Little Luxury Gift Guide: Groom Your Best Man

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Little luxuries are all around us if you know where to look – be it a bright red lipstick that makes you feel like a movie star on a Monday morning, a mini-facial that makes you glow inside and out, or a book that takes you to the other side of the world. These tiny everyday gems are anxiously waiting to be discovered by you and wrapped with a bow, and each chapter of the LLGG seeks to deliver a new morsel of inspiration to you and your holiday season. Fancy shmancy is out; it’s those legendary “small packages” that hold the key to a perfect season of giving.

It’s that time again when you ask yourself: what in the world can I get him besides a sweater or a tie? So we ventured out, scouring all the coolest and most classic must-haves in grooming, and made a list of our man-obsessions.

Now we all know that less is never (really) more when it comes to your presents, but because we are expecting Santa to be swamped, we narrowed down our search to five ideas for the men in your life – whether they could use a little help, or they already know how to be the best man.

1.    The Power Shave Set created by The Art of Shaving, available at – $150

This is the ultimate gift for any dude who loves a smooth shave. The company is responsible for starting the revolution in men’s grooming back in the 90s and it’s still the best-selling men’s brand. So if you live by their motto “Prepare… LatherUp!… Shave… and Moisturize” you will be guaranteed to have the smoothest baby face on the block.

2. The Men’s Kit by Ole Henriksen, available at $70

This kid the perfect way to make sure that during the holidays you’re not only cleanly shaven, but blemish free. Ole is one of my favorites, so you know I had to include this on my list. This kit features some of their top-selling products which are both practical and super user-friendly.

3. Collector Edition Fragrance Sampler for Him, available only at – $75

This a kit featured at Sephora allows you to experience the 7 top-selling fragrances and then pick your favorite to get the full sized bottle. This is ideal for those picky people who can never make up your mind which cologne to choose. This allows you take it home, try it on and feel it out without feeling rushed. Perfect for you and your best friend who doesn’t want to wait in the store while you try and make up your mind.

4. Send him for a Beer Rinse at Erika Fleishman’s A Men’s Salon in New York City – $20

Now we know that typically he reserves the beer for his liver, but here in the big apple we have gotten quite crafty. Promising shine, volume and some cleansing action, this treatment has garnered a lot of praise from us New Yorkers. The best part: they’ll allow you to pick your beverage of choice: Guinness, Sam Adams or Corona?

spa week gift card sale

For those men who are hardest to buy for, we saved the best for last. Why not get him a $100 SPA WEEK® Gift Card – it allows him to choose whatever type of grooming he feels like! $100 cards are on sale for just $80 this holiday season, and they’re redeemable nationwide for facials, massages and even more festive treatments. The card is flexible and never expires. Now that’s a handsome devil!

Contributing Editor: Kaitlin Stafford