Workout Wednesday: Tone House

Get a glimpse into Tone House, the tough-as-nails NYC workout that will show you what you’re really made of. 

Tone House New York

We’d heard about Tone House. The studio is around the corner from the Spa Week offices and Tone House signage is proudly displayed on the sidewalk. What we didn’t expect was to walk into a dark fitness studio, covered in black astroturf, with eerie music playing in the background. The atmosphere was a preview of the extremely tough (but, amazing!) workout to come.

Tone House was created by ex-pro football player Alonzo Wilson, which sheds some light on why the workouts are both athlete-inspired and team-based.  The studio’s motto is “Unleash Your Inner Athlete”  and believe us, unleash you will. The range of your athletic ability (or non-ability in some cases) will be fully exposed.

Alonzo Resistance Jumps Rip Trainer

Here’s a breakdown of the class. It starts with a team chant. You can handle that. Then you’ll move into the warm-up, which consists of 10-15 minutes of running around the studio and jumping over hurdles. For some, this alone is enough to make you want to throw in the towel (or at least use it to wipe down some sweat!). But for those brave enough to stick it out, the reward in the end is worth the sweat (plus blood from one participant, and possibly tears).

The explosive workout is composed of extreme resistance-based moves like climbing on the ground while being attached to a harness clipped to the wall, and more hurdle jumps, this time while being attached to a harness (with over 70 lbs of resistance to taunt you). You’ll also endure sprints and some serious conditioning, burst moves including crunches, pushups and squats, and some weight lifting. At the end there will be a brief stretch, and you’ll end with another chant.

Harness Action Shot copy

There is no question about it—Tone House will push you to your limits, and you will unleash your inner athlete. Even though it was the toughest workout we’ve ever tried (sore muscles for three+ days included), we are excited to come back and try it again!

The studio offers complimentary water bottles and towels (which is nice, because you’ll definitely go through multiple of each in the hour long session). If you are looking for a serious, and we mean serious challenge, Tone House will be the best $35 you ever spent. If you are first-timer, take advantage of a $20 deal!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

Workout Wednesday: Fun Ways to Walk More

Getting in 40 minutes of walking per day is easy when you opt for fun activities like thrifting!iStock_000012740363XXLarge

Living in a big city practically guarantees built in exercise, so we weren’t surprised when our new pedometer said we took nearly 3,000 steps in just one day! While we were pleased with these results, it got us thinking that many of you who don’t live in big cities like NYC probably rely on cars (instead of your legs) for your daily commute.

Recent research has showed that walking regularly can lead to weight loss, disease prevention and stronger bones, which makes it even more important to pound the pavement. And, according to Live Strong, it takes just 40 minutes a day to reap the benefits!

Find out how you can get 40 minutes of walking in per day in fun and entertaining ways. Let us know what your favorite way to get moving is in the comments below!

Go Thrifting – Perusing your local thrift or second-hand store can lead to a surprising amount of steps taken! You can easily get lost in the racks of clothes, and not even realize that you’re working up a sweat.

Buy Local Groceries – Famer’s markets are a staple in the NYC grocery shopping scene, and many small towns have recently caught on as well. Instead of driving to the grocery store, park your car at a weekend market and browse through the unique offerings as you check items off your list.

Explore a Park – Head over to your local park and hit the trails. It’s way more engaging than taking laps around a track! Focus on all your senses as you walk through the forest, and you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Collect Seashells – Water has a soothing and tranquil effect on the body, which makes visiting the beach or lake ideal for unwinding. Take a relaxing walk and scour the shore for pretty seashells that you can use later for DIY crafts.

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.  

Travel Tuesday: Omni Tucson Resort

Don’t miss one of Arizona’s most stunning resorts, equipped with an award-winning spa to boot! 

Front Exterior Lobby

There’s something for everyone at the Omni Tucson National Golf Resort. To start, this renowned resort is famous for it’s unmatched golf courses with incredible views. Golf isn’t the only sport you can enjoy—there are both tennis courts and volleyball courts on the grounds as well. Nestled in a valley with scenic mountain ranges on all sides, Tucson is the perfect setting for a spa getaway—but that’s not the only reason to visit this picture-perfect locale!

Mt Vista GuestRoom

Each guest room features a picturesque private balcony. Your plush accommodations won’t disappoint, either!


The gorgeous outdoor infinity pool and inviting Sweetwater Terrace are among the resort’s must-see amenities. Guests have the option to rent private cabanas poolside or visit the outdoor cabana bar.

Sonoran Golf Course

Of course, as it is a golf resort, the greens are a prime draw for Omni Tucson. With two incredible courses and the option to enroll in private lessons, there’s no shortage of ways to pay homage to the sport while visiting.

Desert Stone

The crown jewel of the property is of course Omni Tucson’s award-winning spa, a location that is proud to provide the ultimate in luxury. Offering facials, body treatments, and salon services, there are an abundance of ways to wind down and relax at this top of the line spa! Guests can also utilize fitness facilities with spa amenities like whirlpools, saunas and steam rooms.

It’s easy to see why we chose the Omni Tucson for our latest giveaway! The winner will enjoy an unforgettable getaway to this luxe resort, as well as a sneak peek of Spa Week Fall 2014. For more information on the Destination: Spa Week Giveaway or to enter to win, click here.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

Spa Week Staff’s Best Treatment Tips

The Spa Week staff shares insider spa tips so you get the most out of your next treatment – without worry!

Girls at beauty salon

In our pursuit to bring wellness to the masses, we’re always looking out for ways to make the spa more accessible. We know you love getting your $50 treatments during Spa Week, but we bet there are some first or second-timers out there who are a little apprehensive to try a new treatment.

We believe your spa visit should be nothing short of relaxing, which is why we’re taking all the stress out of your next spa experience. We rounded up the best insider advice from the Spa Week staff themselves, so you can rest-assured that your next trip to the spa will be completely worry-free!

Spray Tan TipNails First! 

If you’re getting a spray tan for a special occasion make sure you get a manicure and pedicure BEFORE you get sprayed! Also, wait at least 24 hours before you shower because the color can wash off instead of setting into your skin. – Valarie, Marketing Coordinator

Facial Tip – Bring a Hat

If you have sensitive skin like me, than you’ll likely be a little red and irritated after you get a facial with extractions. I always bring my baseball cap with me just in case. That way, I can camouflage any irritation and protect my face from the sun, which can intensify reactions. – Kaitlin, Senior Account Manager

Massage Tip – Drink Water After

You may not know this, but when you get a massage, toxins are released from the knots in your body. For this reason, it’s important to drink lots of water after, especially if you had a deep-tissue treatment, to flush your system out. – Anne, Loyalty Program Director

Laser Hair Removal Tip – Take Advil

This goes true for waxing as well – DEFINITELY take Advil an hour before a laser hair removal or electrolysis treatment. If you are especially sensitive to pain, there’s a gel called Lidocaine (available on Amazon) which you apply 45 minutes before the treatment. Cover the gelled area with saran wrap so the numbing properties can fully set in. – Liora, Lead Graphic Designer

Gel Manicure Tip – DIY Removal

If you want to remove your gel manicure without going to the salon there’s an easy DIY trick you can do at home.  Buy a bottle of acetone from your local beauty store and soak cotton balls with it. Place the cotton balls on each finger, wrap with tin foil, let sit for 3-5 minutes and the manicure will slip right off! – Melissa, Director of Brand Operations

Hairstyle Tip – Clean Hair is Best

Since high school prom I’ve been told not to wash your hair before getting it curled or styled. On a recent trip to Red Door, my hairstylist informed me that this was actually a myth, and clean hair holds style better. Go to your appointment with damp hair so your stylist can properly blowdry your mane to decrease frizz. – Arielle, Associate Editor

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.

Workout Wednesday: Brooklyn Bodyburn

Not for the faint of heart (or muscles)—Brooklyn Bodyburn is a must-try class for serious fitness enthusiasts and those looking for a high intensity, full body-sculpting experience.


Located in The Edge complex, right by the water in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Bodyburn studio is less than a year old, and we have to admit, it’s home to one of the most intense workouts in ALL of the five boroughs. The studio definitely embraces the “Brooklyn” vibe, with cool grey cinder blocks walls, a huge lofted ceiling and industrial flooring throughout. The workout space consists of a large area filled with weights, stabilizing poles and about 10 MegaFormers—the machines responsible for the fat-blasting, sweat-pumping workout.


For the most part, Bodyburn is 50 full minutes of low impact muscle toning. But if that sounds easy enough, don’t let yourself be fooled—there is NO rest between movements, and this body-sculpting class will have your muscles trembling within the first couple of minutes (or seconds!). Did we mention the fact that you burn 500-800 calories in each session?

The resistance-based movements are slow and very controlled throughout, with the aim to isolate hard to reach muscles. You’ll be working your entire body, even though you may not realize it at the time, you’ll definitely feel it later. Traditional exercises like lunges, mountain climbers and planks are performed on the MegaFormers, which challenges your body in a completely new way. We’ve never experienced a workout quite this tough, but if you want lightening fast results, this would likely like be your best bet.


In general, serious fitness enthusiasts will love this class. It’s also great to try if you are a beginner looking to step up your workout game—just mentally yourself prepare in advance for the extreme intensity. There is no doubt that a couple of these classes will whip your body into shape in no time.

If you’re new to the studio, your first class is $18 or you can buy a package of five for $79. This is a great deal considering typically, each class goes for $34. There is also the option to do a 30 Day Unlimited pass for $340 (if you’re feeling superhuman). Good luck—and be ready for some serious sweating during and soreness for a couple of days after your first class!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.