Andrea Syrtash’s LOVE Challenge: We Have a Winner!

Chocolates, flowers, jewelry or spa? No matter which acts of love your Valentine’s Day brought you yesterday, there’s one that’s always non-negotiable: COMMUNICATION.

Yesterday marked the last day of Healthy Relationship Expert, Andrea Syrtash’s LOVE Challenge: Commit to 15 minutes of daily date talk with your partner. Studies have shown that the average couple with kids communicates uninterrupted for 15 minutes a day or LESS, and that’s no way to keep emotionally healthy. It’s essential to have date talk, not about household chores, bills, kids or in-laws, but to keep the spark alive.

So, how did YOU fare?

There’s nothing we love hearing more than that one of you was able to really make something out of a challenge; that we helped change your perspective and create a happier, healthier life. Dawn-Maia Simmons is a perfect example of this, as she shared her and her husband’s progress throughout the Challenge. I was so inspired and think you will be too! Dawn, we’re sending you that $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card, along with love and wishes for many happy decades to come.

Dawn-Maia Simmons’ LOVE Challenge Recap:

Feb 2 - My husband and I celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day and this is actually something we have been working on. We are IN!!

Feb 4 – So, today hubby and I talked about his golf lesson with a new instructor and how much he enjoyed the new knowledge. We talked about how the movies “Friends with Benefits” and “Just Friends” were soooo weirdly fairy tale but they tell the story of how we ended up together… it’s kind of funny actually. We shared a giggle about my Facebook status updates leading up to our anniversary, because I have been posting funnies that have to do with being married. He and I also talked about some movies we would like to see together soon.

Feb 5 – I have still been posting a quote or something funny to do a countdown on my status message every day, and also changing my profile pic to a new pic of us each day. So we talked about some of the memories in the pics and about how the quotes or the little sayings apply to us as a couple. We both thought that the quote:

“One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.” –Judith Viorst

Judith Viorst has been especially relevant for our relationship. It was good to see that we both still have the same vision for our marriage.

Feb 8 – Our talks the past couple of days have been about the prospect of being surrogate parents for a family member that cant conceive. We agree that it will be nice to help another couple realize the dream of parenthood. Our love for each other runs deeply enough that we can both give this gift to someone.

Feb 14 – This last week we have talked a lot about platonic relationships between genders and how often they create issues within a relationship. We have cried, laughed, and cuddled, all bringing us closer to celebrate today, our 12th anniversary together. Today we will get in some QT, starting with a breakfast sans kiddos! Thanks for this challenge, its been really great for us!

You are so welcome, Dawn – thank you for sharing this all with us and Happy 12th Anniversary!

10 Love Life Tips for Healthy Relationships – By Andrea Syrtash

A billion songs have been written about it. Everyone’s searching for it, wanting it, craving it, and once they’ve found it, they’re doing everything they can to fall deeper into it, nourish it, and hold onto it… forever.

Sure, all you need is love, but any loving relationship also takes work to keep it healthy and strong. Spa Week’s Healthy Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash, host of our LOVE Challenge: Commit to 15 minutes of Daily Date Talk, will tell you that it is definitely not always easy. Her latest book Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband) teaches valuable lessons about how to “date” your spouse to keep that spark alive. Start now — join the Challenge event on Facebook — and take in 10 of Andrea’s wisest pieces of advice for your love life.

Read more from Andrea on Spa Week Daily:

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Join Healthy Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash’s LOVE Challenge

Did you know the average couple spends less than 15 minutes a day talking uninterrupted? Beat the odds with our Valentine’s Day challenge, hosted by author and Healthy Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash. Challenge runs February 3-14.

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Spa Week LOVE Challenge with Andrea Syrtash: Commit To 15 Mins Daily Date Talk

The length of your shower, the time before the first commercial break, Antoine Dodson’s fame… 15 minutes is not that long. However, surprising studies – including one of 4,500 parents commissioned in 2008 by Holiday Inn – showed that the average couple with kids talks uninterrupted for LESS THAN 15 MINUTES a day. Where is the love!?

The relationship between two people is a beautiful, wonderful, unique, living creature, and it must be nurtured as such. In honor of Valentine’s Day, American Heart Month and the overall month of love, we introduce to you the newest member of Spa Week’s Expert Panel, Healthy Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash (whose latest book insists you “Cheat On Your Husband… With Your Husband”), with a challenge to fire up your love life!

Are you ready for CHALLENGE #9?

Here’s what to do:

Commit to 15 minutes a day of date talk during which time you will not talk about household chores, bills, kids or in-laws. It’s essential to have date talk if you want to keep the spark alive. Stay curious about each other!


From Friday, February 3rd to Valentine’s Day, February 14th


ANDREA SAYS: “One study showed (and all of the couples I interviewed for my last book demonstrated!) that the average couple with kids communicates uninterrupted for 15 minutes or less a day! And let’s be honest, even those of us without kids often forget why we fell in love with our partners. It’s essential to your health and happiness to connect every day as lovers and partners — not just as parents and roommates.”

What’s in it for me? (Loving and WINNING!)

Besides feeling closer to your partner and improving your happiness and mental health… join Andrea Sytrash’s Spa Week Daily Challenge Event on Facebook and share your success story or struggles. Once you RSVP and start sharing, you are automatically entered to win a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week.


Andrea Syrtash is the MSN Living Relationship Expert, a dating and relationship author and on-air personality. She has contributed to over a dozen relationship-advice books and is the editor of How to Survive the Real World and How to Survive Your In-Laws. She is the author of He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing) and Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband) (Rodale Books, 2011).

Andrea Syrtash with Michelle at LoveLife 2011

You may recognize Andrea from her previous articles here on Spa Week Daily, such as How To Be Single and Happy. We also had the pleasure of co-hosting our LoveLife 2011 event with her last February, and also as a featured online dating expert guest at our #SIGNOFF event in 2010.

Andrea has shared relationship advice as a contributor to numerous popular sites including, Yahoo!, MSN and The Huffington Post; and she is the on-air host of ‘ON Dating’, produced by NBC Digital Studios. She frequently appears as a guest on shows including The TODAY Show, CBS’ The Early Show, ABC News, VH1, TV Land, Martha Stewart Radio and NPR. Her advice has also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, Women’s Health and Redbook; and in newspapers including USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times.

Andrea frequently speaks about effective relationships at events and conferences around the country. For more, please visit or follow @AndreaSyrtash.

For that adorable man and woman dip-dee-dip photo above, check out etsy. You can buy it as a print.

LoveLife 2011: Party Recap

Party hosts sharing tips on love, life, and loving life

Loving life! On Tuesday night, Spa Week Daily co-hosted LoveLife 2011, a celebration of love and life at Shibumi Spa in NYC. With red rose petals and white tea candles scattered around the bridge and water in the middle of Shibumi, my co-hosts Andrea Syrtash (dating and relationship expert and author) and Soli Davis (God-sent owner of Shibumi spa) and I (dressed a sort of like a cupcake) welcomed an intimate group of media to our little 2-hour haven of happiness.

Guests indulged in massages and facials with luxurious Bionova products, wines by HobNob (a modern, refreshingly uncomplicated twist on wine), mini Beet Velvet Cupcakes by Sugar Flower Cake Shop and addictive Alley-O organic, homemade Cookies. With live music by Nicholas Megalis and some really great people in attendance, the spa was buzzing with ooohs, aaahs, and simply amazing energy.

First of all, I have to hand it to Andrea—before the event started, her iPhone went missing. Did she panic and let it ruin the night? Nope–she resolved to stay calm and positive, and karma got her back by delivering it to her under a piece of obscure furniture afterwards. What a relief, and good lesson learned.

My other co-host Soli Davis, the owner of Shibumi Spa, usually for some reason materializes in my head as an angel in white chiffon. And last night, it happened for real. In purple velour. Her Shibumi staff pampered each and every guest with gusto and grace, leaving shoulders at ease and faces aglow.

Bionova, one of the top lines in professional spa skin care, so generously donated their products to the gift bags, customized by skin type – we asked if everyone was dry or oily in advance! There were also Sexual Perfumes (#sexy), a copy of Andrea’s book He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s A Good Thing), Sleep Scentsations scented pillow liners, a gift card to Shibumi Spa and a 1-month gym membership to the Eastern Athletic Club, which in total ended up being worth about $700 each!

A sincere thank you to everyone who came! To name a few:  Katy Lindenmuth and Anne Davies from Cosmopolitan, Courtney Rubin from Self, Elisa Benson from Seventeen, Emmy Parsons and Kristin Boehm from People, Jonathan Siskin from Organic Spa Magazine, Ellianna Placas from Essence, Virginia VanZanten from W, Dawn Perry from Real Simple, Patty Hughes from SOHO Design Magazine, Andrea Wytish from Parade, Bryce Gruber and Ashley Brady from The Luxury Spot, Kimmie Smith from KittenLounge, Sarah Conley from StyleIt Online, Matt Wilkerson from AHAlife, Andrea Uku from Beauty High, Wendy Lam from Nitro:licious, Annika Harris from The Frisky, Valerie Berrios of Daily Glow, Celebrity Stylist Lauren Rae Levy and Kelly Tomashoff of Bravo’s NYC Prep.

Check out some more photos below and on our Facebook page, taken by Mitch Zachary.

A colorful and tasty array of wines by HobNob Wines.

Usually it’s only the peaceful waterfall you can hear at Shibumi. Tonight, Singer/Songwriter Nicholas Megalis lit up the spa with his original love songs.

Have you ever had BEET Velvet cupcakes? No? You are missing out. Many thanks for the mini treats from Sugar Flower Bake Shop.

On the right is one of the chefs of Alley-O organic, homemade cookies, and on the left is a happy winner of a basket from Alley-O.