So THIS is why The Golden Door Spa near Scottsdale is Booked Up for Spa Week

By Mary Rambin

If you’re a spa addict then you know The Golden Door name means creme de la creme of spas. The original is in Escondido (the destination of Spa Week’s Get Fit For Summer giveaway with Jillian Michaels – remember?); the one I visited is a lot easier to access. Just north of Scottsdale I found The Boulders Resort with a Waldorf Astoria Hotel, two award-winning golf courses, and a Golden Door Spa. It’s no wonder the resort has been named one of the world’s best several years in a row by Travel + Leisure. (Are you counting Phoenix locals, that’s three good reasons for you already!)

As you would expect, rates are usually on the high end, but their offering for Spa Week sweetens the deal, especially since you then have access to their other amenities like the pleasant pool, fully-equipped gym with group fitness classes (including yoga and spin), and the cafe. Saturday was already completely booked when I visited a few weeks ago and now I hear that they completely booked up, so if you’re interested, call ASAP and beg!

The services I found most notable are not on the Spa Week menu, but I would pay full price for them if not for just the reasons I already mentioned.

Ask about their signature turquoise wrap experience that involves exfoliation with blue corn meal after which you’re drenched in honey, rinsed, wrapped, and rubbed, then relaxed with a rain dance! Other unique Native American ritual experiences include shaman ceremonies and labyrinth meditations that have been said to be life-changing. They also offer Metabolic Typing and a monthly dinner under the stars in their natural herb garden (it sells out so book in advance).

In the back there’s a private suite for couples or girls’ retreats where you can get your treatments, enjoy an organic lunch, sun bath, and soak in the hot tub.

The decor is what I would call dessert chic and minimal. It’s not “cozy” if you know what I mean. Unlike most spas, the common areas are flooded with light. No complaints from me though; the pampering was superb.

The Golden Door Spa at The Boulders
34631 North Tom Darlington Drive
Carefree, AZ 85377

$50 Spa Week Treatments:

  • 50 Min Aromatherapy Massage
  • 50 Min Golden Harvest Facial
  • 50 Min Radiance Body Wrap

Mary Rambin of is a professional blogger and travel features writer for The Houston Chronicle. In NYC, she co-founded NonSociety and produced a weekly web series called TMI Weekly. Now she trains small businesses in the basics of social media amidst her travels all over the world. Follow Mary on Twitter at @MaryRambin.

(Full disclosure: Lunch was comped by the spa.)

Zap Your Pain Goodbye At In Touch Wellness Center

Lasers are your new best friend. Don’t believe us? Michelle can tell you how much she loves them after having her photo facial last week. They are most commonly used to remove hair and can help even out skin discoloration, but they can also relieve muscle pain.  Have you been bent and stretched every which way possible but still can’t find relief? Ordinary massages can sometimes just be a temporary fix to a larger problem. In Touch Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona has the solution this Spa Week with an all-encompassing massage package that could potentially help heal your pain at the speed of, well, light.

THE $50 TREATMENT: A 50 Min Therapeutic Massage with Hot Towels for Neck and Feet plus Laser Therapy for Pain Relief to Accelerate Healing

The non-invasive process is very similar to photosynthesis where the Low-Level Laser Light (LLLT) penetrates the skin to help your tissue cells produce usable energy and is a natural option to the healing process. No drugs here! The direct benefits include:

  • Relief of minor muscles and joint aches, pains and stiffness
  • Increased local blood circulation
  • Muscle relaxation and muscle spasm relief
  • Relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains and stiffness associated with arthritis.

You can also enjoy their 50 Min Customized Thai Massage from them. Remember, it all goes down October 10-16th.

No more getting poked and prodded, just simply relax and let the lasers do all the hard work. Zap away!

In Touch Wellness Center
2302 W. Greenway Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85023

Spa Madness! Bio-Roller Anti-Aging Facial (READ: 90 Minute Massage)

shadesofu-facialArizona is one of those states that is known for the spa scene. The entire state is pretty much a spa in itself—perfect weather 365 days a year, a hot stone massage, you say tomato I say tomato.

We’ve got a number of spas from the great state of no humidity participating in Spa Week this Spring, and go figure they like to embrace capitalize on their surroundings when coming up with their spa name. Desert Bloom Skin Care spa is where we sent Aileen from Shades Of U for a Bio-Roller Anti-Aging Facial, and it turns out (as many facials tend to go) she was in for more than just a facial.

In short, here’s what Aileen’s afternoon looked like. And I quote:

“Basically it is a long, heavenly 90-minute treatment that includes cleansing, application of masks, two soothing massages, facial steaming, and the main procedure, the bio roller.”shadesofu-feet

In long, you’ve got to read her post, My Bio-Rolling Anti-Aging Facial at Desert Bloom Spa and watch her great video to vicariously indulge in the full experience. And yes we saw how she was rubbing your feet, and we’re totally jealous!

To book this facial at Desert Bloom Spa, or another decadently healthful facial during Spa Week, April 12-18, go to and browse all those facials with hidden massage gems inside.

Spa Spotlight: Hand & Stone Massage Spa – Paradise Valley, AZ


Spa week national wellness giveaway28 spas in 28 regions have whipped up their most decadent day-at-the-spa packages, and in partnership,SPA WEEK® is giving them away to 28 lucky winners across North America. Spa Week Daily will be featuring a spa a day, along with their wellness philosophies and lifestyle tips, until the sweeps ends.


Region: Arizona


Hand & Stone Massage Spa – Paradise Valley

4727 East Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032

The staff has endeavored to make Hand & Stone a place where people can feel better whether they have minor aches and pains, or a mind that has been stretched to its limit. Our experienced staff know how to put your body at ease, while creating an environment that recharges the mind as well.


Reaching out a hand (and stone!) to those who need it:

“Our philosophy is a simple one. Because we specialize in the very highest quality massage services at affordable prices, we can make the soothing wonder of the massage experience accessible to more and more people.

That turns a ‘massage’ into that rare breed of products and services; an affordable luxury. And it makes it easier for you to “LOVE THYSELF” as often as your sore, aching, stressed out mind and body may desire.”


How to feel this good on the regular:

Hand & Stone offers a unique membership program specifically designed to introduce spagoers to the benefits of regular massage. Members receive one 50-minute massage each month, and can opt to maximize their therapeutic benefits by adding on additional massages at special, affordable member prices. The monthly massage is their signature Relaxation Massage, which can be customized to meet a client’s therapeutic needs. Try it out during Spa Week–you just might find yourself hooked!


50 Min Hot Stone Massage

50 Min Relaxation Massage

10 Min Sugar Scrub Foot Massage


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