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Lupita Nyong’o Named People’s Most Beautiful Person

The stunning best-dressed actress of the 2014 Awards Season has taken home yet another honor—People’s Most Beautiful Person. Is anyone surprised by this? Although we can’t say that we’re the least bit shocked, we can say that we are beyond thrilled that such a … Read More

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Why Inside-Outside Skin Care Works

According to Dr. Oz’s, an inside-outside skin care routine could cure your classic beauty woes! What if we told you that instead of turning to pricey beauty products promising miraculous results, you could simply balance your skin care routine and diet … Read More

Workout Wednesday: Get Trim with TAO

Workout Wednesday: Get Trim with TAO

Introducing a new exercise device both compact and high-tech enough to allow you to workout anytime, anywhere.  What’s your number one excuse for not working out? No time? The gym is too expensive? You can’t fit the needed equipment into your 400 sq. ft. studio … Read More


Travel Tuesday: Midnight in Marrakesh

Traveling to Marrakesh? Here's what to do and sights to see to make your Moroccan vacation unforgettable!  Of all of the exotic cities of Morocco, it is Marrakesh that draws the most tourists and not without reason. Between the winding souks, rooftop restaurants and … Read More


6 Earth Day Events Happening In NYC

Celebrating Earth Day in NYC? We’ve got you covered with ways to show your love for the planet! The Union Square Green Market is typically home to vendors selling local and organic products ranging from hard to find veggies to freshly caught fish. Yet, today, in … Read More

An Exciting Way To Celebrate Earth Day

An Exciting Way To Celebrate Earth Day

Find out how you can celebrate Earth Day by joining the Zoya Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange! We love Earth Day for several reasons, but we just added one more to our list and we think you may want to follow suit. This year we invite you to celebrate Mother Earth by taking … Read More

Dangerous Beauty Products Exposed In Free App

Dangerous Beauty Products Exposed In Free App

The most dangerous chemicals in beauty products are being uncovered in a new app called Think Dirty. While organic diets have become increasingly common in the U.S. thanks to startling information about the dangers of chemicals and pesticides, consumers are still being … Read More

The Ten Commandments of Spa Week

The Ten Commandments of Spa Week

Spa Week is finally here! Here are a couple of things to remember as you venture off to your $50 treatment this week. Happy Spa Week! We couldn’t be more excited that it has finally arrived. Now that this good fortune has been bestowed upon you ($50 spa … Read More

Insta Contest

Celebrate #SpaWeekis10 On Instagram!

Remember to share an Instagram pic during Spa Week for a chance to win a $200 Spa & Wellness Gift Card!  Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Spa Week has officially commenced! The occasion certainly calls for a celebration, after all, when else … Read More


Spa Week Daily’s Friday Favorites

Check out our Friday Favorites to see what we're loving this week!  Clockwise from Left: Dark Amber Kitten Cat Eye Sunglasses available at, Pinned by Sandra Young via, Weaver Finch Sandals available at, Pinned by Danielle Maxson … Read More