), and is used to treat problem skin, e.g. blemishes, marks and scars. The acid exfoliates these problem areas, revealing new, younger looking skin. Faina uses salicylic acid all the time on her clients. She recommends their Acne Defying Facial ($150) which includes a salicylic acid treatment: exfoliation, cleansing, pre-solution, solution and a special cream to reduce redness and promote new cell turnover. This process is similar to the way Cat treated her face with that pink gunk; she exfoliated applied and then cleansed the crap out of her face.

On a side note, I’m not sure if you are aware, but I was a Division I athlete in college. So I got special treatment. I got to take the best (easiest) classes, like Over the Counter Drugs as a chemistry course. As I checked the Pepto label, I saw Magnesium Aluminum Silicate and I remembered learning about Magnesium in OTC Drugs. You can take Magnesium pills when you get poisoning or something, because Magnesium is an absorber. It’s an ingredient in Pepto because it helps soak up stomach acid so you don’t puke. That lead me to investigating Magnesium Aluminum Silicate and if it could help your skin. According to Acne.com, it’s been in liquid makeup for over 50 years as an anti-shine, anti-oil agent. So this ingredient could also help mattify skin and de-grease zits and make your skin better looking after the Pepto facial.  (See, sometimes college and the word association game pay off.)

In conclusion, there is defiantly some validity to the Pepto Bismol Facial. I may have to try this as a spot treatment first, because having my face covered in pinky gloopy grossness is not going to happen.


Wait! Before you run to Duane Reade and throw 17 bottles of Pepto in your cart, remember this: any time you use a new skin treatment, you run the risk of an adverse reaction. Everyone’s skin is different. Check the label and ask your dermatologist before you put anything on your face. You could be allergic to some of the nausea fighting ingredients in Pepto, and that won’t make you look so hot this weekend. Happy Pepto-ing!

Ps. If you break out after pink-face, there’s always Faina‘s.

Best Spa Detoxes and Deals of New York Fashion Week

ATTN: Editors, Stylists, Publicists, Designers, Models and Bloggerati…  The far, far away world above 59th street just got a lot more fashionable, and for you, a lot more stressful too. The seductive whirlwind that is New York Fashion Week has arrived, and whether it’s a last minute mani-pedi you need, a massage you’re dying for, or a slimming body treatment you could really use, Spa Week Daily‘s got you covered. Below is your invitation to the hottest ticket in town: The best spas to hit (on a Condé Nast Fashion Assistant’s budget) for a quick fashion detox in between Calvin and Carolina.


Faina European Day Spa 330 West 58th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, suite 402 | 212.245.6557

  • 60 Min Purifying-Dermabrasion Facial or Purifying Allergy Release Facial with Eucalyptus and Lymphatic Drainage Movements and Extractions – $89 normally $159
  • 45 Min Seaweed Firming Detoxifying Body Wrap with Firming Massage - $69 normally $116
  • Grape Peel Pedicure and Crystal Mud Manicure – $45 normally $90
  • 2 Hour 30 Min Romance for Her Package: includes Rejuvenating Facial, Lavender Crystal Mud Pedicure, Spa Manicure, 30 Min Aromatherapy Body Massage, Champagne and Chocolate for $179,  normally $229.

The Doctors at Trump Place Longevity Institute and Medispa – 194 Riverside Blvd. between 91st and 92nd Street | 212.580.0900

  • Choice of Mind-Body Conditioning Core Sculpting and E-Yoga for Buttocks, Upper and Lower Abdomen and Thighs for $250, normally $350
  • Aesthetic Face Lifting with Micro-Current Technology for $175, normally $275
  • Micro-Peel Laser Skin Resurfacing for $250, normally $450, or Classic Aesthetic or SkinMedica Medical Aesthetic Chemical Peel for Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Rejuvenation or Anti-Aging for $55-$200, normally $125-$295.

Studio 57 Skin & Body Care Spa 57 West 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, Suite 710 | 212.758.6383

  • 60 Min Multi-Vitamin Oxygenating Facial with Eye and Lip Rejuvenating Treatment. A Revitalizing Treatment favoring an effective Anti-Aging action due to the combination of oxygen therapy with vitamins and specific cosmetic products. This treatment features several unique and luxurious age-fighting products for the Eyes, Lips, Neck and Décolleté Area. Special: $75; Originally: $125

Yin Beauty & Arts Spa 103 West 86th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues | 212.362.2626

  • Detox Body Treatment with Lymph Drainage Massage – $75
  • 90 Min Slimming Treatment - $75
  • 60 Min Anti-Aging Pearl Facial for $65
  • Microdermabrasion for $47.50

L’Institut Sothys New York 37 West 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue | 212.688.9400

  • European Facial and Signature Massage. – Special: $170; Originally: $225


Beauty Jewel Spa & Laser Skin Care Center 146 West 4th Street between Sixth Avenue and MacDougal Street | 212.505.0600

  • Choice of Signature Relaxation Massage, Chocolate Body Wrap or Sonya Dakar Signature Deep Pore Cleansing Facial for $65, normally $110, or treat yourself to all three services for $150.

Deva Spa 425 Broome Street between Crosby and Lafayette Street | 646.454.4300

  • Book 60 Min Massage and receive complimentary Scrub worth $75, book 60 Min Facial and receive complimentary Manicure worth $35, or book Manicure and Pedicure and receive complimentary Eyebrow Wax worth $40

Randee Elaine Spa and Laser Center 180 7th Avenue South between W. 11th and Perry Street | 212.229.0399

  • Pick Two: 60 Min Massage, Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, Professional Teeth Whitening, or Non-Surgical Face Lift.
    Special: $99


Green Tea Massage & Spa 240 East 28th Street between Second and Third Avenue | 212.683.4048

  • Choice of 60 Min Deep Tissue, Hot Stone or Combination Massage, or 60 Min Deep Cleansing Facial for $50 each, or One Acupuncture Session for $60.

White Tea Spa 104 West 14th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenue, Suite 2C | 212.647.8919

  • Velashape Treatment Per Body Area. Velashape reduces and shrinks the size of the actual fat cells and fat chambers. We are able to treat multiple areas in a Single Session including Abdomen, Love Handles, Buttocks and Thighs without downtime or discomfort. Please inquire about our specially discounted packages available. – Special: $145.95; Originally: $295

Dyanna Body Nail Salon – Spa 40 East 21st Street between Park Avenue South and Broadway | 212.995.2355‎

  • Choice of Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure, 50 Min Aromatherapy Massage or 45 Min Sea Spa Glow Body Scrub – Special: $50 Each

Need your spa fix near Marc or another obscurely-located show this season? Check here

Watching New York Fashion Week from the comfort of your home in Chicago or elsewhere? These are for you.

Spa Madness! Double Dose at Faina European Day Spa

Here’s a double dose of the Spa Madness! We sent Michelle and Rebekah from She Finds over to Faina European Day Spa to experience an Aromatherapy Scrub and Purifying facial– both of which will be $50 during Spa Week. Sometimes it’s hard to pry yourself away from the work station (or the blackberry) to enjoy life’s little luxuries.


To read more about how the duo escaped the craziness of the She Finds Headquarters at a little spa oasis in Midtown Manhattan click here.

If you’re interested in booking a stress-free, blackberry-less spa treatment for $50 during Spa Week click here.