Chocolate-Covered Spa Deals (And Where to Find Delicious Chocolate Nearby)

Chocolate treatment

With Valentine’s Day next week, the world’s on a chocolate high and spas are right there with it. In case you missed it yesterday, Stephanie blogged all the benefits of chocolate in her chocolaty spa-dventure. In the name of glowing skin, she slathered her face in a (decidedly man-repelling) mask of cocoa powder, sour cream, honey and oatmeal – and it worked! Chocolate is packed with antioxidants and promotes cell growth, tissue repair and absorption of nutrients – the perfect combination of properties to nurture your skin and body.

We’ve got chocolate spa deals across North America this February, and we’ve paired each one with a recommendation on where to get your edible chocolate fix nearby. Eat your hearts out, sweetie pies!



SPA FIX3rd Element Spa & Salon | A Chocolate Facial for $65 (was $85) or a 60 Min Chocolate Aromatherapy Couples Massage for $180 (was $200).

CHOCOLATE FIX: Lore’s Chocolates | Try their chocolate covered pretzels… or be adventurous with their Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries for a decadent fruity chocolate twist.


SPA FIX: Dyanna Body Nail Salon – Spa | A 60 Min Chocolate Manicure and Pedicure with 10 Min Reflexology for $50 (was $95)

CHOCOLATE FIX: Jacques Torres | Pay a visit to Mr. Chocolate at one of his NYC locations. The chocolate chip cookies are unbeatable! They also have a lot of Valentine’s day options, including the chocolate bars at the top.



SPA FIX: Abloom Medical SpaChocolate Cherry Facial – get it alone for $80 (was $90), add Microdermabrasion, $120 (was $140), or add both Microdermabrasion and Latisse for $199 (was $250).

CHOCOLATE FIX: Wei of Chocolate | This chocolate shop not too far away in Phoenix offers only fair trade, vegan chocolates.



SPA FIX: Ai SpaChocolate Raspberry Facial, Aromatherapy Neck and Shoulder Massage, Champagne and Caviar for $79 (was $205).

CHOCOLATE FIX: Chocolate Studio | Try their Chocolate Oysters with pearls inside… how romantic!


SPA FIX: Angel’s Touch Skincare & Wellness | 2-Hour Chocolate Decadence for $175 (was $205).

CHOCOLATE FIX: Cocova | Make the drive into DC for their famous artisan truffles like this festive one above, Christopher’s Cherry Blossom.



SPA FIX: California Sun Spa | Honey Body Exfoliation and Chocolate Body Wrap for $85 (was 129)

CHOCOLATE FIX: Soma Chocolate | Try the Heartnut Butter Crunch, with four layers: toffee, marzipan, chocolate, topped with a heartnut.

Placenta Facial: Baby, It’s Good For You

It’s our 13th season of Spa Week and each year we strive to keep the treatments fresh, unique and always beneficial. Dyanna Body Nail Salon & Spa in New York City has stepped up to the challenge by offering a daring beauty treatment which hits all the marks: Placenta Facial. Yes, the fetal anatomy between mother and child is known to work magic on damaged skin.

Before you get freaked out, there is evidence to explain why estheticians across America are using afterbirth as a facial cream. The use of placenta is beneficial even beyond the scope of beauty. It’s full of protein, iron, and tons of vitamins and minerals, which make them excellent for the health of hair, skin, and nails. New American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez has been known to use it to reverse signs of aging. Momlogic has also given the active ingredient a golden star with reports of a popular practice called placentophagia in which a mother eats placenta to help post-partum depression and contract the uterus after birth.

Bio-banter aside, we know you’re curious of the beauty benefits of a placenta facial.  The Placenta Recovery Essence Facial smoothes wrinkles, postpones aging processes, and actively nourishes skin. It also helps regain vitality and youthful texture. The results from just 1 treatment are dramatic and clients can’t believe what a difference they see in their face after the treatment. People have been using the placenta of sheep and horses as beauty aids for time immemorial, in fact. Treatments like this are more natural and they truly deliver!

Snag your chance to glow like J-Lo for $50 at Dyanna Body Nail Salon & Spa (212.995.2355‎) during Spa Week October 11th – 17th.

Image Courtesy of Silk Road Cosmetics

Winning Spa Week Story #5: NY Spa Marathon!

Spa Week isn’t forever, but the wellness benefits and memories are everlasting! We asked for your Spa Week stories to share with our readers (see the contest HERE); we’re so thrilled to have been able to touch so many lives with a small dose of pampering! We’ve managed to narrow it down to 5 winners, each of whom will be receiving a $50 Spa Week gift card to use toward their next spa visit. You’ll see them published here throughout the week. Here’s the 5th and final one–enjoy!

We encourage adventure during Spa Week–remember the core message of the Spa Crawl video? “Try as many different treatments as possible!” Janeen did it up in NYC almost as much as I did, and we applaud her big time.

Submitted by: Janeen Jones

I had a great time. I loved the Caviar Facial at Dyanna–it was amazing, such a great facial! I will definitely do it again. Oh and my Back Facial at Graceful Services was the best. They give an amazing massage–they really dig in there and perform a great service to your back. The Eyelash Extensions at Albina’spa–beautiful. Love my natural looking lush eyelashes. The Surag Wax at Aqua Vitae was great. Never did a Brazillian wax before, but it did not hurt and I am so smooth. However, I was most impressed with Aqua Vitae’s 60 Min Body Exfoliation and Cellulite Treatment. I figured it would take more than one treatment before I noticed any results, but I could not believe it when I got out of the shower last night. I caught a glimpse of my rear in the mirror and how amazingly smooth and beautiful I looked. It’s not like I had a severe case of cellulite but it was noticeable and I was not so smooth before the treatment. I can’t believe how smooth I look after just one treatment!

I am going back for several more follow-up treatments over the summer. I can’t wait. I know it will be amazing and I will look amazing once it is done. I am so happy that Spa Week is twice a year; I always get to try treatments that I would not lay the money out for regularly. It helps me add new treatments to my basket that I may never have otherwise thought about!

Make your own marathon… check out all our New York spa deals right now!

9 Treatments at 8 Spas in 7 Days: The Ultimate Spa Week, Live-Streamed!


I wasn’t kidding when I said in the Spa Crawl Video to take advantage and TRY AS MANY $50 SPA TREATMENTS AS POSSIBLE DURING SPA WEEK®. Well, how hypocritical I would be if I didn’t go through with it myself? In the spirit of wellness, relaxation, overindulgence and experimentation, for each of the 7 days of Spa Week, Monday April 12th through Sunday April 18th, I tried out and live-broadcasted an unusual spa treatment from one of our nearly 800 spas.

From a Caviar Facial to Colon Hydrotherapy to Botox to Vajazzling… my Spa Week got a little crazy.

Why? It’s all in the name of bringing the spa lifestyle to real life, answering your questions, and making you fully aware of what to expect inside any treatment. Banish the fear of awkward or intimidating situations at the spa by getting acquainted with the process beforehand.

Click the links below each treatment; there’s been absolutely NO EDITING. Learn, live vicariously, and then go experience it for yourself!


MONDAY, 10:00 AM: 60 Minute Caviar Facial
Dyanna Body Nail Salon & Spa, 40 East 21st Street, 212.995.2355‎
See it here: Caviar Facial – The Royal Treatment

TUESDAY, 12:00 Noon: Full Session Cellulite Reduction with Endermologie
American Cellulite Reduction Center, 611 Broadway, Suite 907 K, 212.982.8779
See it here:
Beating Cellulite with Edermologie

WEDNESDAY, 9:00 AM: 45 Minute Fusion Massage
Spa Merge, 102-108 West 57th Street, 646.484.4104

See it here:
Spa Merge, the Midtown Gates of Heaven

THURSDAY, 10:30 AM: 60 Minute Colon Hydrotherapy (postponed until Friday)
Beljanski Wellness Center, 150 East 55th Street, Sixth Floor, 212.832.6800
See it here:
The Sh*tshow.

FRIDAY, 4:00 PM: Prevelle Lip Lumping and a Botox Brow Lift (Double Whammy!)
SmoothMED, 111 East 59th Street, 212.371.7666
See it here: Botox On The Go – Is This The Future?

SATURDAY, 1:00 PM: 50 Minute March Forward Pedicure
Deva Spa, 425 Broome Street, 646.454.4300
See it here: A Pedi To Remember

SUNDAY, 11:00 AM: 60 Minute Slimming Sampler
Studio 57 Skin & Body Care Spa, 57 West 57th Street, Suite 710, 212.758.6383
See it here: The Live Slimming Tweetment


Completely Bare – Bond, 25 Bond Street, 212.366.6060
See it here: Vajazzling Live Broadcast

Free live streaming by Ustream If you’re feeling inspired and want to live-stream or tweet your own spa treatments to share with others, we fully support it! Let us know by tweeting @SPAWEEK and we’ll help you get the word out.

Spa treatments above were provided complimentary by each of the spas.

Caviar Facial: The Royal Treatment

Once upon a time, caviar—just like signet rings and purple velvet cloaks—was reserved only for royalty.

Just as Spa Week® (as a company) is determined to remove stigma of the spa being reserved for ridiculous housewives and movie stars, caviar has made its way to the masses, packed into California rolls and enjoyed by everyone.

Fittingly, caviar has made its way to the masses in the form of a rejuvenating facial for $50 during Spa Week. Yesterday to kick off Spa Week Spring 2010, I got the royal treatment, a Caviar Facial, at Dyanna Spa in New York City. The 60 minute treatment included a thorough steaming and pore extraction, an invigorating Russian massage (she’s from Moscow), a firming medical peel, and then a formula made of 100% caviar. There were little black caviar bits on the esthetician’s hands— it was the real deal. Caviar is packed with vitamins and nutrients that seep into your pores to promote anti-aging. The treatment was followed by a caviar mask, which was left on for 15 minutes as I received a caviar hand and foot treatment with heated mitts and booties. The massage or the silky softness afterwards—I’m not sure which was more enjoyable.

Something unusual happened at the end: rather than removing the mask with water or a damp cloth, she pressed the mask into my skin to stay and continue to work. I was instructed to not wash my face for 3 hours.

I saw immediate results upon leaving the spa: a reduction of redness and an increased firmness to my skin. Today, I see a notable glow and continue to see an enhancement in texture, as if the caviar is still swimming around in my pores, rejuvenating turning back the hands of time. You know… to that time when caviar was reserved only for royalty…

Try it yourself this Spa Week for just $50 (normally $85)!
Dyanna Body Nail Salon – Spa
40 East 21st Street
New York, NY 10010

You can watch the entire thing in great detail (caviar fun facts included!) in these live-recorded video clips from inside the spa.

For all the live coverage this week, keep up with my crazy SPA WEEK SCHEDULE. Next up… slimming body wrap with Endermologie at noon!