Little Luxury Review: RapidLash Serum

The Little Luxury: RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, $49.95

Relationship status: Fully committed with eyebrow raising results

As seen in: OK! Magazine, Life & Style and the Fall 2011 Spa Week Media Gift Bags

How to use: Apply like eyeliner to the top and bottom lash line of both eyes. Additionally, can be used to thicken and darken eyebrows with daily application.

Does it do what it says it’ll do? YES! My lashes were darker and longer and my brows were fuller in just 3 weeks.

The moment I fell in love: The day I left my eyebrow filler pencil at home.

Advice for first time user: Don’t get discouraged and give up if you don’t see results right away – some things are worth the wait!

What’s more: It’s dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested; cruelty, paraben and fragrance free.

Best of all: No more clumped up, spider lashes or crusty dried out mascara tubes to fuss with.

Hot Stone Scale (1-6): 6

hot stone scale 6

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Little Luxury Report: Pureology NanoGlaze with AntiFade Complex



The Little Luxury: Pureology NanoGlaze with AntiFade Complex

Relationship status: My new secret weapon. Totally still in the lust phase!

When all the right forces combine… Organic botanicals, humidity-resistant technology and vegetable proteins combine together to give you the perfect styling glaze.

You can’t mess it up: The instructions are simple: pump a quarter-size amount into hands and apply to damp hair, comb through and blow-dry.

The thing you’ll love most: It’s not just for blow-drying! The weather is getting warmer which means you can get away with leaving the house with damp hair. Use the NanoGlaze for air-drying and presto, natural waves and curls will look polished and defined.

Worth the splurge: Pureology products have been consistently successful for me, and this one has proven no different. It’s reliability in a bottle, the products are specifically designed for color-treated hair, and they come with a salon price tag to match—$28. Which is less than Nano in its iPod form, if that makes you feel any better.

A note from the people at Pureology that you probably haven’t seen in a while: “Authentic Pureology products are not sold online from any retailer. To find Pureology products in your area, log on to to find a Pureology salon near you. We don’t credit websites that sell Pureology product.”

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6

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