Spa Spotlight: Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa

Shop until you drop and then unwind with a $50 Spa Week treatment at Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa!

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa

Lord & Taylor and luxury go hand-in-hand, but it’s not just the designer labels that make this destination decadent. While the fashion mecca’s runway-worthy creations are certainly seductive, the hidden spas in some special locations invite even more indulgence.

During Spa Week’s Spring 2014 Event, you don’t have to feel guilty about giving into temptation because Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa is offering over-the-top treatments for just $50! From April 21-27 stop by a location near you for a day of pampering, but make sure you book soon because appointments at this luxurious location are filling up fast!

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa Locations & Treatments:

New York

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa – Manhasset

  • Choice of Facial with Salon Manicure: Choices Include Dermalogica Facial, Gentlemen’s Skin Treatment or Purifying Back Treatment–As if a $50 facial wasn’t enough, now you can get a manicure thrown in for the same price!
  • Single Process Color, Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment and Style–Beautiful hair has never been easier, or more affordable.
  • Haircut and Style with Gel Manicure–Treat yourself to a manicure that will last for weeks, and a new hairstyle to boot!

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa – Scarsdale

  • Choice of Lord & Taylor Experience: Swedish Massage, Dermalogica Facial, Gentlemen’s Skin Treatment or Purifying Back Treatment – Take your pick between these signature services that are custom-created to address whatever concerns you may have.
  • Novalash Eyelash Extension Enhancement (Up to 20 Lashes Per Eye) – Try this treatment before a big date and you will be batting your lashes with confidence.
  • Spa French Manicure and Spa Pedicure or Haircut and Style with Salon Manicure – It’s hard to choose between these unbeatable combinations, but both treatments will leaving you feeling fresh.

Washington DC

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa – Washington DC

  • Choice of Facial with Salon Manicure: Choices Include Dermalogica Facial, Gentlemen’s Skin Treatment or Purifying Back Treatment—Leave the spa after a day of pampering with both perfect skin and nails—what could be better?!
  • Haircut and Style with Salon Manicure—Got a big date or meeting? This is just the Spa Week treatment to prep.
  • Single Process Hair color and Style—Get a gorgeous new hair color to go with that fresh new outfit you just snagged in the store.

Find the Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa location nearest you and follow the link to book your Spa Week treatment today!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

Spa Spotlight: New York Ayurveda

Looking to try something different this Spa Week? Balance mind and body with a unique Ayurvedic treatment.


In preparation for Spa Week (April 21-27), I visited New York Ayurveda at their brand new Midtown West location to experience the 60 Minute Aroma-Abhayanga Ayurvedic Massage with Herbal Oils. I had never experienced an Ayurvedic spa treatment before so I had no idea what to expect!

The first thing that sets an Ayurvedic Massage apart from a regular massage is the arrival questionnaire. The information obtained and questions asked are far from the typical, “Experiencing body pain?” “Undergone surgery?” type questions asked at a regular spa.

This questionnaire determines your body type based on five elements: air, space, fire, water and earth. Every person has all five elements within them, and in figuring out your combination Ayurveda works to balance you. There are three options for your body type, or a combo of any—Vata (a combination of air and space), Pitta (combination of fire and water) and Kapha (a combination of water and earth).

photo 4

After filling out the above sheet (made a bit oily later on in the massage, oops!) it was determined that I am a combination Vata/Pitta. This body type denotes a person of small to medium stature, with thinner, dry skin, who is both physically active and quick in speech and movement.  The results tell the massage therapist what oils to use and what type of pressure. I got Sesame oil, which is ideal for Vata types—this oil penetrates dry skin (much needed as I received this service in February!).


I settled into the massage room after a long day at the office ready to relax. I learned that Abhoyanga means that whole body is included, which is just what I needed! Ayurvedic massage utilizes long, relaxing upward strokes on the upper body. On the extremities, more long strokes are used, up through the arms and down through the legs to drain energy from the body. There was also head and face massage to release mental stress, especially through the jaw area.

My massage therapist used oil in my hair, which is great as a scalp treatment especially in the winter. Most people opt out of this if they are going out afterwards (makes sense, my hair was a MESS), but if you are going straight home I would definitely recommend to go for it. It is suggested to keep the oils on both hair and skin for a couple of hours so that they can really sink in, and the smells will contribute to prolonging your state of relaxation post-massage.

I left the spa feeling completely relaxed, refreshed and ready to wind down for the night; and woke up the next day feeling completely renewed! Now if that’s not what Spa Week is all about, I don’t know what is.

New York Ayurveda is offering three 60 minute treatments this spring:

  • Aroma-Abhayanga Ayurvedic Massage with Herbal Oils
  • Organic Honey Lime Cucumber Facial with Extractions
  • Sampling Ayurveda Package Includes Gharshana Exfoliation, Abhyanga Massage, Shirodhra and Head and Foot Massage

Check out their listing on and then call the spa directly to book!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

Celebrate Spring At The Spa!

Celebrate spring with a rejuvenating spa treatment for $50!

Spring Treatments

Spring is in full swing, and saying that we’re literally jumping for joy might even be an understatement. We’ve never been more relieved to say goodbye to winter and ready to enjoy the fresh new season filled with bright flowers and sweet sunshine. While we can’t wait to ditch our jackets and don our favorite spring dresses, we must admit the brutal winter did some major damage. Between dry skin, brittle nails and parched lips, winter’s arctic air certainly took a toll, but fortunately for all, spring also means one very important thing – Spa Week is back!

Celebrate spring by treating yourself to some seriously amazing spa treatments for only $50! In fact, there are tons of spa treatments specially formulated to get you spring-ready. Whether you’re in the market for a spring renewal facial, spring soothing massage or spring cleaning pedicure, these luxurious services will make sure you’re ready to rock your favorite dress and sandal combo just in time for the weather to warm up!

$50 Spring Hydrating Body Treatment with Head Massage at @Ease Spa – Hillside in Hillside, NJ

$50 Spring Radiance Peel at Allure Image Enhancement in Upland, CA

$50 ‘Be Ready for Spring’ Microdermabrasion Treatment at Cassianna Spa in Arlington, VA

$50 Spring Cleaning Pedicure at Nicholas Day Spa and Salon in Pelham, NY

$50 End of Winter Soothing and Replenishing Facial with Extractions at Skin Health Medi Spa in Dover, NH

$50 Organic Spring Renewal Facial Includes Extraction at Skin Innovations Skin Care & Spa in Newton, MA

$50 Spring Renewal Massage, Facial or Body Exfloiation at Spa Belle Meade in East Setauket, NY

$50 Seasonal Pedicure with Hot Stone Treatment at Spa Botanica at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel in Glendale, AZ

$50 Essence of Spring Soothing Massage at Spa St. Tropez in Port Jefferson, NY

$50 Spring Detox Facial at Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica, CA

$50 ‘Hello Spring’ Massage with Back Scrub at vir tú Spa – Moorestown in Moorestown, NJ

$50 Spring Awakening Facial with Hibiscus Calendula Mas at Grand Spa in Dallas, TX

$50 Spring Facial with Extractions at International Day Spa in Redlands, CA

There’s even more amazing treatments that will get you in shape for spring at! Book a spa experience in your area today!

Photo Credit

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.

Spa Spotlight: White Tea Med Spa

Chelsea’s quaint yet luxurious White Tea Med Spa is the perfect place to indulge this Spa Week.


As Spa Week Daily’s resident field-reporter, I recently had the pleasure of visiting New York City’s White Tea Med Spa to try the Endermologie Cellulite Reduction Treatment in honor of Spa Week’s Spring Event (April 21-27!). Cellulite reduction doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this 45 minute service was a completely soothing way to end a long day at the office!

My esthetician, Maria, showed me to the treatment room at the back of the spa, and explained how the treatment would work. For both sanitation purposes and to help the machine run smoother, clients change into a special bodysuit called Endermowear to be treated. It looks like it’s made for a 2 year old child but don’t be intimidated—it’s super stretchy and not uncomfortable!



The feeling of Endermologie can be likened to a lipo-massage treatment. It works by stretching the connective tissues with suction, and uses mechanical massage rollers to stimulate circulation. The pressure can be adjusted based on personal preference. The goal is to be not only effective but relaxing, and higher pressure does not determine better results, so it’s important to make sure that you are comfortable!

The suction and circulation from the machine helps the fat cells to shrink. The process also promotes lymphatic drainage which helps with healing. It is an especially great treatment to go along with liposuction. One aspect that is important to understand going into the treatment that it reduces inches, not weight. It helps to smooth and tighten skin and areas of cellulite.

Not interested in Endermologie? That’s okay; White Tea Med Spa is offering three stand-out treatments for just $50 this Spa Week:

  • Choice of Deep Pore Cleansing Facial or Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion Treatment (50 Minutes)
  • Endermologie Cellulite Reduction Treatment
  • One Laser Hair Removal Session for Bikini, Underarms, Brazilian or Lower Back

Get more information on booking a Spa Week treatment at White Tea Med Spa here, or visit to find more awesome $50 treatments near you!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.



10 Coolest $50 Treatments to Try This Spa Week

Spa Week is back! Click here to browse and book $50 spa treatments near you!


Spring is finally here and people everywhere are looking to shed their winter skin and emerge fresh, rejuvenated and ready to enjoy some sunshine…which can only mean one thing. Spa Week’s $50 treatments are back! While there are no shortage of hot stone massages, anti-aging facials, and skin-smoothing body scrubs available this season, we wanted to point out some of the more unique treatments available for just $50 this spring.

In honor of Spa Week’s 10th Birthday, we’re breaking own the ten coolest treatments this season. From meditation sessions to Ayurvedic rituals to slimming injections and even a hangover cure, here are the ten must-try treatments this spring!

1. Cellular Expansion and Healing Session at Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health & Healing in Pittsburgh, PA

If there is something in life that is holding you back, or you feel stuck in some way, Cellular Expansion and Healing might be just what you need to breakthrough. Achieve balanced health through body and mind at the cellular level with this unique wellness treatment. The treatment involves therapists holding different body parts for periods of time until a shift in energy is felt.  It promotes deep relaxation as well as both physical and emotional healing.

2. Herbal V-Steam with Infrared Sauna at Sasma Wellness Center in Largo, MD

It’s true—there are no limits to which parts of your body to pamper during Spa Week. A V-Steam involves, in its most basic form, sitting on a box that steams herbal antibacterials to cleanse your insides. Some spas even dress you in cultural garb to make the experience more real to its traditional Korean roots. Health benefits include boosted fertility, reduced menstrual cramps, and fighting infection. Celebs like Tia and Tamera Mowry and Britt Gastineau are all known to have experimented with the treatment.

3. PRP Vampire Facial at Vi Esthetica in Gilbert, AZ

It sounds weird and gross and well, some of you very well may be disgusted by the idea. Flawless-skinned celebs like Kim Kardashain and Bar Refaeli have tried the procedure, and now you can too—for the Spa Week price of just $50! This facial rejuvenates skin by treating it with your own PRP (platelet rich plasma) to improve fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring and more. Plus, think of the crazy selfies you could take during the treatment! #vampirefacial.

4. Hangover Helper Rehydration Therapy at Sempurna Restoration Clinic in Chicago, IL

How many times have you wished for this?! A hangover cure is finally here, and better yet—you can get it in the relaxing, soothing ambiance of the spa. When you’re feeling hungover what your body is really telling you (besides that you may have drank too much) is that you’re dehydrated. At Sempurna Restoration Clinic a nurse will customize a cocktail of fluids to fit your individual needs for rehydration and an energy boost. At just $50 for the treatment, this seems like the perfect excuse to plan a girl’s night out this spring!

5. Quigong One Finger Meditation Session at Akai Wellness Center in New York, NY

Partake in a unique meditation session to reset your mindset for a fresh season. One finger manipulation is an ancient practice used to harness energy and stimulate different points internally. The combination of movement and meditation helps to cleanse organs and promote health. Summed up by the practitioners at Akai, “We provide good energy!” Hey, we say—try it!

6. Package of Six Slim Shots with Vitamin B6, B12, Amino Acids and Lipotropic Fat Burner at AGELESS Med Spa in Katy, TX

Shots that slim you? We were skeptical at first, too—but hear us out. These shots are packed with both essential Vitamins and weight-suppressing nutrients. They help to boost metabolism, burn fat, detoxify and increase energy. Administering these nutrients via shot instead of pill allows them to be more easily absorbed into the system, thus more effective. Sounds like an awesome service to try for just $50 this spring!

7. Package of Two Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Treatments at White Light Skin Care in Miami Beach, FL

While we’d never pass up a massage, this Spa Week we have a pretty tempting competitor in the relaxation category. Climb into a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber where you can lay and basically do whatever realaxing activity you desire—read, meditate, even nap! There are even pillows and blankets decorating the chamber to make it as cozy as possible. Oxygen therapy can help with a variety of ailments. Hyperbaric chambers raise air pressure three times higher than normal, allowing your lungs to better intake oxygen to spread through your body and promote healing.

8. Energy Balancing Treatment at Do Well Be Well in Haskell, NJ

Refresh, renew, rebalance, is our official mantra for spring. Let the professionals at Do Well Be Well help you balance your energy this Spa Week. First, GDV Cameras will help assess your body’s energy. Then a Reiki session will help balance your energy. You’ll be re-assessed before leaving to ensure you are centered and calm.

9. Holistic Chiropractic Evaluation and Treatment for Good Health at Vitality Spa in Old Lyme, CT

Treat aches and pains with a full chiropractic evaluation by a licensed doctor. Physiotherapy procedures will help to ail whatever may be troubling you. The best part? This will all take place in the calm, tranquil setting of a spa, not a cold, stiff doctor’s office. Now that sounds like the recipe for healing to us! Vitality Spa is the only Spa Week location offering chiropractic services for just $50 this season.

10. Slenderpress Treatment at Antoinette Boudoir Spa in New York, NY

Go to the spa, walk out two to three pounds lighter? All we have to say is, sign us up! This treatment allows for faster elimination of toxins from cells through lymphatic drainage, combined with heat therapy which helps fat cells actually shrink. Unlike some other slimming treatment this one actually promotes calm and relaxation—one patron even said she felt like she just left hot yoga after!

There are tons of other $50 deals for you to book—all across the country! Check out to browse and book today.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.