What to Wear After Waxing

Whoever invented waxing deserves a gold medal. Seriously, shaving is quite possibly the most inconvenient beauty regimen that we’re subject to — and there’s nothing better than getting a break from the daunting task for a few weeks.

So if you already booked your $50 waxing treatment for Spa Week, let’s talk about what to do after that wax. Specifically, what to wear to show off your beautiful bare skin! We have a few ideas…

Shown: Red Kiss Rio Platform Pump

What better way to show off your silky smooth legs than with a pair of sexy stilettos. These nude pumps will make your legs look miles long — and the stud accents are so trendy.
$50 Full Leg Wax with Aquatherapy at Elle Spa

Shown: NUX Y-Bra and Serena Foldover Crop Pant

You worked hard in yoga class, so show off your sculpted abs! Your stomach will look flawless after this waxing treatment, so wear a pair of foldover pants to show off your smooth, toned skin.
$50 Female Brazilian Bikini and Stomach Line Wax at Brazilian Honey Waxing

Shown: Blush Lingerie Mesh and Lace Thong

Thinking of treating your guy to a spicy evening post-Brazilian wax? This sweet but sassy thong will leave him drooling.
$50 for 2 Brazilian Waxes at iGlow Med Spa

Shown: DaraZ Cosmetics Glimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Golden Bronze

It’s amazing how expertly shaped eyebrows can make your eyes stand-out. Take it to the next level with this golden eye-shadow on your lids and prepare for some stares!
$50 Brazilian Bikini Wax and Eyebrow Wax at Stript Wax Bar

Dig the items you see above? They’re all available on HauteLook.com, and you can get them all for FREE by Tweeting #SpaWeek2012 tomorrow at 1pm. Check out the details to win a $200 HauteLook giftcard!

Music Monday: Relax and Wax

What is worse than a chest wax? …A bikini wax. What’s worse than a bikini wax? A bikini wax with no music to keep keep you calm and fully sidetracked. We asked our Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends, “What songs calm your nerves?” and we got some serious soothing suggestions. We think our friend, Kim M. hit the hair on the head with her comment:


“Normally anything by Enigma but for a bikini wax play some Metallica or Rammstein to drown out my screaming.”

Don’t worry Kim, along with some relaxing slow jams, we peppered in some heavy metal at the end including Linkin Park’s “Numb” (haha) for all you screamers out there!Get a playlist!Standalone playerGet Ringtones

Here’s what our friends suggested:
Seamone C: Mary J. Blige “Good Woman Down”
Mari H: IZ “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
Nancy C: Andre Boccelli
Mishka J: Secret Garden “Nocturne”
Kelly R: The Beatles “Because”
Elina A: Sai “I Go to Sleep”
Tina J: Kenny G.
Maria S: Yanni
Lori S: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan “Bethe Bethe Kese Kese”
Em G: Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”
Carrie D: Ssigur Rós or Jónsi
Chanté M: Marvin Sapp “Perfect Peace”
LaToya C: Carl Thomas “Summer Rain”
Lynne V. and Noelle E: Sade “Smooth Operator
Kelly V: Enya “Sail Away”
Melissa R: Corinne Bailey Rae “Breathless”
Stephanie C: Dave Matthews Band “Crash”, Maxwell “Pretty Wings”, Dispatch “Flying Horses”

Rihanna’s Embarrassing Waxing Story

It happens to the best of us. Well not actually, but if we were a chart topping, multi-platinum recording pop star it could happen to us too. By now, for Rihanna, being recognized in the street and making nice with fans and paparazzi alike has come second nature, but where does one draw the line? Oh, on the table just before getting a bikini wax. While taking a grooming break from her normal celebrity life conundrums, Rihanna visited a highly professional waxing salon in NYC and was recognized by the girl doing her wax. Watch the video below as she sits down at The Graham Norton Show to discuss the embarrassing encounter.

Little Luxury Report: Completely Bare’s Bikini Bump Blaster


The Little Luxury: Completely Bare’s Bikini Bump Blaster

Nickname: Smooth Criminal

Relationship status: We got to third base.

What’s So Special About These Pads?It’s not so much the pain of the Brazilian Wax I mind. As long as it does the trick, I’m fine with it. It’s only a problem if said wax causes ingrowns, which are never cute. This product is designed to treat AND prevent that. I have fairly sensitive skin and have tried a few other serums and creams over the years, and nothing worked as promised. Right after mentally resigning to my ingrown status quo, I discovered le Blaster.

How do you use them? Just like you’re taking makeup off your face, rub these textured pads on the area in question every morning and night. Be diligent!

How do they work? It’s all in the active ingredients. They’re dipped in glycolic acid combined with the acne defying agent, salicylic acid which blocks bacteria by reducing sebum production in pores. Other ingrown remedies contain some of the same ingredients, so I have to think that the texture of the pad, as opposed to smoothing a cream onto your skin, also contributes to the success.

If at first you don’t succeed… Seriously, post-wax and shave nuisances are avoidable with the right products. Whether it’s ingrown cream, deodorant or allergy medicine, never take no for an answer… sometimes you just need to keep searching to see what works for you. In this case, it didn’t hurt to use products straight from the pioneers of modern hair removal.

How much: $32.00 at CompletelyBare.com

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Michelle Joni Lapidos

Vattooing: Next in Line for Vajazzling’s Throne

Just when you thought vajazzling was the end all and be all of  vaginal adornment, along comes a trend that allows you to turn your private parts into the Sistine Chapel. Introducing: The Vattoo.  We’re thrilled to help our beloved, intrepid spa buddy Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot, who has, for better or worse, become the authority on all questionable down-there design, present her latest video to the world.

How does Vattooing work? A Vattoo starts with a Brazilian Wax, clearing the area of any hair and making for a clean vattoo palette. (If going completely bare isn’t quite your style, a little furry can make for a nice 3D effect.) After the area is completely waxed and you’ve chosen your design, the Vattoo is airbrushed by hand. Don’t try this at home; this isn’t some cheap temporary tattoo from a candy machine. You can customize it any way you’d like, and it lasts 7 to 10 days. For the full story, read Bryce’s recap on TheLuxurySpot.com

Try it during Spa Week! Bikini Glamour made our list of the top 12 hottest spa trends for Fall 2010, and if the Vattoo doesn’t fall under that umbrella I don’t know what will. Officially called “Inked” by Completely Bare Spa in New York City, this treatment (including the wax) will be offered during the upcoming Spa Week for just $50 at select Completely Bare locations. (Normally $115).

Stay ahead of the curve, let Michaelangelo be your guide, and stay classy my friends.