6 Tricks to Make Coconut Oil Work Better

Coconut oil can help your hair, skin and teeth and these tricks promise fast results!

Modified from Photo by Hafiz Issadeen via https://www.flickr.com/photos/yimhafiz/4031507140

Modified from Photo by Hafiz Issadeen via

Coconut Oil has recently become one of the hottest beauty ingredients, boasting huge benefits for hair skin and even oral health. In fact, our Hot Mom recently tried out oil-pulling and saw whiter teeth and fresher breath!

Her results were so impressive that we decided to consult the coconut oil experts to discover even more ways to benefit. Here’s the scoop:

  1. Heat It Up – According to Rita Hazan, Celebrity Colorist and Founder of the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, coconut oil contains high levels of fatty acids, which give hair shine. “Heat it up for a few minutes, apply it to your ends and work it to the top of your hair,” Hazan recommends. “You can leave it on overnight with a shower cap; however, it is important to wash it out first thing in the morning.”
  2. Wrap Yourself – Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas swears by a unique at-home body treatment using coconut oil. “I recommend covering your whole body, head to toe in coconut oil, and then wrapping everything in ace bandages,” Vargas says. “The coconut oil increases the metabolism in your cells, so it will help with cellulite, it’s a major detoxifier and it’s also very hydrating. Stay wrapped for 45 minutes.”
  3. Fake A Tan – Coconut oil contains Comuaric acid, a powerful antioxidant that improves overall skin health, reveals Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Director of The Fifth Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center. “It is also very moisturizing and soothing for sunburns and helps skin’s luminosity and gives a nice temporary glow,” he says.
  4. Eat It – We’ve mentioned inside-outside skin care before and this is another example of why it’s effective. Dr. Frank Lipman, founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, explains that the saturated fat coconut oil contains is known to protect the skin from UV damage (read: skin cancer). “Taken internally, coconut oil will nourish the skin from the inside out,” Lipman says.
  5. Choose Cold-Pressed – Because coconut oil contains Vitamin E and major antioxidants like Ferulic Acid and P-Coumaric Acid, it’s effective in stalling signs of aging, reveals Kat Burki, Founder and CEO of Kat Burki Skin Care. “We incorporated a virgin Coconut Oil into our Hibiscus Antioxidant Face Mask. This oil is cold-pressed, pure, natural and unrefined, ensuring all of the rich antioxidants remain to fully protect while repairing skin,” Burki explains.
  6. Treat Skin DisordersDr. Stafford Broumand, Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital, says that coconut oil is idea for all skin types because it easily absorbs into the skin. “Coconut oil is soothing with Vitamin E and it also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, which can be known to help with skin disorders,” Broumand adds.

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Oil Pulling: Final Update

Hi everyone, it’s Angel from Yay Baby! blog with my final update on my adventures in oil pulling.


I am thrilled to say that I have finally completed my journey with oil pulling! I should have checked in at 10 weeks, however, I went on vacation and left my coconut oil at home. I suppose I could have bought more oil to continue my experiment, but, well, you know…rest and relaxation prevailed.

It has been 12 weeks since I began oil pulling (minus one week off) and I deem the experience a success.

Fresher breath is the biggest benefit I’ve noticed, along with permanent elimination of chapped lips. I’ve also notice slightly whiter teeth.

During my research I learned that oil pulling can help boost a sluggish immune system by drawing bacteria and toxins out of the body. Colds are common around my house so that was one thing I was hoping to achieve. Unfortunately, I did weather a few fevers, coughs and sniffles over the past 12 weeks but their duration seemed to be shorter than a normal and I never needed antibiotics. That could have been coincidental, but I’ll take it! Either way, occasional illness is expected when you have a toddler and I really wasn’t expecting any miracles. I’ll keep on (oil) pulling and hope for the best.

In the beginning swishing a mouthful of oil for more than 10 seconds was pretty daunting, but I gradually worked my way up to 15-20 minute swish sessions at least twice a day.

While oil pulling is a centuries old health and wellness method it has lately been gaining some mainstream popularity.

If you’re curious about trying it, I recommend you take the plunge and start swishing your way to a fresher mouth and quite possibly, a healthier you!

Just remember these quick tips:

  • Pick an organic unrefined vegetable oil like coconut or sesame oil.
  • Start small – it is recommended to swish an entire tablespoon for a minimum of 15 minutes. I found that impossible, so just start where you can and work your way up.
  • Avoid plumbing issues and do not spit used oil down the drain. Spit it in a paper cup and toss in the trash.

Good luck with your oil pulling adventures!

Angel-150x150Angel is a stay-at-home mama to a feisty, rambunctious toddler girl named Jacquelyn (aka Jax). A lover of all things adorable, Angel enjoys party-planning, cooking, napping with her daughter and date nights with her husband. You can catch up with Angel atYay! Baby blog where she muses about motherhood, shares delicious family favorite recipes and offers tips for fabulous entertaining. There’s always reason to shout out loud – Yay Baby!



A Journey Into Oil Pulling

Hot Mom Angel shares her experiment with an interesting new wellness trend with Spa Week.


Confession: I am an internet trawler.

I scour the abyss of online information every free moment I find. I peruse the sales of stores in countries I’ve never been. I pour over blogs comparing my life to the glimpses of others. I get ideas in my head from my online explorations, both good and bad – like the life-changing pork roast that has found it’s way to every family celebratory buffet for the last few years (good) or the time I self-diagnosed with an incurable malady (bad).

For the most part all the tidbits I absorb collect in my mind, waiting for an occasion to surface and make me look awesome or awesomely foolish. We’ve all been there, right?

Oil pulling is one bit of information I’ve discovered and decided to try. I’m intrigued. It just sounds interesting and worthy of an investigation.

A centuries-old method of oral hygiene, oil pulling is also said to help with everything from achieving a clear complexion to improving kidney function. The concept behind oil pulling is that harmful toxins and problem-causing bacteria are leached out in the oil when it is swished in the mouth for as part of frequent regime.

It seems like an easy method to remedy plaque and tarter build-up and terminate bad-breath, if nothing else. And it’s just up my alley as I am not so fond of the chemicals found in many toothpastes and mouthwashes.

I am not expecting overnight miracles but here goes nothing, I’ve embarked on a slick swish-and-spit journey to a cleaner mouth and whiter teeth; whatever other benefits I achieve will be icing on the cake.


The three things to remember when oil pulling are:

Choose a quality oil. Don’t use vegetable, corn or peanut oil, but instead a cold-pressed, organic, unrefined oil, like olive, sesame or coconut oil. Be sure it is organic and all-natural – read your labels. I chose to pull with coconut oil for the other health benefits it offers, such as its anti-fungal properties and nourishing properties. Plus, it has a mildly sweet taste making it pleasant and palatable.

Start small and work your way up. The recommendation for optimal results is swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. So far I’ve managed a teaspoon for five to eight minutes. Baby steps – I will get there.

Mind your spit. Do NOT swallow the oil when done swishing. Gross. You definitely don’t want to swallow all those toxins you’ve just pulled out. Also, don’t spit the oil into the sink, it can clog pipes and cause a plumbing nightmare. Simply keep a paper or plastic cup handy to expel the used oil, then discard the cup.

I’ve been oil pulling a few days now and I haven’t noticed much difference yet, but I’m not expecting overnight miracles. I know this regime is going to take some time, consistency and dedication.

Hopefully this experiment inspired by my online ventures will prove to be useful knowledge and result in making me look awesome, with gleaming white teeth and glowing skin.

Tune in next month for my full report on how things are coming along.

Angel-150x150Angel is a stay-at-home mama to a feisty, rambunctious toddler girl named Jacquelyn (aka Jax). A lover of all things adorable, Angel enjoys party-planning, cooking, napping with her daughter and date nights with her husband. You can catch up with Angel at Yay! Baby blog where she muses about motherhood, shares delicious family favorite recipes and offers tips for fabulous entertaining. There’s always reason to shout out loud – Yay Baby!

Lose Weight By Accident: The Healthy Cooking Oils You Should Be Using

By Tanya McCausland of Home Cooked Healing

For years and years we’ve been told that eating too much fat is making us fat. But not all fats are created equal!

Industrial factory-made oils go through a very high heat process that damages the oil. This causes them to be inflammatory ingredients and studies have linked them with significant weight gain. Plus, they are loaded with deodorizers and other chemicals to make them odorless and shelf-stable.

To keep your metabolic engine humming it’s crucial to supply your body with high quality, unprocessed, un-refined fats that won’t bog down your system. These fats from whole foods will give you more energy, keep you satisfied longer and give your metabolism a boost. Healthy skin, hair and nails are an added bonus! 3 healthier fats to keep you lean:

Instead of… Vegetable Shortening (like Crisco). This is the ultimate trans fat, which we all know by now is a big no-no!
Use this: Organic unrefined coconut oil. This oil boosts your metabolism so you are a fat-burning machine. It’s great for cooking, too. Try it when pan-frying turkey burgers or melt it and toss with root vegetables before roasting in the oven.

Instead of… Margarine and imitation butter spreads. These products have been processed at a very high heat creating damage. Plus, they’re loaded with a slew of unnatural ingredients.
Use this: Organic unsalted butter (my favorite brand is Strauss Organics). Organic butter is loaded with omega 6, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it’s free of hormones, pesticides and antibiotics that can put the breaks on your weight loss goals. Put a small pat of butter on your broccoli, green beans and other veggies to make them more satisfying.

Instead of… Vegetable oils such as canola, safflower, corn, cottonseed oils. These are found in nearly every packaged product. Not only are they highly processed but often come from genetically modified foods.
Use this: Organic extra virgin olive oil. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, EVOO is a monounsaturated fat which has been shown to aid in weight loss and keep you full longer. This oil is great for sautéing veggies or making homemade salad dressing.

About this Contributor: Tanya McCausland is a Health and Culinary Coach in Alameda, CA She inspires, encourages and motivates her clients to create a life of health and balance through delicious food and simple lifestyle changes. She believes that our kitchens have the ability to heal – we just have to stock our pantries with real food and not be afraid to wield a wooden spoon every so often!

21 Genius Beauty Tricks From Mom


You may not have wanted to admit it when you were 14, but now you realize: Mother really does know best. That mean kid at school really did grow up to be a loser, it’s probably better you didn’t get that bellybutton ring, and yeah, being tan really isn’t the greatest accomplishment in the world.

She taught you everything she knows about life, and this includes her best beauty secrets. Here, in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, soak up the advice from moms across the country with these 21 pearls of motherly wisdom from Spa Week staffers’ mamas, along with the smart moms of our Twitter and Facebook friends.

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What’s the best beauty trick or tip you learned from Mom?


“Use whole milk around your eyes to brighten and de-puff under eye bags.” – Kelly’s Mom


“Take your make up off every single night and when you do, never use tissue or toilet paper – it dries out your skin.  Always use cotton wipes.” – Samantha’s Mom


“For the most supple feet on the block: 1. Soak in warm soapy foot bath. 2. Lather in heavy, intensive cream or Vaseline. 3. Wrap in plastic wrap. 4. Put socks on over plastic wrap and go to bed. 5. Don’t take them off till the morning.” – Erin’s Mom


“Use Fair & Lovely to “bleach” your skin and make you lighter!” (This is very popular among Indian women). – Mel’s Aunts. And… “Never use Fair & Lovely! You are beautiful just the way you are.” – Mel’s Mom


“Start using wrinkle cream way before you have wrinkles – in your early twenties.”  – Kaitlin’s Mom

“Always take care of wrinkles. Start when you’re twenty!” (My skin is flawless thanks to that tip.) – Katrina’s Mom


“Do facial exercises to prevent wrinkles. You can do them while driving – don’t worry about what the passerby thinks!” – Anne’s Mom


“Use fresh coconut oil to hydrate your skin – it’s a Caribbean thing. It’s best when applied right after a shower, when your pores are still open. Also, never use foundation, because that clogs your pores.” – Melissa’s Mom


“Mason Pearson brushes can fix any bad hair day.” – Michelle’s Mom


“Always blend your makeup into your neck so you don’t look like you’re in a mask.” – Stephanie’s Mom


“Sugar and honey makes perfectly good exfoliant!” – Lilly’s Mom

“Use granulated sugar as an exfoliant.” – @Float_Center’s Mom

Ole, Ole!

“Use Oil of Olay – it’s the best.” (now it’s Olay) – Snow’s Mom


“ALWAYS, always wear gloves when washing the dishes.” – Lei’s Mom


“Try it yourself! Mani-pedis and makeup applications can be done at home.” – Keonte’s Mom


“Sun block!!!!” – Lilbit’s Mom


“Don’t pick your face!” – Emily’s Mom


“Stocking static? Use a tiny bit of unscented lotion on your tights when you have a static cling. Works every time!” – Stephanie’s Mom


“If you want to preserve your lipstick, lick your drinking glass before drinking.” – @CourtneyLeiva’s Mom


“Always get a good night’s sleep.” – Cure Spa’s Mom


“Always remove your makeup at the end of your day.” – Maritza’s Mom

“Never, ever go to bed without washing your face.” – @Spillerus’s mom

“”NEVER go to bed with makeup on, and never use soap on your face – just lots of cold water to avoid wrinkles.” – Noemi’s Mom

“If you’re not going to be responsible about washing your face twice a day, don’t wear makeup.” (So… she doesn’t.) – @EnvylikeJewelry’s Mom


“Always buy the BEST products you can afford. Your body will thank you later.” – Vanessa’s Mom

“Never skimp on quality skincare.” – @ChrisOhCOH’s Mom

“Never skimp on yourself.” – Ruth’s mom


“Stay natural. You don’t need so much makeup.” – Shirin’s Mom

“Taking care of yourself is ageless in itself.” – Yvette’s Mom

“Smile.” – @shanegibson’s Mom

“Smile.” – Sarah’s Mom

“Smile often.” – @TheZenGirl’s Mom

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – Shayna’s Mom


Top photo via this post about beauty tips for lazy moms… perhaps the moms not listed here.