Spa Spotlight: Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat

Book a Spa Week appointment at Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience!

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Blue Creek is Denver, Colorado’s premier urban health retreat, offering customers solace from their hectic lives in a serene environment outfitted with raw and organic materials. At Blue Creek, the goal is to bring the outdoors inside, which is seen and felt through the spa’s running creek, aspen trees and reclaimed and recycled furnishings.

This balanced philosophy is similarly applied to the decadent spa services offered at Blue Creek, with an intention to support both the body’s internal and external health. This is why the rustic-chic spa works to identify and heal the root causes of pain or illness in order to provide long-lasting and truly restorative treatments.

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Prepare to be pampered on a very personal level at Blue Creek, where spa services are personally tailored and no detail is spared. There’s luxury on every level at this health retreat that incorporates all natural and organic products into treatments, which ensures optimal wellness.

If you’re in the Denver area, than Blue Creek is a spa that can’t be missed. As if you needed any more of a reason to visit this urban health retreat, Blue Creek is participating in Spa Week from April 21-27, which means their services are only $50! Check out the divine spa treatments being offered during the Spring Event and tell us which one you can’t wait to try:

  • 60 Minute Blue Creek Massage with Hot Stones or Essential Oils – If you’re in need of some rest and relaxation, look no further because this treatment promises both, and more! Relish in 60 minutes of sheer bliss during a custom-created massage topped off with your choice of smooth hot stones or soothing essential oils.
  • 60 Minute Blue Creek Facial with Hot Stones – This version of the classic facial has a seriously soothing twist! If you’re in the mood for a beauty boost, Blue Creek’s facial will leave your skin feeling nourished and looking radiant. Meanwhile, a hot stone treatment will transport you to a place of ultimate serenity.
  • Total Body Package Including Acupuncture Treatment and Cupping – The value of this Spa Week treatment is unparalleled, and the service is truly restorative. Put your mind and body at ease with an acupuncture treatment by one of Blue Creek’s experienced acupuncturists, and try a cupping treatment that all of the celebrities rave about.

Click here to book your appointment at Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat today because with a spa this special, appointments are filling up fast!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

Spa Madness! 70-Min Swedish Massage

For Spa Madness! we sent Carissa of Hooked On Beauty to experience the 70 Minute Swedish Massage at Orange Skye Day Spa in Denver, CO. She described the treatment as a combination of much needed relaxation and deep pressure since her shoulders were in a constant state of stress. Carissa’s back and shoulders weren’t the only body parts being relaxed as she nearly fell asleep during the treatment. After the massage  she tried the Infrared Sauna which helps you burn up to 900 carlories in 30 minutes! To read more about Carrisa’s sleep-inducing massage click here.

Inside the Titan Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

There’s a lot of treatments out there that purports to smooth fine lines and erase wrinkles…but none quite like the Titan Laser, which can create smoother skin that’s actually self-perpetuating. And you can get it for just $50 during Spa Week!

What: The Titan Laser uses light energy to stimulate collagen growth underneath the skin’s surface for skin that looks younger from the inside out. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving – over the next three to six months after treatment, skin will continue to look younger and younger as more collagen is produced.

Who: Anyone experiencing fine lines, sagging skin, or crows’ feet/smile lines can benefit from treatment with the Titan Laser!

When: Enjoy the amazing effects of a Titan treatment around the delicate eye area for just $50 during Spa Week, April 12th-18th. (psst….during the rest of the year, it costs $500!)

Where: VITAHL Medical Aesthetics in Denver is offering this unique treatment during Spa Week. Book up!

Spa Madness! Pre-Baby Joy: A Prenatal Massage

It wasn’t easy to find a pregnant blogger in Denver. Not because there aren’t any… I think I’ve actually connected with every single pregnant blogger in Colorado by now, but it had to be the right fit. Gretchen of Lifenut (who’s on her 8th pregnancy!) wanted to do it, but was in her 1st trimester when a prenatal massage could be unsafe. Plus, there are no aches or pains to sooth yet. So I found another Denver blogger who was in the achy painy portion of her pregnancy–the 3rd trimester when prenatal massages are best– but it just so happened she doesn’t like massages. (What gives!) And it was probably awkward emailing Carissa from Hooked On Beauty who was on our Spa Madness roster to test a Swedish Massage for us saying, “you don’t happen do be pregnant… do you?” Negative.

I finally put up an “ad” on Spa Week Daily: “Seeking Pregnant Blogger in Denver” Craigslisty? I hope not.

But with the help of some Denver Twitter friends, the prenatal cream rose to the top. Kia at Bodhi Bear just so happened to be blogging everything about her very first pregnancy, and is extremely knowledgeable on prenatal yoga, health, and well-being. Kia is a leader in the pregnant Denver blogging community, and someone I am proud to introduce to you on our behalf.

Watch Kia’s pre-baby pampering video here, and read all about her experience on her blog: Elixir Mind Body Prenatal Massage.

Follow Kia’s thrilling journey to becoming a mommy… at which point she plans to go back to Elixir to learn how to do an “Infant Massage,” one of the spa’s other services. This baby is in for the good life!

Check out to see this and all the services that are available for $50 during Spa Week!
Elixir Body Mind Massage
1518 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 571-4455

Botox in Denver – Blogger Opp!

We’re looking for a blogger in the Denver area who would like BOTOX. All expenses paid. You’ll have to document the experience on Spa Week Daily (and then, also your own blog or website) and either make a video or take pictures of before, during and after.

The spa that would like to rejuvenate one lucky blogger is: VITAHL Medical Rejuvenation Spa at 251 Steele Street in Denver, Colorado. Please email me (michelle @ or tweet me @michellejoni if you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity!

This (and this) is just the beginning of Spa Week Daily’s SPA MADNESS (coming in March)… we’ll be sending bloggers left and right to test out spa treatments (even your lovely, everyday Swedish Massage!) that you’ll be able to enjoy for just $50 during Spring 2010 Spa Week, April 12-18.

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