Lose Weight By Accident: Eat With Sticks

Here at Spa Week, we love bettering our bodies and minds everyday, and what better way to do so than without even thinking about it! As our wildly popular Lose Weight by Accident column has taken off in the past year, so too have the voices of wisdom behind it. With that, we are so pleased to introduce to you our newest LWBA contirubutor, Tanya McCausland. Tanya founded her own health and culinary coaching business, Home Cooked Healing, designed to offer personlized counseling on a variety of levels, to help people make better and smart desisions about food and their health. We are so excited to hear all of her proven and practical tips and tricks for losing weight by accident!

One of Tanya’s favorite tips she shares with her clients who are looking to trim their waistline’s is to eat with sticks…

By Tanya McCausland

No, I’m not talking about roasting marshmallows or hot dogs on a camping trip.Today’s tip is all about ditching your fork and knife and reaching for the very portable, and sometimes unwieldy, chopsticks. You can use these sticks at home, on the road or at a restaurant.

Your brain and stomach have a bit of a delayed communication – from the minute you start eating, it takes your brain 20 minutes to register that your stomach is full and you can step back from the bread bowl. Since chopsticks require some skill, you’ll slow down significantly while you carefully master plate-to-mouth transfer.

Think this doesn’t work for master chopstick handlers? Think again! Eating with chopsticks means taking smaller mouthfuls, which tend to get chewed better and are more easily digested. Sure, you can pick up huge gobs of food with chopsticks but it feels (and looks) ridiculous. Chopstick-eating is a dainty practice!

Then, there’s the sauce. Sauce is good, but too much of a good thing can lead to lots of extra pounds. Chopsticks take care of this problem too! You get just enough sauce to add flavor but the excess stays on your plate.

Pack a nice set of bamboo chopsticks in your purse and start using them for lunches at work or eating out. You’ll find that you’ll eat less without even giving it much thought. (Plus, they make for a great conversation piece). Feeling a bit unwieldy with the sticks? Pick up of one of these for a little assistance.

Have you used chopsticks to eat meals with besides sushi? Tell me how it’s working for you in the comments below!

Tanya McCausland is a Health and Culinary Coach in Alameda, CA and the founder of Home Cooked Healing. She inspires, encourages and motivates her clients to create a life of health and balance through delicious food and simple lifestyle changes. She believes that our kitchens have the ability to heal – we just have to stock our pantries with real food and not be afraid to wield a wooden spoon every so often!