Spa Spotlight: Odom Health & Wellness

Take advantage of one-on-one attention from clinical experts at Odom Health & Wellness this Spa Week.


By now you know that Spa Week is the best (and most affordable!) time to indulge in relaxing massages and rejuvenating facials, but did you know you can also address your health and fitness needs for just $50?

At Odom Health and Wellness, your total well-being is paramount, whether that necessitates rehabilitation, weight loss, nutrition counseling or personal training. The state-of-the art wellness clinic provides one-on-one attention for optimal results, and the team of experts uses a highly customizable approach.

Whether you want to lose an extra few pounds, or are working towards running a marathon, Odom Health & Wellness is committed to designing long-term health solutions for patients of all ages. If you’re in the Minnesota area, we highly recommend getting to know this top-notch health facility, and for just $50 you have no excuse to put your wellness first! Browse the impressive services Odom Health& Wellness is offering from October 20 – 26th and book your appointment at!

  • 60 Minute Massage, choice of Swedish with Aromatherapy or Integrated Manual Therapy/Orthopedic Massage
  • 50 Minute Invigorating Deep Tissue Sports Graston Therapy
  • 20 Units of Dysport

Not in Minnesota? No problem! There are so many $50 Spa Week treatments all across the country! Go to and enter your zip code to find all the luxe offerings in a city near you.

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 

Spa Spotlight: Clarins Spa

Indulge in a Spa Week treatment at Clarins Spas, for one of the most fabulous $50 facials you will ever experience! 


Each and every Spa Week season Clarins Spas are among the first to fill up – and after experiencing one of their long, luxurious treatments ourselves, we completely understand why!

A visit to the peaceful and pristine Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s is the perfect way to end a day spent shopping, or in our case a busy day at the office! Sidling up to the brightly lit Clarins counter, we were swiftly greeted by our aesthetician who guided us through a quick skin evaluation, which the specialists utilize for optimal results.

The Super Restorative Facial with Hand and Neck and Décolleté Treatment, available for only $50 during Spa Week, is completely customizable to address any of your skincare needs. Having just returned from a tropical vacation, a deep dose of moisture was absolutely essential.

Beginning with a gentle exfoliation, this uniquely effective facial is one of the only ways you can see instant results without going under the knife. How, you may be wondering? The Clarins products used in treatments are of the highest strength, and the experienced aestheticians incorporate targeted techniques like lymphatic drainage to immediately slim the face.

Add in gentle massages, aromatherapy and a totally tranquil environment, and who could deny that Clarins Spas offer one of the most divine Spa Week experiences on the market! We highly recommend booking a pampering session, stat. Check out the other decadent spa treatments Clarins is offering from October 20 – 26th, and head to to snag your services today.

Clarins Spa Week Treatments

  • 50 Minute Super Restorative Facial with Hand and Neck and Décolleté Treatment
  • 50 Minute Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial with Total Eye Lift and Lip Contouring Treatment Add-on
  • 50 Minute Detox Shine Stopper with Total Eye Lift and Lip Contouring Treatment Add-on

Clarins Spa Week Locations


Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – Arcadia

Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – San Francisco

Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – Newport Beach

Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – San Diego


Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – Aventura

Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – Coral Gables


Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – Chicago


Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – Newton

New York

Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – Garden City

Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – 3rd Avenue

Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – White Plains


Clarins Spa at Bloomingdale’s – Arlington

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 

Spa Spotlight: Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa

Shop and spa for $50 during Spa Week all under one roof at Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa!

Lord and Taylor

Lord & Taylor is famed for their fabulous fashion, but it’s not just designer labels that they have up for grabs. That’s because, whether you realized or not, Lord & Taylor is also home to a luxurious, lavish salon and spa with a deluxe offering of rejuvenating treatments.

If getting pampered at Lord & Taylor sounds costly, you couldn’t be more mistaken. In fact, Lord & Taylor is featuring some of their most select services during Spa Week for just $50! From October 20 -26th, don’t miss your chance to shop until you drop and then sit back and relax, because you can score the latest fall fashions and spa treatments to boot, all for a surprisingly affordable price! So what are you waiting for? Browse Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa’s relaxing treatments below, and head straight to to book an appointment before they fill up:

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa – Manhasset

  • 50 Minute Choice of Signature Customized Facial or Men’s Facial with Salon Manicure
  • 50 Minute Purifying Back Treatment
  • Choice of Haircut, Style and Gel Manicure or Single Process Color, Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment and Style

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa – Scarsdale

  • 50 Minute Choice of Swedish Massage, Signature Customized Facial, Facial for Men or Purifying Back Treatment
  • French Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure or Haircut, Style and Salon Manicure
  • Novalash Eyelash Extension Enhancement (up to 20 Lashes Per Eye)

Not in the New York area? There are still TONS of $50 Spa Week Treatments for you to take advantage of. Go to and enter your zip code to browse spa services near you.


Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 


Exclusive First Look: Sothys Spa Video

Get an exclusive first look at the world-class services Sothys Spa has in store this season!

You don’t have to be in the beauty business for long to be familiar with the Sothys name. With worldwide spa locations and a brand that’s over 60 years old, L’Institut Sothys has long been a leader in luxury skin care. That’s why we’re excited to share that Sothys’ world-class services are just $50 this season. Now that’s a Spa Week steal you don’t want to miss!

In honor of Spa Week, Sothys is offering three top-of-the-line treatments at their flagship New York location. From October 20th-26th, you’ll have the chance to transform your sun-worn skin with Sothys’ Orange and Quince Seasonal Fall Facial. Simply want to relax? Well, then you can’t go wrong with a 45-minute Swedish Massage. Whatever your fancy, scurry over to because these $50 treatments are filling up fast! We leave you to whet your appetite on these awesome pampering options.

  • 45-Minute Swedish Massage
  • Orange and Quince Seasonal Facial with Extractions
  • European Facial with Extractions

Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily.

Exclusive First Look: Ling Skin Care Spa Video

Get an exclusive first look at the luxurious Spa Week treatments Ling Spa is showcasing this season!

When it comes to specialty facials, Ling Skin Care Spa is a mecca for the beauty masses. In fact, they’ve even acquired a cult-like following—we kid you not. But it’s not just the fab facials that have spa and wellness worshippers raving about Ling. With a full spa menu and their own skincare line, we decided to show you firsthand the many wonders of Ling.

From October 20th-26th, Ling Skin Care Spa’s Union Square location is offering spa-goers a sampling of their famous treatments for a fraction of the price. Want to reap the benefits of their ultra-relaxing Energy Lift with Tourmaline Gemstone Face Treatment? At just $50, there’s no excuse not to head to and try it today! In case you want more options, check out all three of Ling Spa’s $50 offerings below.

  • Energy Lift Treatment with Tourmaline Gemstone Body Wellness Therapy
  • Signature Décolleté Treatment Including Gentle Peel, Ginseng Mask on Décolleté plus Heated Tourmaline Energy Lift Treatment for Décolleté, Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands
  • Energy Lift Treatment with Tourmaline Gemstone Face Treatment

Not in the New York City area? There are TONS of Spa Week treatments all across the country! Go to and enter your city or state. Ready, set, relax!


Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily.