Exclusive First Look: Red Door Spa Video

Get an exclusive first look at the luxurious Spa Week treatments Red Door Spa is offering this fall!

The iconic Red Door Spa is a Spa Week fan favorite, and their luxurious $50 treatments are always the first to go! For that reason (among many others!) we decided to give you an exclusive sneak peek inside one of their newest locations, the Red Door Spa in Union Square.

This Spa Week, Red Door is offering three ridiculously relaxing and restorative treatments at the unbeatable price of $50! After you check out the gorgeous space and get a glimpse of the new Youth Restoring Pedicure, head straight to SpaWeek.com to book your appointment because they are filling up fast! Here’s the scoop on all of the amazing treatments you can indulge in at 28 Red Door locations nationwide during Spa Week from October 20 – 26:

  • 50 Minute Spa Week De-Stress Body Treatment – This is Red Door’s most popular treatment, and we totally understand why! You will enter a world free of worry as you experience a dry glove exfoliation, a hydrating aromatherapy body wrap and a scalp and neck massage.
  • 50 Minute Spa Week Facial – Red Door’s famed skincare philosophy is definitely apparent during this treatment that erases every flaw. The facial includes cleansing, exfoliation and hydration – all of which will leave you fresh-faced for fall.
  • 50 Minute Spa Week Youth Restoring Pedicure – This extravagant pedicure is one of the best in the business. It begins with a skin-sloughing exfoliation, followed by the new Lemon Burst Polishing Scrub. After your legs are silky smooth, you can pick the polish and relax as it’s perfectly applied.

Check out the participating Red Door Spa Locations below and follow the link to book your Spa Week service with the click of a button:

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 

Health Benefits of Prenatal Massage

New science shows just how beneficial prenatal massages are for both mom and baby during pregnancy!


The benefits of prenatal massage have been explored by experts for years, and recent information has shown just how advantageous the relaxing treatments can be for women who are pregnant. In fact, according to the American Pregnancy Association, “Modern investigation and research is proving that prenatal massage therapy can be a very instrumental ingredient in women’s prenatal care.”

While science has generally debunked prior ambivalence toward prenatal massage, evidence supporting the benefits continues to grow. “Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health,” the APA explains.

But the perks of prenatal massage don’t stop there, and sessions have been shown to alleviate a multitude of common pregnancy ailments. For instance, swelling of the joints during pregnancy, called edema, has been shown to be improved by prenatal massages because it stimulates soft tissues and promotes circulation. Sciatic nerve pain is another common pregnancy malady, which is a result of the pressure of the uterus causing swelling on nearby muscles. Prenatal massage can effectively target these inflamed muscles, offering almost immediate relief from sciatic nerve pain.

The APA recommends consulting your pregnancy physician before beginning a prenatal massage program. Once approved, it is equally important to ensure that your services are administered by a certified prenatal massage therapist, available at top-notch spas like Elements Massage. Therapists at Elements Massage’s widespread locations are trained to work with expecting moms during the various stages of pregnancy to ensure the most therapeutic experience possible.

If you’re a mother-to-be, treat yourself to a prenatal massage during Spa Week, from April 21-27, for just $50! There are Elements Massage locations across the country, where you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. Not pregnant? Elements Massage has still got you covered with a wide-range of their signature massage services. Find a location near you and book your appointment today!


Elements Massage – Chandler Village

  • Choice of Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage
  • Signature Relaxation/Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage – Gilbert

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Therapeutic Sports Massage
  • Signature Therapeutic Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage – Peoria Arrowhead

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Therapeutic Sports Massage
  • Signature Therapeutic Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage – Scottsdale Fountain Hills

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Therapeutic Sports Massage
  • Signature Therapeutic Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage – Scottsdale Promenade

  • Choice of Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage
  • Signature Relaxation/Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage


Elements Massage – Pinecrest

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage
  • Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage
  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage


Elements Massage – Western Springs

  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage
  • 80 Min Whole Body Massage


Elements Massage – Medford

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage
  • Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage
  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage


Elements Massage – Summerlin

  • 80 Min Massage Session

There are even more prenatal massages and other luxurious treatments being offered for just $50 during Spa Week! Head over to SpaWeek.com to book your appointment today!

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Spa Spotlight: Massage Envy Spas

See the specialists at Massage Envy Spas for a $50 treatment that will leave you relaxed and renewed!


Launched nearly a decade ago, Massage Envy Spas have earned immense popularity nationwide with over 900 locations in the United States. We here at Spa Week feel a special connection to Massage Envy, largely in part because of a shared philosophy that wellness and relaxation should be accessible to all. Massage Envy Spas offer top-notch services from experienced estheticians, yet affordable prices and flexible hours ensure that customers are spared all stress.

During Spa Week from April 21-27, Massage Envy is offering several of its most popular services for the signature Spa Week price of $50. Some of the highlights include the Murad Signature Facial that delivers youthful-looking skin and long-lasting results and Massage Envy’s Relaxing Escape Swedish Massage, which will transport you to your happy place, even if it’s a million miles away.

Several of Massage Envy Spa locations are participating in Spa Week, but with a reputation for creating an unparalleled spa experience, appointments are filling up fast. Find the Massage Envy Spa in a city near you, and book your appointment today before it’s too late!

Massage Envy Spa – Bayonne

  • Deep Tissue Massage – This specialized massage promises not to spare one sore muscle, and will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Murad Healthy Skin Facial – Using Murad products, the facial corrects imperfections and leaves skin with a youthful glow that lasts long after the treatment.
  • Aromatherapy Swedish Massage – Tickle the senses with a relaxing massage paired with pleasing scents that create a serene environment.

Massage Envy Spa – Edgewater

  • Relaxing Escape Swedish Massage – Leave the stresses of your day-to-day behind with this idyllic massage that will transport you to a world of relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy Massage – They say scents can conjure memories, which means you won’t be able to stop reliving this unforgettable massage.
  • Murad Signature Facial – This signature facial delivers an even complexion while soothing any redness or irritations, leaving you looking radiance.

Massage Envy Spa – Hoboken

  • Relaxing Escape Swedish Massage – Escape the hustle and bustle of NYC right across the water with this massage that make you feel like you’re lying on a peaceful beach.
  • Healthy Skin Murad Facial – Seasonal weather can contribute to acne and imperfections, but this facial using Murad products promises to clear it right up.
  • Aromatherapy Wellness Massage – If you need some rejuvenation, this ultra-relaxing massage will make you feel rested and repaired.

Massage Envy Spa – New Brunswick

  • Aromatherapy Swedish Massage – Relax after a day spent downtown with a luxurious massage located in the heart of New Brunswick.
  • Swedish Massage with Sugar Foot Scrub Enhancement – Indulge in pure pampering with a Swedish massage and relaxing foot treatment that will leave you feeling new!
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Perfect for athletes, this massage goes deep to relieve sore muscles and speed up minor injury recoveries.

Massage Envy Spa – Woodbridge

  • Relaxing Escape Swedish Massage – When you walk through the Massage Envy door, prepare to be transported to somewhere else entirely with this ultra-relaxing massage.
  • Aromatherapy Massage – Scents like lavender and eucalyptus can be just as relaxing as a massage. Pair the two and you have a win-win combination!
  • Murad Signature Facial – Murad products don’t disappoint, and this facial will leave you impressed thanks to brighter skin and a clearer complexion.

Find the Massage Envy Spa location nearest you and follow the link to book your Spa Week treatment today!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

Spa Spotlight: Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat

Book a Spa Week appointment at Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience!

blue creek - spa week 2

Blue Creek is Denver, Colorado’s premier urban health retreat, offering customers solace from their hectic lives in a serene environment outfitted with raw and organic materials. At Blue Creek, the goal is to bring the outdoors inside, which is seen and felt through the spa’s running creek, aspen trees and reclaimed and recycled furnishings.

This balanced philosophy is similarly applied to the decadent spa services offered at Blue Creek, with an intention to support both the body’s internal and external health. This is why the rustic-chic spa works to identify and heal the root causes of pain or illness in order to provide long-lasting and truly restorative treatments.

blue creek - spa week 5

Prepare to be pampered on a very personal level at Blue Creek, where spa services are personally tailored and no detail is spared. There’s luxury on every level at this health retreat that incorporates all natural and organic products into treatments, which ensures optimal wellness.

If you’re in the Denver area, than Blue Creek is a spa that can’t be missed. As if you needed any more of a reason to visit this urban health retreat, Blue Creek is participating in Spa Week from April 21-27, which means their services are only $50! Check out the divine spa treatments being offered during the Spring Event and tell us which one you can’t wait to try:

  • 60 Minute Blue Creek Massage with Hot Stones or Essential Oils – If you’re in need of some rest and relaxation, look no further because this treatment promises both, and more! Relish in 60 minutes of sheer bliss during a custom-created massage topped off with your choice of smooth hot stones or soothing essential oils.
  • 60 Minute Blue Creek Facial with Hot Stones – This version of the classic facial has a seriously soothing twist! If you’re in the mood for a beauty boost, Blue Creek’s facial will leave your skin feeling nourished and looking radiant. Meanwhile, a hot stone treatment will transport you to a place of ultimate serenity.
  • Total Body Package Including Acupuncture Treatment and Cupping – The value of this Spa Week treatment is unparalleled, and the service is truly restorative. Put your mind and body at ease with an acupuncture treatment by one of Blue Creek’s experienced acupuncturists, and try a cupping treatment that all of the celebrities rave about.

Click here to book your appointment at Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat today because with a spa this special, appointments are filling up fast!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

The Ultimate Spa Week Savings!

Find out just how much you can save when you book a $50 Spa Week treatment!

Facial Mask

We here at Spa Week believe that everyone deserves to be pampered, which is the inspiration behind our bi-annual event that offers luxurious spa treatments for only $50. This spring (from April 21-27), however, there are some serious steals because spas are offering up some of their priciest treatments for the same signature Spa Week price. You heard right–you can get treatments that would usually run you up to $500 for only $50 a piece!

Interested? You’d better book fast, because once word gets out about these over-the-top treatments, appointments are going to fill up fast!

90 Minute PRP Vampire Facial at Vi Esthetica in Gilbert, AZ (regular price $500)

Collagen Production Therapy Session at Spade Skin Care & More in Redondo Beach, CA (regular price $350)

60 Minute Red Carpet HydraFacial Treatment with LED Light Therapy and Oxygen Infusion at Marc Edward Skincare in West Hollywood, CA (regular price $250)

Advanced REACTION Cellulite Reduction and Skin-Tightening Treatment at Advanced Derma Laser in New York, NY (regular price $250)

45 Minute Energy Lift Facial with Tourmaline Gemstone at Ling Skin Care – Union Square in New York, NY (regular price $195)

55 Minute Crystal or Diamond Microdermabrasion with 24 Karat Gold Mask at Antoinette Boudoir Spa in New York, NY (regular price $185)

Signature “Skin Clarity” Session Including Acupuncture Facelift and Infared Skin Tightening at Cienega Med Spa in Beverly Hills, CA (regular price $174)

If you haven’t booked your Spa Week appointment yet, click here to get a $50 deal at a spa near you!

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Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.