Cute Boat Outfit Ideas for Every Activity

Get fashionable and functional outfit ideas for your next boat outing – we have something for every activity!


If you live anywhere near water, you know that the possibilities are endless when it comes to summer boating activities. Whether you’re cruising around your local lake, or sailing the seven seas, choosing the perfect outfit for a day spent on the water can be a little tricky.

Which is why we were inspired to create a guide based on outfits for every boating occasion. These outfit ideas will definitely come in handy the next time you’re invited on a last-minute outing, and they’re equally appropriate for festivities on dry land!

Dinner Cruise

Dinner Cruise – If you’re lucky enough to be spending an evening on a dinner cruise, than you’re likely celebrating a special occasion. Go all out with this seductive midnight blue dress that channels the velvety waters after the sun sets.

In Slinky Navy Blue Dress available at


Fishing Trip – Fishing trips can get messy, but that doesn’t mean you should dress in a drab ensemble! Try a vintage-inspired shirt dress that offers optimal comfort while still giving off an effortlessly chic vibe.

Sable Linen Dress available at


Yacht Party – If you made the VIP list for a yacht party, than you better dress to impress! Bohemian prints in flowy silhouettes are a Hollywood favorite this summer, and the lightweight material is perfect for throwing on or off in between sunbathing sessions.

Renee Tie Dye Flowing Tunic available at


Island Hopping  – Travel from island to island in style, thanks to this fashionable AND functional dress. It conveniently unwraps into a silky soft towel so you can jump in and out of the water as often as you want!

Wrap Cover-Up available at


Sailing Lesson – You’ll impress your instructor right off the bat with this anchor embellished shirt dress. The longer length makes it practical for operating the ropes and sail, and the comfortable cotton material will keep you cool as you navigate the waters.

Anchor Tank Dress available at

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Fashion Blogger Tips: Effortless Outfit Ideas

Fashion blogger Elle Fure has mastered the art of effortless ensembles, and shares her tips for nailing the perfect outfit – every single time!

Elles Empire State

Have you ever seen the websites of ultra-chic fashion bloggers and wondered how the stylish set consistently come up with looks that are perfectly put together? Well, you’re not alone. While we may know a thing or two about the latest trends, when it comes to envy inducing ensembles we wouldn’t dare claim expertise.

That’s why we consulted one of our favorite fashion bloggers to give us some tried and true tips! Elle Fure, of Elle’s Empire State, has garnered quite a reputation for mixing high fashion pieces with affordable wardrobe staples to create effortless ensembles time and again.

“As a blogger, there’s a constant pressure to conceptualize and produce new, innovative outfits to inspire readers and keep them entertained,” Elle says. “While some outfits become one-hit-wonders, others become instant go-to’s that can be worn – with a few fresh tweaks – for many different occasions.”

Elles Empire State 2

For beginners experimenting with more fashion-forward ensembles, Elle suggests structuring an outfit around one statement piece. “For this outfit my starting point was my pink peplum hem skirt from ASOS. I’m a big fan of feminine silhouettes, and this skirt hugs your body in all the right places.”

Full of practical wisdom, Elle points out that pencil skirts can be risky for more petite frames. Her solution – add some heels for extra height! “I opted for a pair of chunky Prada pumps, which added a subtle ‘60s vibe to the ensemble.”

Elles Empire State 3

The fashion blogger also recommends offsetting form-fitting pieces with a looser counterpart, like this vintage top she uncovered at a Brooklyn thrift shop. “The belt and knit combo really contributes to the outfit’s bohemian flair,” she says.

And, as evidenced on the Norwegian blogger’s stunning site, no outfit is complete without the perfect purse. “Since this was a daytime look, I needed a big, holds-everything-you-own bag. Clare Viver’s leopard-print Simple Tote did the trick.”

And voila! An ensemble worthy of the pages of Vogue is complete! In case you missed anything, here’s a list of Elle’s fashion tips:

1. Build an outfit around one standout piece

2. Offset a body-hugging bottom with a loose-fitting top

3. Elongate legs by always pairing a pencil skirt with a high heel

4. Add animal print accessories to jazz up an unpatterned look.

If you liked Elle’s expert fashion tips than you’ll LOVE her blog! Click here to check out and tell us which look you want to learn about next!

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Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily. 

Fourth of July Fashion Fix: Rompers

Forgot that this weekend is already the Fourth of July? Don’t worry, there’s still time to score the perfect outfit.


By Jeremy Nicholson from Fuquay Varina, NC, USA [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

We can hardly believe it, either, but the weather lately has been speaking for itself. It’s really almost July, which means the Fourth is right around the corner! Now, we know that deciding what to wear for one of the first big bashes of the summer always presents a challenge. This Fourth, keep it simple and go with a one-piece-wonder, the romper. Rompers are totally in this season, and all you need are some cute accessories to make yours unique. To save you some stress, we’ve found the perfect romper for each and every occasion that you might be attending this holiday.


Lucky Brand ‘Coastline’ Stripe Split Back Strapless Romper, ($64,

Lucky Brand ‘Coastline’ Stripe Split Back Strapless Romper, ($64,

If you’re spending your Fourth chilling at the beach, this patriotic blue number is chic without being cheesy. It’s just the coverage you’ll want over your beach bathing suit, and it gives you breathing room to move around in for some sand sports!



Harmony Romper in Borderline, ($229,

Chambray is a great way to stay in style for a backyard affair this holiday. Make a statement with a bold necklace or oversized sunglasses and you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd!



Manor of the Hour Romper, ($49.99,

If you’ll be spending your day off on a boat this year, there’s only one color option—white, of course! This fun little number is casual enough for a boat yet detailed enough to show that you put some thought into the occasion.



Bloom in Romper, ($58,

This sleeved romper is sexy enough for summer but will still keep you warm when the cool breeze inevitably hits by the time fireworks start. Pair this with some nude wedges and you’re all set!

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

Find the Best Sunglasses For Your Face

In honor of National Sunglasses Day, we’re helping you find the perfect pair.

iStock_000014574233XSmall copy

New sunglasses are one of the most fun items to shop for during the summer. There are always endless possibilities and an edgy pair of shades is the perfect way to jazz up your style subtly. However going into the shopping experience blindly is a big no-no when it comes to sunglasses (eyeglasses, too for that matter!). There are distinctions when it comes to sunglasses that make it necessary to do a bit of research beforehand. First off, know your face shape. There are certain styles that flatter individual face shapes moreso than others. You could always bookmark our handy guide for on-the-go consulting…so here you have it, happy shopping!

Heart shaped face


Splurge: Miu Miu Cat-Eyes, ($395, / Moderate: Dolce & Gabbana Cat-Eye ($134.95, / Steal: Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses, ($5.80,

Characterized by a wider forehead and narrower chin (and sometimes a tell-tale widow’s peak!), you’ll find heart-shaped faces on celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kourtney Kardashian and Ashley Olsen. Cat-eye is the perfect sunglass for this face shape, and luckily for you, they are super in-style this season!

Oblong Face


Splurge: Lady in Dior Quilted-Arm Sunglasses, ($340, / Moderate: Tory Burch Maquis Sunglasses, ($175, / Steal: Willow Sunglasses, ($14,

If your face is longer than it is wide with flatter cheekbones, you fit into the oblong category. You can identify with A-listers like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba. The best sunnies for your face are oversize—embellishments or contrasting colors can pair nicely together, too!

Square face


Splurge: Prada Round Baroque Sunglasses, ($290, / Moderate: Ziba Sunglasses, ($145, / Steal: Gingham Round Sunglasses, ($36,

A square face is defined by a strong jawline and more severe angular features. A round sunglass is the best bet to balance you with a softer feel. You’re in the company of gorgeous gals like Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and Minka Kelly.

Round face


Splurge: Burberry Sunglasses, ($330, / Moderate : Hall Frames, ($95, / Steal: Hollywood Thrills Sunglasses, ($11.99,

Typically, a round face means that your chin and forehead are about equal (plus equal width and length).  Looking for your celebrity face twins? Famous crooners like Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore and Fergie fit the bill. Rectangular frames will add definition to your soft curves.

Oval Face


Splurge: Gucci Butterfly Sunglasses, ($395, / Moderate: Original Wayfarers Matte, ($160, / Steal: Steve Madden Sunglasses, ($36,

An oval face is the most balanced proportionally of the bunch. You’re a lucky lady because you can pull off almost any sunglass shape! Have fun with it! Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston and America’s newest it-girl Shailene Woodley are among those also blessed with oval faces.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

5 Summer Outfits That Work For Day & Night

Find out how you can take your work outfit from day to night with 5 fashion tips for summer 2014. 

Summer Outfits

Now that the weather is really heating up, it is officially time to try the summer trends we’ve been eyeing up for months. Because we spend the majority of the week at the office, it’s definitely worth scoring outfits and accessories that we can wear to work and in our free time.

We scoured the shelves to put together easy outfit ideas that take you from day to night with ease. Find out how you can dress to impress from 9 to 5 and beyond with these 5 summer fashion tips for 2014:


Go For The Gold – There’s something about white and gold that just feels luxurious, and it’s definitely a favorite color combo during summer months. A simple white shift is the perfect canvas to layer on sparkly accessories. This gorgeous gold watch will keep you punctual at the office, and the dazzling sun-inspired necklace is perfect for an after work dinner date.

Textured Cotton Dress available for $49.99 at, Sunburst Faux Stone Necklace available for $10.80 at

Shoes and LBD

Upgrade Your LBD With Statement Shoes – A little black dress looks anything but boring when paired with shoes that make a statement. Try these comfortable, yet fashionable flats for work and swap them for these sexy sandals with a chunky heel for happy hour.

High Heel Sandal With Metallic Detail available for $59.99 at, English Wharf Flats available for $118 at

Printed Pants

Play With Prints – One of the best part about prints is they look fancy, but are usually super comfortable. Silk pants with geometric prints have been popping up all over the place, and we love how easy to wear they are. We think they look dressy enough to rock with flats, but if you’re feeling extra-glam throw on a pair of wedges when you finish your 9 to 5.

Soft Print Pant available for $29 at, Print Slim Cropped Pant available for $29 at, Pants Loose Fit available for $17.95 at


Dress Up Denim – We all have those days when our favorite pair of worn-in jeans look so tempting we can’t resist wearing them to work. Luckily, denim is totally office appropriate when paired with classic components like a crisp white oxford and pretty pumps with a scalloped silhouette. Keep the top tucked in for a sleek office look, and un-tuck and un-button (one or two) for a not-trying-too-hard weeknight look.

Skinny Skinny Zip Jeans In Mist available for $99.50 at madewell.comPatch Pocket Shirt available for $34.99 at, Chinese Laundry Sea Breeze Soft Pink High Back Ankle Strap Heels available for $75 at


Trade Your Carry-All For A Clutch – A roomy bag is completely necessary for the office, after all where else are we going to put our makeup, sweater and snacks? But after-hours, a streamlined clutch is much more appropriate. This Aldo bag is actually a 2-in-1 with a detachable messenger bag inside that’s perfect for day to night, but we had to include this tasseled straw clutch that just screams summer!

Aldo Almemosa Bag available for $45 at, Straw Half Moon Clutch available for $50 at

What’s your favorite way to take your outfit from date to night? Share your summer fashion tips in the comments below!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.