Workout Wednesday: Pilates Inside Out

Pilates meets pirouettes for this Workout Wednesday at New York Health and Racquet Club’s Pilates Inside Out class!

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When it comes to ab flattening workouts, Pilates is typically your best bet, but we had no idea how effective the more mainstream moves could be when combined with ballet and barre techniques!

After testing out New York Health and Racquet Club’s new Pilates Inside Out class, we can tell you first-hand that this is a tummy tightening experience you don’t want to miss. While the class begins and ends with restorative stretches, you’re pushed to your limit as you hold grueling positions in quick succession.

Taught by professional dancer, Nathan Kosla, Pilates Inside Out incorporates vigorous core strengthening and extreme toning techniques – trust us, this is not an understatement! Although the pilates/ballet/barre class is low-impact, your muscles will shake and spasm within the first five minutes.

This workout is ideal if you want to sculpt your arms, abs, legs and glutes – all of which seriously feel the burn for the duration of the 45 minute sweat session. The breakthrough fitness class promises to build a strong, athletic body in no time, and there’s an extra incentive to get into tip-top shape at NYHRC.

Appropriately dubbed the 50 in 90 challenge, for the duration of the year NYHRC will be sponsoring special events, coordinating fabulous workouts and much more – all in an effort to inspire you to keep hitting the gym. And as if that wasn’t reason enough to head straight to your nearest NYHRC, the newest Whitehall Street location is participating in Spa Week!

From now through October 31st, you can take advantage of NYHRC’s unbeatable Spa Week savings. Check out the luxe offerings below and book at fast because appointments are nearly filled up!

  • Choice of Massage including Swedish, Prenatal, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage plus Day Pass to Whitehall Street Gym and Facilities including Fitness Classes, Saltwater Pools, Saunas and Steam Rooms


  • Pilates Reformer Session with NYHRC Private Trainer plus Day Pass to Whitehall Street Gym and Facilities including Fitness Classes, Saltwater Pools, Saunas and Steam Rooms

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 

Three Spa Treatments We’re Nuts About

Celebrate National Nut Day with a shea butter or almond-based service at the spa!


Happy National Nut Day, folks! We all know that nuts are a good thing, but you may be surprised to learn just how much a handful of nuts can do for your health. Whether your preference is peanuts or cashews, a small snack of just about any variety can work wonders on improving your overall wellness.

So what’s so great about nuts, you ask? Well, for one thing, they’re an awesome alternative to meat. Packed with protein, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids, nuts offer better bang for your body than, for instance, a plateful of pork. And according to the Harvard School of Public Health, eating nuts such as walnuts and almonds several times a week can reduce your risk of heart disease. More worried about your weight? In that case, try some pistachios. Studies show that incorporating pistachios, which are high in healthy fats, into your diet can increase weight loss as well as reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. To boost brain health, unsalted peanuts are your best bet.  Rich in folate, a vitamin that staves off brain atrophy, as well as vitamin E and niacin, peanuts are the perfect food product to help you stay sharp.

This Spa Week, we’ll be doing more than just adding nuts to our daily diet, however. We’ll be incorporating them in our spa treatments as well! Because when it comes to securing the smooth skin benefits of nuts, a little shea butter can go a long way.

Check out these three $50 nut-based beauty treatments and head to to book an appointment today!

Salon Greco – Suwanee, GA

90 Min Pumpkin and Spice Sea Salt Body Glow and Foot Smoothing Treatment with Shea Butter and Vitamins A, C, D, and E​

Sweet Cheeks Beauty Bar – Carlsbad, CA

50 Min Express Facial and Honey Almond Body Polish

Hashani Spa at the JW Marriott Starr Pass – Tucson, AZ

50 Min Farmhouse Fresh Body Treatment Including Citrus Grass Salt Scrub, Warm Prickly Pear Cactus Gel and Honeysuckle Orange Custard Shea Butter


 Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily.

Pin to Win: $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card

Pin to Win your fall wellness tips, tricks and DIYs and you could be one of five winners who will take a trip to the spa on us! 


Spa Week is officially in full-swing, and we know you’re excited to get fresh this fall. While we love pumpkin-scented candles and cozy nights spent curling up on the couch, $50 spa treatments make the season even sweeter.

But that’s not the only reason we’re feeling fabulous this fall! Because we’re committed to helping you reach all your wellness goals, this Spa Week we’re giving you tons of ways to make some me-time, including five chances to win your next spa day on us!

We invite you to join us on Pinterest for Spa Week’s Fall In Love With Wellness Giveaway. All you have to do is share your favorite wellness tips, tricks and DIYs and you could get pampered at the spa this fall!

PS – There’s STILL time to book your $50 Spa Week treatment! Go to and enter your zip code to find exclusive spas in your neighborhood!

Here’s how to enter Spa Week’s Fall In Love With Wellness Pinterest Giveaway:

  1. Follow Spa Week on Pinterest
  2. Create a Pin board titled Fall In Love With Wellness
  3. Board must contain at least 10 pins (five must be from the Spa Week board)
  4. Post the link to the board on the original contest pin located in our Fall In Love With Wellness Board.

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Spa Week is Back – Enjoy $50 Treatments!

Get ready to relax because Spa Week is back! Treat yourself to $50 spa treatments all week long.

Spa Week Back

Spa Week is back and we know you’re ready to relax! Starting today, through October 26th, head to your nearest spa or salon and indulge in a massage, facial, mani and MUCH more for the unbeatable price of just $50! We know it’s not easy deciding between the top-of-the-line treatments, so we definitely recommend you take advantage of several rounds of relaxation!

As you head into the spa, put your worries to rest thanks to The Ten Commandments of Spa Week. And if you haven’t booked your $50 Spa Week treatment yet, there’s still time to get in on the spaction – book yours fast at

  1. Thou shall take the vow of wellness.  Suffice it to say, wellness is our true forte. And with countless mind and body-focused services to choose, this is one vow you will want to take again and again.
  2. Thou shall overindulge on services. At just $50 a pop, Spa Week services are the perfect excuse to get fresh for Fall. That much needed facial sounds great, but why stop there? Spa Week  is the perfect time to truly indulge from head to toe, from autumn spice pedicures to peppermint hair masks,
  3. Thou shall dedicate ample time to enjoy Spa Week. Carve out the time, because you are worth it. That 90 minute therapeutic massage is just the beginning. This Spa Week, try out several spas, experience something you’ve never tried, bask in the Hamman, breath in the eucalyptus steam. There are seven south-soothing days ahead.
  4. Honor thy esthetician or therapist. Your Spa Week service provider works hard to make sure your $50 experience feels just as blissful as a full-priced one. They are dedicated to their craft, delivering a superior spa and wellness service. You’ll want to show them how good you feel, so be sure to tip them on the full price.
  5. Thou shall pay it forward. During Spa Week, you are certain to feel centered, and you will surely want your friends to feel the  same. There’s no better time to give the gift of wellness than during those special seven days. Your $50 treat will be more than just a spa service, you will be fostering that special someone’s overall well-being.
  6. Thou shall embrace positive changes in your life that make you look and feel better. Motivate yourself to do the things that contribute to your health and wellness. Want to improve your skincare routine or take a core-toning Pilates class? Spa Week is the perfect time.
  7. Thou shall leave your cell phones and worries at home. Un-plugging can be a lot harder than unwinding. Consider your Spa Week  appointment a chance to reboot your mind, not just your body. You can close your inbox and clear your head. Why not meditate instead?
  8.  Thou shall schedule strategically. Spa Week  services are always in demand. Be sure to plan ahead, so you can fit it all in. Whether it’s a long lunch, a late night or a full-fledged staycation, Spa Week is ideal for carving out that much needed “me time.”
  9. Thou shall always share. Flying solo is fun, but BFF time is a blast. You can elevate your experience by sharing it with someone. Spa Week is the perfect time to schedule a bridal shower or birthday celebration for a soul-centering special event.
  10. Thou shall not covet another person’s spa treatment. It’s easy to put off a spa appointment, especially when it feels like such a splurge. Good thing all services are a steal during Spa Week. Visit our directory on – it’s time to start saying “yes” to you.

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 


Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Best of Me

Spa Week is back on Monday! Nicholas Sparks’ latest movie, The Best of Me is just the perfect way to get through the weekend!


Friday always calls for celebration, but this weekend is even more exciting because come Monday, Spa Week is back! We highly suggest you head to ASAP if you haven’t booked an appointment because you can only indulge in $50 spa treatments from October 20 – 26th.

We realize Monday is a long ways away, but fortunately there are plenty of ways to keep busy until the big day rolls around. We were recently invited to an exclusive screening of the Nicholas Sparks’ latest blockbuster, The Best of Me, and let’s just say it’s an absolute must-see!

The Best of Me, starring hunk James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, is an epic love story spanning over 20 years, and there are no shortage of heart wrenching moments. You will laugh, cry and be completely captivated by The Best of Me, and it’s the perfect pick-me-up to get you through the weekend before you head to the spa.

The Best of Me is in theaters across the country this Friday October, 17. Follow The Best of Me on Twitter for the latest updates. And let us know what you think about the teaser below!

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Editor of Spa Week Daily.