Delicious Vegan Chocolate Recipe

Happy Spa Week, my Spa Sweethearts!

I hope you are enjoying your sweet, sweet week, full of sugar scrubs and chocolate facials, no doubt! In honor of this healthy, irresistible week of spa, I wanted to share with you an equally healthy and irresistible recipe I learned from Dashama. Remember in this video she promised to show us? Dashama has an easy-breezy cooking style: all her recipes are healthy, organic, full of superfoods, and take no longer than 20 minutes. Score! Also, forget exact amounts and precise ingredients; Dashama encourages you follow your taste buds and intuition! However, you’ve got to start somewhere. Use this framework to yield some absolutely delicious vegan, organic dark chocolate in mere minutes. (And don’t forget to enter to win 7 nights in Bali with her this summer, she’ll be sure to personally show you many healthy tricks up her sleeve!)


homemade dark chocolate recipe


  • Raw organic coconut oil – 1 cup
  • Raw cacao powder – 1/4 cup
  • Chocolate vegan protein powder (optional) – 1/4 cup
  • Stevia liquid (or to taste) – 1 tsp
  • A pinch of pink sea salt
  • Optional: almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut flakes or other goodies to add texture, taste and nutrients. 


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

Freeze for 10-20 minutes. You can make it in any container: a flat square plate for a chocolate bar effect, a bowl for a rounded aesthetic like you see here, or use a rubber ice cube tray to make various fun shapes.

After it hardens in the freezer, pop your chocolate treat out easily. Clean, smooth, no problemo.

And the best part: Enjoy! And don’t forget to save some for your friends… they will be very impressed.

Dashama and her homemade superhero vegan chocolate!

Care for your chocolate in the form of spa? While you’re noshing on your delicious bits of healthy dark homemade goodness, this Spa Week, a whole box of chocolate covered $50 treatments await. You can still book these and quench your craving, but hurry before the moment passes!

Canyon Falls Spa & Salon, Scottsdale, Arizona: 50 Min Custom Blend Facial with Custom Chocolate Mask

Evian Salon & Day Spa, La Jolla, California, 60 Min Plaisir D’Aromes Yonka Facial and Chocolate Mask

WELL Spa at the Platinum Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada: 50 Min Chocolate Ice Cream Pedicure and Manicure

Solace Day Spa & Salon, Old Bridge, New Jersey: 90 Min Chocolate Covered Strawberry Manicure and Pedicure

Terrace Retreat Salon & Day Spa, Southlake, Texas: 50 Min Chocolate Body Scrub

Hide Yer Kids! A Miami Spa Kidnapping

Michelle Joni and Dashama Spa at Shula's

This is officially a spa kidnapping.

I believe one of my duties – not just as Spa Week’s editor-at-large – but as a human being on this earth, is to share the benefits of the spa lifestyle with as many people as possible. If I can get one billion people to go to the spa or have a transformative wellness experience in their lifetime, I will die a happy woman. My life calling is clear: Indulge, and make it attainable for others to do the same. (Thank God for Spring Spa Week – don’t wait another minute to book!)

While I was staying down in Miami with Dashama, one of our spa stops was the Spa at Shula’s in Miami Lakes. In the middle of Shula’s circle, a quiet and unassuming neighborhood of condos and various business, we were pleasantly surprised to discover this gem, longtime members of Spa Week.

the spa at shula's

We slipped into soft white monogrammed robes and spa shoes, locked our things away in the very nicely equipped changing room, and settled into a quiet relaxation area. We hadn’t eaten much and were quite hungry, so we were thrilled to find a variety of teas, a big plate of fresh strawberries and grapes, an assortment of grainy crackers available to us while we waited on cushy leather recliners.

Shula’s wanted us to experience their seasonal treatments, as this AVEDA spa is constantly coming up with new dynamic spa experiences to try each month. Dashama went first for the Warm Wintergreen Stone Massage & Body Scrub, a 45 minute warm stone massage followed by a 15 minute Wintergreen full body scrub. I went in to snap some photos of her treatment (like all normal spa-goers do… or not…), and vicariously felt the stones gliding up and down her oiled body.

hot stone massage dashama
hot stone massage

My turn was next. I was taken to another dark and quiet room for Shula’s other seasonal offering: The Mandara Treatment. It included a deep cleansing facial, a warm neck and scalp massage, a grapefruit paraffin hand & foot treatment, a dead sea salt body exfoliation and a full body hydration. It started with the scrub, after which I was escorted to a nice strong shower to rinse off the salt, and told to use as many towels as my heart desired. My hands slivered all over my silky smooth body – I love that feeling! Before going back to the room I took a detour in the bathroom and was elated to find a full-blown tushy spa, AKA a heated toilet sea with a multi-speed bidet. Ah, the simple joys.

I returned my treatment bed, which was wrapped in fresh towels and blankets, and waiting for me was a small snack. How did she know I was still hungry? Or rather… how did she know I’m always hungry?

spa snack

After I enjoyed my tea party for one, I couldn’t really tell you what came next, because I slipped into a state of deep spa slumber. I vaguely recall a mix of the softest, gentlest hands imaginable running up and down my body, complete immobilization by way of warm paraffin solidifying around my extremities, and a parade of delicate, delicious-smelling substances applied to my sleeping face.

Needless to say, I did not get any photos. We will both just have to imagine that The Mandara Treatment was ninety minutes of complete and wholly therapeutic bliss.

After a post-treatment visit to the tushy spa, I slowly changed back into my clothes. I went outside to find a private outdoor relaxation area, and Dashama relaxing in it. We both agreed: It’s far from South Beach but well worth the trip. The Spa at Shula’s is a Miami Lakes must-try!

Dashama Shula's

On the way out, we couldn’t resist a little AVEDA shopping spree. I mean, look at this place! We both took home a few new hair products and a vibrant sense of season spa healing.

spa at shula's

As we walked to the car Dashama said to me “Thank you for taking me here. I’m always so busy but this really reminded me that I need to treat myself more. I need more spa in my life. This was amazing.”

Spa kidnapping… SUCCESS!


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Are We Dreaming or Spa-ing?

Dashama and Michelle Joni Dream Hotel

What a day for a daydream! On my first day in Miami, after a delicious breakfast buffet of flavored fish oil, I took Dashama to The Dream Hotel in South Beach, home of the brand new Shala Spa. We ordered a light lunch and a few cocktails in our cozy cabana, then drifted into a dreamlike state with two truly incredible spa treatments. If you love poolside treatments, body scrubs with a dose of massage, and organic spices and essential oils, you must get your spa booty down to south beach and experience Shala Spa’s Beauty Bar. Another reason to visit is the facial line they use: Shankara, named by Spa Magazine “the most deserving skincare line to bring to the attention of spa goers.” It was one of the best facials of both mine and Dashama’s collective lives. As the hours passed, we couldn’t tell if we were awake or dreaming… until we realized we got this video. A perfect poolside spa day like this does, indeed, exist:

We spa’d, we swam… but no day is complete without stretching!

Dashama Dream Hotel

michelle joni legs

Dashama yoga

Michelle Joni Stretching

Dream Hotel South Beach

Dashama’s Delicious Flavored Fish Oils

Dashama new life magazine

The view from my morning meditation at Dashama’s place

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of spending the past few days in Dashama’s world. With a skilled and graceful way of hopping around town making people smile and cutting business deals all at the same time, this beautiful and bubbly healthy lifestyle guru (named Yogini of The Year by New Life Magazine!) is bursting with ideas in motion.

avalon organics lavenderSpa kidnapping in full effect! I’ve taken Dashama to some of the best spas in Miami, and in turn, she has let me in on her some of her secret gems – from favorite beaches (South Pointe) to the best juice bar in town (Juice and Java). When you’re staying with a guru of any sort, always pay attention to the details. Observe the things that make them happy, learn from the things they do to stay productive and creative, and take note of how they pamper their five senses. For example, I’m obsessed with Dashama’s lotion, the Avalon Organics in Lavender. It’s very spa-ish and soothing, and I will definitely be getting that when I get home.

You can bet that when you’re staying with a yogi, you’ll also learn about delicious super foods, endless exotic extracts and the trendiest organic substances on the market right now. You will make smoothies with chia and raw cacao, and you will take pictures of it all to remember what to buy when you get home. Or maybe, you’ll video it.

My first morning at Casa de Dashama I had a particularly blissful meditation on her wraparound balcony, and then when I came inside, and breakfast was served, along with the lowdown on all its amazing nutritional benefits:


Barlean’s Fish Oil, a wellness essential for your poshest and healthiest fridge yet. Stay tuned for more of my wellness adventures with Dashama, this is just the beginning!

barlean's fish oil