Spa Week is Back – Enjoy $50 Treatments!

Get ready to relax because Spa Week is back! Treat yourself to $50 spa treatments all week long.

Spa Week Back

Spa Week is back and we know you’re ready to relax! Starting today, through October 26th, head to your nearest spa or salon and indulge in a massage, facial, mani and MUCH more for the unbeatable price of just $50! We know it’s not easy deciding between the top-of-the-line treatments, so we definitely recommend you take advantage of several rounds of relaxation!

As you head into the spa, put your worries to rest thanks to The Ten Commandments of Spa Week. And if you haven’t booked your $50 Spa Week treatment yet, there’s still time to get in on the spaction – book yours fast at

  1. Thou shall take the vow of wellness.  Suffice it to say, wellness is our true forte. And with countless mind and body-focused services to choose, this is one vow you will want to take again and again.
  2. Thou shall overindulge on services. At just $50 a pop, Spa Week services are the perfect excuse to get fresh for Fall. That much needed facial sounds great, but why stop there? Spa Week  is the perfect time to truly indulge from head to toe, from autumn spice pedicures to peppermint hair masks,
  3. Thou shall dedicate ample time to enjoy Spa Week. Carve out the time, because you are worth it. That 90 minute therapeutic massage is just the beginning. This Spa Week, try out several spas, experience something you’ve never tried, bask in the Hamman, breath in the eucalyptus steam. There are seven south-soothing days ahead.
  4. Honor thy esthetician or therapist. Your Spa Week service provider works hard to make sure your $50 experience feels just as blissful as a full-priced one. They are dedicated to their craft, delivering a superior spa and wellness service. You’ll want to show them how good you feel, so be sure to tip them on the full price.
  5. Thou shall pay it forward. During Spa Week, you are certain to feel centered, and you will surely want your friends to feel the  same. There’s no better time to give the gift of wellness than during those special seven days. Your $50 treat will be more than just a spa service, you will be fostering that special someone’s overall well-being.
  6. Thou shall embrace positive changes in your life that make you look and feel better. Motivate yourself to do the things that contribute to your health and wellness. Want to improve your skincare routine or take a core-toning Pilates class? Spa Week is the perfect time.
  7. Thou shall leave your cell phones and worries at home. Un-plugging can be a lot harder than unwinding. Consider your Spa Week  appointment a chance to reboot your mind, not just your body. You can close your inbox and clear your head. Why not meditate instead?
  8.  Thou shall schedule strategically. Spa Week  services are always in demand. Be sure to plan ahead, so you can fit it all in. Whether it’s a long lunch, a late night or a full-fledged staycation, Spa Week is ideal for carving out that much needed “me time.”
  9. Thou shall always share. Flying solo is fun, but BFF time is a blast. You can elevate your experience by sharing it with someone. Spa Week is the perfect time to schedule a bridal shower or birthday celebration for a soul-centering special event.
  10. Thou shall not covet another person’s spa treatment. It’s easy to put off a spa appointment, especially when it feels like such a splurge. Good thing all services are a steal during Spa Week. Visit our directory on – it’s time to start saying “yes” to you.

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 


Spa Spotlight: Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa

Shop and spa for $50 during Spa Week all under one roof at Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa!

Lord and Taylor

Lord & Taylor is famed for their fabulous fashion, but it’s not just designer labels that they have up for grabs. That’s because, whether you realized or not, Lord & Taylor is also home to a luxurious, lavish salon and spa with a deluxe offering of rejuvenating treatments.

If getting pampered at Lord & Taylor sounds costly, you couldn’t be more mistaken. In fact, Lord & Taylor is featuring some of their most select services during Spa Week for just $50! From October 20 -26th, don’t miss your chance to shop until you drop and then sit back and relax, because you can score the latest fall fashions and spa treatments to boot, all for a surprisingly affordable price! So what are you waiting for? Browse Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa’s relaxing treatments below, and head straight to to book an appointment before they fill up:

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa – Manhasset

  • 50 Minute Choice of Signature Customized Facial or Men’s Facial with Salon Manicure
  • 50 Minute Purifying Back Treatment
  • Choice of Haircut, Style and Gel Manicure or Single Process Color, Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment and Style

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa – Scarsdale

  • 50 Minute Choice of Swedish Massage, Signature Customized Facial, Facial for Men or Purifying Back Treatment
  • French Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure or Haircut, Style and Salon Manicure
  • Novalash Eyelash Extension Enhancement (up to 20 Lashes Per Eye)

Not in the New York area? There are still TONS of $50 Spa Week Treatments for you to take advantage of. Go to and enter your zip code to browse spa services near you.


Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 


18 Coolest Spa Week Treatments

We love massages and facials, but for just $50 why not try the more unusual spa treatments that your favorite celebrities love!


While we all know there’s no shortage of luxurious massages, refreshing facials and pampering pedicures  to indulge in during Spa Week, there are also some surprisingly unusual and unique treatments to try from October 20 – 26th.

Despite the fact that these unconventional spa treatments are usually reserved for reality TV, (who remembers Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial?) during Spa Week you can try something new because treatments are only $50! Check out the crazy, cool offerings below, and then head straight to to book yours because appointments are filling up fast!

  1. Fire Cupping Session to Increase Circulation at Shoreline Massage Therapy in San Diego, CA
  2. Genie Pod Session for Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening and Increased Metabolism at Genie Pod Spa in New York, NY
  3. 50 Min ‘The Chicago Tribune Favorite’ Indian Head Massage at Spa Space in Chicago, IL
  4. Semi-Permanent Beauty Mark (Micropigmentation) at Julie Michaud Prettyology in Boston, MA
  5. ‘The Cocoon’ Body Wrap Includes Warming Dry Float Experience and Slimming Body Wrap at Eau Spa at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa in Manalapan, FL
  6. Two 30 Minute V-Infusion Treatments to Tone, Detoxify and Balance at Herbal Infusion in Fort Washington, MD
  7. Infinity Float Session for Stress Relief and Detoxification at Infinity Float NYC in New York, NY
  8. ‘Cap Zap’ Spot Treatment for Broken Capillaries on Nose, Cheek or Chin at SkinHealth Centers in Boston, MA
  9. Slenderpress Treatment (Lose Two to Three Pounds Instantly) at  Antoinette Boudoir Spa in New York, NY
  10. Raindrop Therapy Massage with Essential Oils and Energy Work on Back and Feet at Euphoria Massage and Spa in Little Falls, NJ
  11. Facial Rejuvenation with Chinese Facial Reading and Cupping Massage for Face and Neck at A Healing Arts Center in Tampa, FL
  12. 60 Minutes Qigone One Finger Meditation Session at Akai Wellness Center in New York, NY
  13. Infrared Sauna Wrap Treatment with Vitamin B-12 Shot at Restorations Wellness Center & Spa in Greenwood Village, CO
  14. Vibradermabrasion Treatment To Stimulate Collagen Growth at TRIFECTA Med Spa in New York, NY
  15. Dermalife Body Treatment Body Wrap and Hydrotherapy Capsule with Steam, LED Light, Massage and Aromatherapy at Beauty Culture in Arcadia, CA
  16. BioTe Hormone Consultation at Lumiere Fitness Spa in Houston, TX
  17. Blue Light Acne Therapy Mask, Red Light Fine Line and Wrinkles Mask or Green Light Age Spot Therapy Mask at SHRINK Studios in Houston, TX
  18. Loofah Body Buff and Scrub (Spa Service Done in the Hammam) at Contour Day Spa in Plantation, FL

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 

Exclusive First Look: Red Door Spa Video

Get an exclusive first look at the luxurious Spa Week treatments Red Door Spa is offering this fall!

The iconic Red Door Spa is a Spa Week fan favorite, and their luxurious $50 treatments are always the first to go! For that reason (among many others!) we decided to give you an exclusive sneak peek inside one of their newest locations, the Red Door Spa in Union Square.

This Spa Week, Red Door is offering three ridiculously relaxing and restorative treatments at the unbeatable price of $50! After you check out the gorgeous space and get a glimpse of the new Youth Restoring Pedicure, head straight to to book your appointment because they are filling up fast! Here’s the scoop on all of the amazing treatments you can indulge in at 28 Red Door locations nationwide during Spa Week from October 20 – 26:

  • 50 Minute Spa Week De-Stress Body Treatment – This is Red Door’s most popular treatment, and we totally understand why! You will enter a world free of worry as you experience a dry glove exfoliation, a hydrating aromatherapy body wrap and a scalp and neck massage.
  • 50 Minute Spa Week Facial – Red Door’s famed skincare philosophy is definitely apparent during this treatment that erases every flaw. The facial includes cleansing, exfoliation and hydration – all of which will leave you fresh-faced for fall.
  • 50 Minute Spa Week Youth Restoring Pedicure – This extravagant pedicure is one of the best in the business. It begins with a skin-sloughing exfoliation, followed by the new Lemon Burst Polishing Scrub. After your legs are silky smooth, you can pick the polish and relax as it’s perfectly applied.

Check out the participating Red Door Spa Locations below and follow the link to book your Spa Week service with the click of a button:

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 

Health Benefits of Prenatal Massage

New science shows just how beneficial prenatal massages are for both mom and baby during pregnancy!


The benefits of prenatal massage have been explored by experts for years, and recent information has shown just how advantageous the relaxing treatments can be for women who are pregnant. In fact, according to the American Pregnancy Association, “Modern investigation and research is proving that prenatal massage therapy can be a very instrumental ingredient in women’s prenatal care.”

While science has generally debunked prior ambivalence toward prenatal massage, evidence supporting the benefits continues to grow. “Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health,” the APA explains.

But the perks of prenatal massage don’t stop there, and sessions have been shown to alleviate a multitude of common pregnancy ailments. For instance, swelling of the joints during pregnancy, called edema, has been shown to be improved by prenatal massages because it stimulates soft tissues and promotes circulation. Sciatic nerve pain is another common pregnancy malady, which is a result of the pressure of the uterus causing swelling on nearby muscles. Prenatal massage can effectively target these inflamed muscles, offering almost immediate relief from sciatic nerve pain.

The APA recommends consulting your pregnancy physician before beginning a prenatal massage program. Once approved, it is equally important to ensure that your services are administered by a certified prenatal massage therapist, available at top-notch spas like Elements Massage. Therapists at Elements Massage’s widespread locations are trained to work with expecting moms during the various stages of pregnancy to ensure the most therapeutic experience possible.

If you’re a mother-to-be, treat yourself to a prenatal massage during Spa Week, from April 21-27, for just $50! There are Elements Massage locations across the country, where you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. Not pregnant? Elements Massage has still got you covered with a wide-range of their signature massage services. Find a location near you and book your appointment today!


Elements Massage – Chandler Village

  • Choice of Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage
  • Signature Relaxation/Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage – Gilbert

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Therapeutic Sports Massage
  • Signature Therapeutic Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage – Peoria Arrowhead

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Therapeutic Sports Massage
  • Signature Therapeutic Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage – Scottsdale Fountain Hills

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Therapeutic Sports Massage
  • Signature Therapeutic Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Elements Massage – Scottsdale Promenade

  • Choice of Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage
  • Signature Relaxation/Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage


Elements Massage – Pinecrest

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage
  • Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage
  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage


Elements Massage – Western Springs

  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage
  • 80 Min Whole Body Massage


Elements Massage – Medford

  • Choice of Therapeutic Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage
  • Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage
  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage


Elements Massage – Summerlin

  • 80 Min Massage Session

There are even more prenatal massages and other luxurious treatments being offered for just $50 during Spa Week! Head over to to book your appointment today!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.