Dress Shopping? Oscar de la Renta Says Ditch Mom

Finally! After all of these years, it only took one man to express what we’ve all been desperately trying to get out of our systems. Moms, we know you mean well, but your closed-minded, pushy, know-it-all nature does not help the already stressful situation. There is something about those motherly instincts that seem to go into overdrive when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

The editors at Stylist got the all the scoop from Oscar de la Renta when he stopped by the Martha Stewart show to showcase some of his best selling gowns. The episode will air tomorrow at 10 AM on the Hallmark Channel. To avoid having to hire a last minute Mother of the Bride stand-in, De La Renta suggests leaving your mom at home. “Don’t bring your mother when you’re picking out your wedding dress,” he stated. “She has different ideas than you do of what you should look like.” Whether you decide to go traditional, edgy or totally out of the park, the dress should be all about you.

Image Courtesy of Stylelist

Wedding Wednesday: 5 Ways to Get Ready for Your Wedding with $1000 At the Spa


Brides-to-be and spagoing go together like…well, anyone and spas, really, but I’m sure you get the point. So when you’re entrenched in planning your wedding, what could be better than a $1,000 Spa Week® gift card? We bet you can think of some uses for it – but if you can’t, here are 5 smart ways to use that grand if you’re in the middle of planning a wedding.

1) If your mom and your new mother-in-law tend to squabble, send then to a spa day together – they’ll either kill each other or emerge as friends!
2) Take your bridesmaids out for manicures and pedicures to engender their loyalty early on. It’ll ensure a good bachelorette party.
3) Treat yourself to the best hair, makeup, and grooming on your wedding day. With a grand in your pocket, the sky’s the limit.
4) Before you hop on a plane for that tropical honeymoon, take the new husband for a scrub and pedicure for beachworthy skin and toes.
5) When wedding planning starts to get to you, schedule a massage or facial whenever you want – just because you can.

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